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Let’s Cook Breakfast!! Overnight Oak, Bread and Fruits – Easy & Healthy Recipe

This Healthy breakfast was totally inspired by what I had at home😊 I enjoyed every inch😁 of this breakfast my people😍😋 Ever since I tried it out I haven’t stop eating it untilI I will run out of supplies😜 Give it a try and thank me later👍🏾


1/2 cup of old fashion oat
1 banana
1 Cup of strawberries
1Cup of black seedless grape
2 eggs
4 slices of wheat bread
1 tbsp of raw cane sugar
1/2 tbsp of chia seeds
Less than 1/2 cup of coconut
3 tbsp of crushed raw almond
1 cup of fat free milk


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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome to my channel onceagain today I have this wonderfulbreakfast recipe I will be sharing withyou guys this recipe was actuallyinspired by the things that I had a holdI tried it out and I loved itgo decided to share with you guys i asyou can see have some bread fruits andpost-meal but those of you that arejoining me for the first time this isGaga’s teaching we do tweet you’rewelcomeso to get this all started you will haveto soak these prior to the next morningI have a jar and old-fashioned wood youcan go with the order coat it will workjust well I got this job from the DollarTree so you can check that out there I’madding five tablespoons of old-fashionedold I think there should be a fat cop orfarm half a cup of food as well so Ihave that to the job next I’m adding 1/2tablespoon of chia seeds if you don’tlike chia seeds you can skip that nextI’m adding 1 tablespoon of raw canesugar you can use whatever sweet now youlike now guys this is the main thingthen coconut all my goodness pleaseplease get a coconut and try it out youcan love it so next I’m adding 1 I thinkit should be almost 1 cup of milk I’musing fat-free milk if a heart I’m notmake prepared already I would have usedthat but that’s like too much more forme so I’m just gonna use this but firmlyuse whatunique in life people don’t respond soI’ll soak this overnight like storing itin my refrigerator by the next morningis all shutting off now before me thisis the next day the morning before me Ihave some armored that’s octopus a scopeof armor a half-wave tanana avocadostrawberry so quickly I will be makingmy smoothie I’ll just use two fruits thegreat and the strawberries I just wantto make it simple because I already haveenough fruit in my oats me already soyou can use whatever fruits you’recomfortable with and as much as you likeit’s your break fast so that is thatnest I already added my a mod not to myfood processor so I just crushed that upexactly and my banana and strawberriesalready prepared so are 2 tbsp of thecrush armored to the oats me I guess youcan recognize the oatmeal from yesterdayso if you are ready to and not ingeneralities give this and some peoplewill actually add yogurt and they sayI’ve not tried that I don’t know how itis but I’m I’m getting it to be good aswell for iced tea stand with the coconutyou can alternate the fruit but don’tmiss out the coconut goshI’ll tell you it’s something else[Music][Music]so you must not go with is thatmeasurement because for me I’m using amedium sized banana and two strawberriesyou can add as much fruit as you wantand it wasn’t just be the does that freetime using you can alternate it but makesure the coconut is there so I’m justgonna meet that up usually I’ll just eatit right now but this day I’m kind ofbusy so I left it in the refrigeratorfor I think an hour plus and by the timeI came back my goodness it was so goodbecause you have all this yogurt milkeverything is using to the truth andit’s not like you soaked it overnightfor me to salt so this is just like theperfect time for me to you know an hourplus try that you like it you know it’sit tastes so good everything what you’reso creamy so you don’t even needotherwise see yogurt with these alreadyso now I’m I have one avocado I’m gonnabe using four slices of wheat bread soone other carbon – Fausta slices ofwheat bread for my spread usually thisis one of the ways that I love you loveto eat my brain but I don’t use no butthis particularly since I have s if youknow astronauts with me I decided to addit to it and I tell you it’s not bad atall is really really good and anotherway also you can you know after mushy ifyou don’t have a food processor you canjust put it in a bowl and mash it withyour fork then you can hide a littleTomatoes just shop your two men to addto either musicat their black nipples or whatever paperyou prepare and so you can make yourgoal in guacamole also you can do itwithout a not like I said and you canalso use the not as well it’s all youknow it tastes so good as well so nowI’m making two batches of one I’m gonnabe adding some broad eggs the other oneI will be added X to itso whichever one you prepare itit will work just work now this is Ilike my bread I don’t know this is Ilike my bread I really like it you knowdark my choice to be really really darkso you must not make yours like thisdepends on how you like it if you stillhaven’t subscribe to my channelwhat are you still waiting for click thesubscription button below and click thebell so that you can be among the firstthat will always wash a new video oneset of clothing and guys please help meshare my video with your friends andyour families to help me grow thischannel for those of you that havesubscribed already I really want to saythank you for your support and howyou’re helping me to grow this channelgod bless you now whenever I make avideo I always say this to me this isthe most important part of the videosmore important than the food you’recooking on all I want you to look aroundyou you see what it’s a prismright this is the time for you totorture Jesus what are you still doingsitting in your sin Jesus is coming veryvery soon don’t let nobody deceive youit is written clearly in description youcannot live in sin and expect that -relationship heavy calistriheavily is real and it’s only holinessthat will take your holiness of mind andholiness of body that will take you toheaven that can make you to see Godbecause his eyes cannot be holding liquiT in as much as you’d love to nourishyour flesh and we advise you your soulis more important fill your soul with asincere make of the word of God drawnearer to God seeking repent from yoursins Jesus loves youso this is all for today I hope you doenjoy this video please give it a thumbsup whenever you do try this recipe youcan leave a comment below or just let mecomment below and tell me how you feelabout the recipe god bless you guys havea wonderful day[Music]

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