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Making Bread Tie Episode

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Video Transcription

hello folks my name is Alan parks andI’m gonna show you how to make bread nowit’s going to be a three-episode thingabout making bread the first episode ismixing then it’s gonna be getting itready for the oven then it’s going to betaking it out and I I’m this is it I’mnot going to be different versions it’suncut uncut that’s it so first of allthe ingredients are we got salt flouryeast so what you do is you mix one anda half tablespoons of yeast and one anda half tablespoons of salt with two cupsof water and you let that sit in yourmixing bowl and you let you let it mixtogether and the yeast it’s kind of hardto mix so you get it takes about Codcould take up to like 15 minutes and youlet it let it soak in there because thebrown consistency like like thatright there and so then when it gets tothat point you’re gonna add your flourand it’s the total amount of water isthree cups and this is with my yeast andsalt mixture is only two cups but I’mgoing to add another the rest of theremaining water one cup but with theflour right here this is the totalamount of flour is six and a half cupsand but this is only six this is onlysix cups because I’m going to use theremove half a cup when I get ready toprepare it for the ovenso I’m going to get myselfa mixing spoon you can use anything I’lluse this because it was handy and I’mgonna start mixing this in mix it andI’m gonna have about half of it and thenI’m gonna just start kind of stir it inlet me see if I can get you to see thatsee them just stirring it in stirring itin kind of like that tipping it up andtipping it up kind of like that it’sgonna get kind of quickyou know it’s gonna get thick quick andI’m gonna keep mix it all kind oftogether not at once over a little bitof time so you have water flour and youkeep it and then pretty soon it’s likethis see kind of like that and it lookslike keep going just like that and justmix up so have to a while what happensis it gets you know it’s like prettythick so you wonder what to do so what Ido is I make sure my hands are washedbecause you know we’re okay it’s kind ofserious what’s going on now so you gotto be done but I have washed my handsand I have sanitized them and oh yeahyou can see just like that see so I justkeep turning folding it mixes wet andthen you keep going like this so I wasgonna have my sonoxi Ella’s brother do this but you knowhe’s downstairshe says he’s taking a video class fromUniversity the bread is so easy to makeyou know well this bread so I’ve triedto make other breadbasically what they call what trashedbread and it’s a recipe from our localbakery that is actually on their websiteif you dig deep enough you’ll find ittwo sisters calm and they have thatwhite trash it’s it’s a little bit rightI’ve had one successful of it the resthave been and it came out just like thepaper but I haven’t had that since thatwas a few years ago I’ve tried a fewtimes since anyway so there’s that andso I just leave it about like that myhands are all let me wash my handsremember remember this is an uncutversion so if you have any kids I don’tknow what it’s rated but I wouldn’t Iwouldn’t necessarily you never know whatI’m gonna say sometimes I swear I swearI haven’t this right now but be carefulwho sees this so what I’m gonna do isI’m gonna put a cloth over this I haveabout and let it rise sometimes I let itrise a couple times and so how I feel sosee I just I just go like thisjust go like that that’s it and I let itsit let it rise for an hour or two Icome back I go do something and comeback and pretty soon it’s all rose upand I sometimes I need it againsometimes they don’t but we’ll get tothat in the next episode so once againthe recipe calls for six and a half cupsof flour one and a half tablespoons ofyeast and one and a half tablespoons ofsalt with three cups of lukewarm waterremember to mix the salt and the yeastwith a cup or two of the water and thenthat mixes the yeast and salt all upnice so it’s not in little chunks andstuff you’ll see what I mean and don’teat it you don’t even just throw it inthere stir it up a little bit and let itsit and then in about 15 minute it’s alldissolved and you mix it up a littlemore and and then you do what we what Ijust did so there you go I’ll be back

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