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Masala Cheese Bread Recipe | Easy To Cook | 10 Minutes Recipe | Must Watch

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This Is our Third food blog guys do pls like support share as much as possible and Please subscripe. usually we used to review the Restaurant’s all over Mumbai but due to pandemic we are stucked but today we are posting a food blog of making a recipe of Masala Cheese Bread.. Hope you all will like it…

Ingredients required :
Normal bread
Veggies onion, capsicum, Tomatoes ( or anything you love )
Cheese (any cheese slice, cube or mozzarella)
Lays packet
Oregano’s & Chilliflake’s
Onions, Cheese grater, & microwave

Steps of cooking :
Step 1 :
First of all cut all the veggies u have.
Step 2:
Preheat your bread for 2 mins on high.
Put all the veggies on the bread, put the lays over the veggies, grate the cheese cube over your breads, sprinkle oregano’s and chilliflake’s over the bread.
Step 5:
Place the bread in the microwave for 2 mins at high.
Step 6:
Take the breads out of the microwave place the bread’s over plate.
Ur masala cheese breads are ready to eat and serve….


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