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The Peace in Silence | Baking Banana Bread | Silent Vlog

I always think of myself as someone who enjoys time alone, but lately, I’ve been craving to socialize. It could be because of quarantine, thank God the economy is slowly but surely opening up. I pray everything is back to normal by the end of the year. My imagination can drive me crazy sometimes and I convince myself of things that are not true. Sometimes I’m searching for things that are not even there. Maybe it’s my longing for adventure. To calm me down I chose to bake some banana bread. I feel baking is something that forces you to slow down and do things carefully. I like measuring out ingredients and mixing in the quietness of the evenings. Every day is a day to be thankful and even though at times I find it hard to be positive, I know I am so privileged in my life. I have a healthy and fully functioning body, with no sicknesses, allergies, or mental illnesses. I have a mother and father and brothers, a home, food, clothes, technology, and the wonderful love of God. Take the time to think about somethings that make you happy and write them down. I pray you find peace this week.

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“Relying on God has to begin all over again every day as if nothing had yet been done.”
~C. S. Lewis

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