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Making Bread from Food Storage

I developed this bread recipe to help me rotate and use my food storage. It is whole wheat and super yummy! When people ask me for the recipe, I always invite them over to make it with me. I made this video so you can make bread with me and learn how to do it yourself. This recipe makes 4 loaves and takes about 4 hours. Enjoy!

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Video Transcription

ferny Anderson and I’m making breadtoday and so I thought I would show youhow I do it um I’ve been making breadfor seven or eight years now Ispecifically developed the spread recipeto use up food storage items because Ineeded help rotating my food storage andI didn’t even know what to do with halfof the items in my food storage so Itried to incorporate them into my breadum hopefully it can help you out um justI can only show you how I make my breadI’m not an expert on all kinds of breadand I don’t know how you do things inyour kitchen so I’ll just show you how Ido it in mind and if you would like somehelp from me then reach out all rightbreadand my own and I like the hard whiteweeps I think the flavor is better thanthe red wheat but if I you have as redwheat you can use that too we’re gonnameasure six cups into this bowl and Idon’t measure exactly I just kind ofshake it offsix okay then we have to add a cup ofgreens and over time I have developedwhat I like and it has some oatmeal somenine bean mix that I buy from the healthfood store some flax seeds some chiaseeds trying to pack as much nutritionin there as my as I can without myfamily knowing about it but if all youhave is plain old oatmeal that isperfect especially if you have a can ofoatmeal that looks like this see how itsays 2008 yeahoatmeal does not taste good after it’sbeen stored for even over a year it’lltaste horribly stale no one will want toeat it so this is the perfect use for itthrow it in your bread it’ll taste greatand add a cup of powdered milk now thispowdered milk I have no idea what brandit is it came out of the basement of mymother-in-law’s house where a head sackfor I would not be surprised probably 30years and it’s fine it works great in mybreadno one knows so if you have somepowdered milk that’s been around for acouple decades this is the perfect usefor it now adding your cup won’t get itup to 5 cups after I get it all mixed uphere I’ll still be short of my 5 cups sowhat I like to do is fill the rest withvinegar now if you have new powderedmilkthat’ll work too or if gasp you actuallyhave real milk you want to use and youcan spare five cups for bread that isgreat too that’ll work just fine and youdon’t even have to add the vinegar butso I’m gonna add enough vinegar to getit up to 5 cups here and then add it tomy green mixture and it looks out grossand lumpy mmmso nasty this is gonna make some greatbread and then we mix it all upyouokay so this is about the consistencythat it should be when you get the edgeswhen you get it all mixed up it shouldlook about like that so I’m going tocover it with a damp cloth put it in awarm place and set a timer for 30minutesit’s been about 15 minutes since we setour wheat to soak now we’re going tostart our yeast I use an active dryyeast which looks like this if you haveinstant yeast it’ll look like thissee how it’s a lot finer you haveinstant yeast you don’t have to do thisstep you can just add your yeast withthe flour later that we’re gonna add inour flour later you can add it with thatbut I use the active dry yeast I’m justold-fashioned and I actually like theflavor better different yeasts havedifferent flavors and I like this flavorbetter so if you’re using active dryyeast it needs to be proofed which iswhat we’re gonna do now so I’ve got halfa cup of warm water here I didn’t heatit I just used the hottest water I couldget out of the tap I’m gonna add atablespoon of sugar and four and a halfteaspoons of active dry yeast I’m gonnamix it up a little here and then I’mgonna go put it in the same warm placethat my flour has been sitting andsoakinglet’s start with some mashed potatoesand if you have leftover mashed potatoesthat’s great I’m using 12 year oldpotato flakes which I have just made byheating up water in the microwave andthey’re gonna work great so add themashed potatoes hey next ingredient isapplesauce if you have some oldapplesauce that your grandma gave youthat’s been sitting in your pantry for10 years you don’t know what to do withitthis is what you should do with it ifit’s fermented that’s great if it tastesyucky that’s great if it’s mouldy don’tuse it but if it’s runny or yuckyperfectyou’ve up in your bread okay milk thisis one cup of milk and I do use realmilk for this but if you don’t have anymilk water will work powdered milk it’sall good I have heated this up in themicrowave for one minute then we threeeggs and I don’t know how to get aroundjust using real eggs I have tried eggpowder before and it works all right soif you have some of that food storageegg powder you could use that all right3 eggs 1 cup of sugar and salt now therecipe says 5 teaspoons of saltI admit I measure salt with a very heavyhand it’s probably something closer to 6teaspoons which is really 2 tablespoonsI like lots of salt in there all rightwe’re gonna mix that all up now ifyou’ve timed it right your yeast shouldbe ready and see how it’s grown from our1/2 cup to about 2 cups now so that isjust rightin there and our wheat should be readyby now and if you haven’t time todestroy that’s okay I would say 30minutes is the minimum to soak you eatbut life happens and I think it canprobably sit there for probably up totwo hours without any problemmake bread without a Bosh I mean