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Let’s Make Bread Pudding

I was sitting around with way too much time on my hands (like a lot of people), and decided to make some bread pudding. Check it out!

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Video Transcription

so what do you say we make some breadpudding all right so we want to do theears I’m gonna start with six pieces ofbread days-old is perfect I just haveenough six here and you want to tearthis up into piecesand then like whatever size you wantlike I’m kind of smallish because we’regonna be well nevermind just keeptearing up the bread all six piecesthat’s the oven hitting 350 degrees thefirst thing you want to do is you dowant to pre-heat your oven to 350 allright so we have six pieces of breadbroken up enough pieces so let’s putthis aside for a moment I’m gonna usethis measuring cup a mixing bowl andstart with two cups of milk 16 ounces soI’ll get to our first lineI’m using 1% he whatever you want okayso we got that now it for eggs you wantto add in I’m using four large eggsactually extra large next 3/4 a cup ofsugar then one teaspoon of groundcinnamon and then we’re going to want 1teaspoon of vanilla extract I’m usingpure vanilla extract here I know it isvery expensive nowadays for exit vanillaextracts so be nice to feel pleaseofficial stuff if you can’t use the realstuff so this is a super easy recipekind of like I don’t know like frenchtoast dessert oh I almost forgot we haveto add 2 teaspoons sorry 2 tablespoonsof melted butteroh all right and then 2 teaspoons ofmelted butter then we wish this bad boyup goes nice and smoothkeep that clean it’s so simpleI’ve never made it before but I’ve seenit made and going by this recipe I don’tthink it’s gonna be much of an issue allright so so just for one second we’regonna bring that bread back and youprobably know what’s gonna happen herewe’re going to pour this over thisall right eitherthen you want to take a fork and makesure everything just covered by thatmilk egg butter sugar and cinnamon mixall right I know if this doesn’t lookvery appealing right now but I have afeeling this is gonna be deliciousall right want to do next is we want toput it in that preheated oven all rightso the middle rack 350 degrees you wantto put that baby in what you want tomake a mess all rightso for 45 minutes folksand we’ll come back all rightexciting times here bread pudding shouldbe done it’s been 45 minutesexcuse the shaking of the camera theresee what I can do that’s fantasticand I’ve never made one of these I don’tknow if it really looks like that whenit comes out but man oh man oh oh I wishyou could smell this this is that breadpudding I don’t know if it looks good asbread pudding goes but it should I smellgoodall right it’s just about 20 minuteshere and I’m gonna give myself a littlebit of this I have not had rice puddingfor oh I don’t know a long time Ohanother thing you should do folks Itotally forgot to do is you’re probablygonna want to grease your band a littlebitI completely forgot to do that but Imean it looks like rice pudding let’sfind out with a taste like rape ricepuddingthat is delicious nice and crunchy stalittle bit of crunch on the top I’mtelling you folks fantastic give it ashot it’s really easy have yourself agreat day folks

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