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No-Bake Lockdown Bread Pastry 🍰 With Coffee, Chocolate & Strawberry Flavours

Tasty Treasures By Khan’s Kitchenette 👩‍🍳
▪️Eedgesless Bread Slices 5
▪️Whipping Cream 1.5 Cups
▪️Icing Sugar 2 Tablespoons
▪️Coco Powder 2 Tablespoons
▪️Chocolate Shavings
▪️Coffee Syrup/Sugar Syrup/Fruit Juice
▪️Chocolate Shavings/Chocolate Hearts
▪️Fresh Fruits For Decoration
▪️Strawberry Sauce/Toffee Sauce

Coffee Syrup:
▪️1 Cup Water
▪️1 Tablespoon Sugar
▪️1 Tablespoon Coffee Powder
👉 Mix

Sugar Syrup:
▪️1 Cup Water
▪️1 Tablespoon Sugar
👉 Mix

▪️Beat the whipping cream with icing sugar and coco powder. Set aside.
▪️ If you are not making chocolate flavour pastry then don’t add cocoa with cream.
▪️Make coffee syrup or sugar syrup.
▪️Spread the syrup on each bread slice.
▪️Spread the cream inbetween all the lo layers.

Note: You can use white cream without adding cocoa.

⚠️ In our videos we provide general guidelines and proportions. Kindly adjust the quantities according to your taste and requirement

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