whatwould our great-grandmother’s think ofus thinking we couldn’t make a breadwithout a Bosh but this part mixing yourflour and grains of milk that have beensoaking with the other stuff you puttogether it’s gonna be the hardest partif you’re doing it by hands alright mybosses mix this together for me and Ilet it go for a few minutes to try andraise the glutennow I highly suggest that you removeyour beaters and replace them with thedough hook because now we’re gonna add 7more cups of flour I’ve added my 7 cupsof flour and we’re gonna let the Boshknead it for us[Music]okay it’s been going for a minute but Ican tell it’s gonna need more flowersbecause it’s still super sticky so we’regonna add another cup of flour here okayit’s been going for another coupleminutes and it’s still not it’s stillnot getting there so I’m gonna add justanother half a cup of flour see if wecan get it to where it needs to be itshould start pulling away from the sidesand kind of giant to climb out of thebowl is what I’m looking forit starts to kind of build up in themiddlewe’re starting to get a little bit ofthat nowthat’s what I’m watchingit’s kinda startin to climb out of thebowl world[Applause][Music]okay so I’ve gotten the bread dough outof the bowl and laid it out on thecounter you can see it’s a shaggy mess Iskipped the part of getting it out ofthe bowl onto the counter because it isawkward and it is messythere’s no neater clean way to do itwhen you’re doing it it’s awkward andmessy it’s okay just get as much breaddough out of the bowl as you can andmove on with your life now the reason Iset it out on the counter is because oneof the essential ingredients is love andyou cannot add love with a machinego ahead love with your hands so you’rereally all lean just need to turn it acouple times bring the edges and pushthem into the middle until you’ve got anice smooth meatball you’re not gonnahave to do this for hours like yourgreat-grandma did as soon as it looksnice and smooth the meat and you’ve gota bowl that you the nice ball you canactually work with then you’re done I’mgonna stick this in this big bowl I’vegot a little oil in the bottom there I’mgonna spread the oil around put my doughin turn it once so the top is reallycover it with my damp cloth and then putit somewhere warm if it’s a hot summerday you can stick it outside or youcould put it in your car with all thewindows rolled up I’m actually justgonna stick it in my oven that’s warm sothis is gonna rage for one hour so youhave time to go take a nap see in anhourokay it’s been about an hour and you cansee our dough has risen so it fills thebowl all the way up now and it’s clearfull of air perhaps my favorite part soit gets to sink down and we’re gonnaturn it back out on the counter herewith a little bit of white flour suredoesn’t stick to your calendar nowyou’ve got to get some of those airbubbles out of there but that shouldn’ttake very long it should feel a littlebit different now a little bit softerthan it did before Eric now we’re goingto cut it into four pieces so we canmake four loaves and if you have akitchen scale you could weigh your doughto make sure that each loaf was the sameI don’t have a kitchen scale so ifanyone’s coming home for Christmas inthe meantime I just eyeball the sceneall right we’re gonna roll them into aloaf and how I like to do that isinstead of pulling from all directionsremember how before we’re going from allthe directions now I’m only gonna gofrom two directions so it’ll make me asnake remember how you made snakes withplaydough in preschool this is yourgrown-up chance to make snakes my snakesgetting a little long here so we’regonna alright okay and it doesn’t haveto be perfect I mean more careful youare the prettier your bread will be butit’ll still taste good even if it’s notfree all right there we goand I’m gonna stick it in my pan Artieyou sprayed these pans with cookingspray and these are some cool pans thatmy mom gave me and I love them cuzthey’re you can tell I love them theylook well use they’re little longer andthinner so this is a traditional breadpan and you can see that it’s a littleshorter and fatter and you can totallyuse one of these that’s fine I lovethese because I get more slices out of aloaf and thus license will actually fitin the toaster which is pretty cool butif you want to use these that’s justfine it might affect your cooking timejust a little bit cuz your loaf is gonnabe fatter just fine all right Jen youcan okay got them all made into loavesthey should look something like that I’mactually just gonna stick them in mywarmer drawer here oh that’s not cleanedwith my wet towel over it they are goingto rise for 45 minutes and then we’llput them in the ovenstart okay it’s been 45 minutes and Ibread is been rising and oh it looks sogood it should be about as big as youexpect the finnish loaf of bread to beso we’re gonna stick them in the ovenhere very carefully if you jar them toomuch they’ll fall so so be gentleputting your bread in the oven and itshould be already heated I don’t knowhow long your oven takes to heat up butmake sure it’s all the way up totemperature before you put your bread inso plan ahead all right so I like tocook mine convection bake 375 for 35minutes now in my other house in my ovenI can cook my bread for 25 minutes at350 in this oven I have to cook it for35 minutes at 375 so it might take somepractice to know how long your ovenneeds to cook Hey there you go fourbeautiful loaves of bread out of theoven I like to put a little butter ontop and my favorite thing to use is justan old butter wrapper but there you goyour loaves of bread are beautiful getwork let me know if you have anyquestions

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