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Mothers day special

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Video Transcription

everyone my name is elianaand my sister’s name is maja today wewill be making bread cake now but firstwe need to tell you that ingredients thefirst icing sugar we put one and a halfspoon of icing sugar in here we havewhipping cream but we’re gonna put it inthis medium next we have our dough andyou can use whatever fruit you want overhere we have mashed Oreo biscuits andover here we got the Oreo cream and wejust twisted it for the end when wedecorate it and over here we have tochop some chocolate and that’s also forthe decorationsover here we have six pieces of vent nowwe’re gonna start making our bread cakeand we’re gonna get our milk we’re gonnacarefully put it inoh we’re gonna put our table spoon sugarin here I’m gonna start mixing but firstI need to move the stuff[Music][Music][Music]okay now it’s thick and fluffy okay soit’s ready to put on the cakenow our cream is ready we’re gonna nowwe’re gonna get some two breads themtogether we’re gonna get some cream nowwe’re gonna get out of this biscuits andwe’re gonna sprinkle them on the top[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]we’re done the fruit and now we’re gonnaadd some Queens if because if we add thebread the flips will fall out[Music]now and we’re gonna get our two layersof bread and put them on top[Music][Music]now we’re finished doing our cream nowwe’re gonna decorate it now I’m gonnasprinkle my Oreo biscuits[Music]now I’m done sprinkling it with the oilbiscuits[Music][Music]now I’m done with my Oreo cream nowwe’re gonna put some chocolate onI’m done my chocolate now now I’m gonnaput in my Oreo biscuit now we’re done wemade this for Mother’s Day and if youwanna make this for your mom on Mother’sDay you can make it I made this for mymommy and I hope she’ll like ithappy Mother’s Day we hope you like ourvideo and like and subscribe byethank you byeyou

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