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Let’s Bake Banana Bread!


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Video Transcription

hi okay so supposed to upload yesterdaybut I didn’t because the video I wasgonna upload wouldn’t add it right so Idecided why not man the bread and Ibring her banana man I’m making a triplebatch the recipe is from bone Appetitkitchen oh description all I have islike forward I’ve got some flour somekosher salt taking on this bowl we’regonna put 3 cups of brown sugar a cup ofsour cream and butter we’re looking atthe brown sugar the butter and it’s okayand supposed to eat it but I know howhalf of that sometimes do by handbecause why not because to mix for fourminutes and that is not my agendaone two three four five six seven eightthere’s a life hack smashed bananas thefastest he’s a potato masher[Music]big time 1 2 3 4 5 it’s comics and nowright at it even chocolate its areoptional we can add walnuts reasonswhatever you want but to use mapchocolate chips[Music]spray them with cooking spray and then Iput parchment paper and want to makesure they’re kind of even so I cook atthe same pace they’re in the oven I burnmy finger let’s go YUM this is Eliseeating my banana bread how is it goodthrow your folks banana bread is okay itjust needs more

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