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Let’s bake sourdough bread

Start to finish sourdough bread first attempt (not too bad)

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

Hey here we are the starter today it’sno can have another feed tried all theflowers and this to me is the bestflower I’ve fan it’s the biggest holdsthe bubbliest it’s just the easiesthandle a bit of trouble getting here atthe momenthere we are so what we feed with we have30 grams of water which have alreadyweighed out 30 grams of water there’s acouple grams over flour 30 grams togramsthat’s just fed mix all that in ideallytake the starter at the fridge threefour hours before this is four degreesin in the fridge could use chopstickright there’s a starter fed why have gotelastic band and use that as a guide andI’ll tell you that should nearly doubleokay four hours ago I fed this thirtygrams of water 30 grams of flour anddropping that into the water tower andit floats they call it a drop testthat’s a good sign but I can tell thevolumes up so now we mix 50 grams ofstarter into 350 grams of water as youcan see it floats on topokay that’s 53 3 grams over there so youbreak the bits is the starter in and nowit’s a 350 water 50 starter 500 grams ofTesco’s very strong right fresh flourjust do this one all whitesea salt top mix to make a shaggy lumpit’s a how first you make your sideevery day do I know take it in fridgeonce twice a week 30 grams of water 30grams of water 30 grams of flour strongflour and then leave it on the worktopand until it’s doubled trebled do thefloat test it’s good down good you knowidea that’s it cover that leave that for1 hour then come back and do some falseas after up for 3 hours is still okayI’ve got a wet scraper dough scraperjust loosening up so if anything thisdough could take a little bit more waterit’s just loose enough at the bottomwhat I’m going to do now I think wehands wet enough so basicallyfolding over on itself so you just liveit for one hour one hourokay cover it up and that time clean theball off as well already the dough justgone all silky doing a minute that dopetake probably another 50 grams of waterbut won’t I’ll go by the recipeit’s just makes it a little bit easier Ialways put a little probably 1 maybe 2tablespoons of olive oil in there thatjust makes it work better around thebowl cover that and there we go we dothat those folds the next time you won’thave to do as many folds just to formaybe four folds do that a fairintervals for two hours and then youleave it go for about 16 hours okaythere’s that one Philipwell it’s got three more folds yet inthe next two hours covered like that sothe next fold now and then I do fourfolds four turns do that four times intwo hours yeah we’re about 40 minuteslater as you can see it’s flattened offI’ve wept me hand wash wet hand and letsee how other the donors got all thatsticky silky absolutely spot-onthat’s what we have to do okay that’sthe second one there’s two more of thosespread over the next hour hour and ahalf and then you leave it then for umone that was it now about ten eleveno’clock two more about that will go intoa ballot on so that’s what I do isanything for a month at the end of thefolds at fourteen hours if they’re oldone more after thiswe have 350 grams of water 50 grams ofactive starter and 450 grams of Tescostronger white flour 50 grams ofwholemeal here we are approximately 1817 18 hours in so it’ll be at this stageof then Thibodeau give you a couple offolds 10 minute Pinterest and then intoa basket so I’ll be doing that in aminute okayI’ll be a bit too much olive oil thatstops it sticking you could use water Idon’t use flour at this stage it’s justgetting it out the bowl pre-shape in itfive minutesshape it again and then it goes straightjust makes it easier to get the bowlit just helps in the shaping as well thegluten strands on your hands that stopsdough sticking because it’s a very wetdough as you can see so here we are verywet dough sourdough okayso that will stay there well I oh you’rethe ballot on and then I’ll get it readyjust been some plentiful air force majorflour in the bottom that helps torelease the wet dough from sticking useflour as well I’ve got some wheat flouron this oneheavily flower otherwise them dough isgonna stick and rip tear deform and youtake it to a ballall of these folds internal tighten thedough upattention onto the dough see the Flex ofhere we go into the heavily fried balloton seam side up you can see bubblescoming in the side down there we goanother four hours minimum eightproperly better I should come to the topof the basket one is ready into thefridge this is what I do that can bejust covered like that fine over the topthere you go into the fridge okay herewe gojust sound about seven hours seven oreight hours goes on towe going to score the topget on a Pinal life put it into theirdawn into the oven on okay 50 minutesabout two to two five to thirty hours ishigher because we’ve got the seal goneon the oven you going for around 50minutesjust give anotherJust Giving like a fragment slid offthat’s umso I flew lovely in life big hole wasinside yeahare you doing video yeah okay[Music]youyou

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