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Ray Cook’s – Sunnyside Egg With Bread

Sunnyside Egged in the bread. Hidden treasure

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]now crack inside the middle and whenthat’s crap to mix it all up so whenit’s done mixing that and you’ll have areally good[Music][Music]and now you have to take your flipperright here if you have a different onecomment down below and then take yourbread and then quickly I’m not a goodflipper I’m my grandma’s gonna do thispartyep mine’s just got burnt[Music]that’s right that ya come out no this ishow it’s supposed to be yeah so that’sall you have to do well if you want tosee what the ad is for just take the topbun out take the top bun out and you’llsee with the atom Babu put it back inand there you have it your egg it breathand it will be perfectbye we subscribe and like this video andhit the bell button

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