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Sourdough bake off.. this is what it’s all about!!! … wk 5 vid 7

This is where I get the most excited. I’ve waited for three days on this dough and bread. I’ve done my best to abide by all the rules. I have not tried to speed up the process so I could show my best product for YOU and for me!! This video shows you exactly how I bake off my sourdough for optimum bread perfection… and I’m even including a side by side comparison from a blistered potted steam infused loaf vs a loaf that did get steam but the steam was vented as quickly as it was spritzed. Bake is 490F for 10m and then 12 to 14 minutes at 450F.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

okay 10-minute timer went off this iswhere I turned down my oven now I’mputting it to 415 I’m gonna take a lookwe’re gonna see one is definitelydifferent from the other so you canalready see I’ve got great oven springI’ve got it coming up and those slashmarks are looking pretty great so farI’m gonna keep the paper on it because Ihave learned that even though parchmentcan withstand up to like 500 degrees Ithink if I take that parchment off thebottom of my bread has been starting toburn which I don’t like because thenit’s a it does not taste good so I justset the timer for 13 and a half minutesand then I’ll take it out and see wherewe aretimers going off and what do we haveoh we have bread let’s take itall right now this my friends is thebread that was cooked under the pot yousee all those beautiful blisters fromall that water from the steam that gotinfused into the skin Oh baby now thisis not to say this bread is not goodcause it’s still delicious and it’sgonna be great when I cut into it it’svery uniform in size it just doesn’thave that color from the water that gotinfused into the skin from the pot so ahuge difference right this is why I gotso excited when that pot came off of thebread and I took the bread out of theoven I mean come onside by side there’s just something sowarm and inviting with you have breadlet’s cook the right way and I can’twait to get into these things oh yeahand that’s the bank

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