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Let’s Bake Banana Bread!🍌

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Here’s the recipe for the banana bread:

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Video Transcription

hey guys and welcome back to my channelin today’s video I’m going to be makingsome banana bread make sure to give thisvideo a thumbs up if you enjoyed it andsubscribe down below for more contentlike this and i’ll make sure to put therecipe for this in the description andbecause this is not my recipe at all andI give full credit to the original tothe original creator of this recipe soalso if you hear dogs in the backgroundmy two dogs are here so you might hearthem or see them but yeah so let’s geton to the videookay so as you can see I’ve changedangles a little bit but I’m going to begoing back and forth between all thedifferent angles so the first thingyou’re gonna want to do is get somereallywe have really unripe bananas you don’tneed as unripe bananas but you’re gonnaneed two and one thirds cup of mashedunwrite or two ripe bananas ooh this iskind of falling apart it’s we’ve beenwanting to make banana bread because ofthe reason having really ends or ithaving two ripe bananas so I’m gonnatime-lapses and I’ll be right back sothis is what it should look like afteryou’re finished mashing it up and I justuse a potato masher you can use any kindyou want but if you like it chunkierthen obviously leave it a littlechunkier I don’t like banana chunks inmy banana bread but so that’s the firststep so you’re gonna just set this offto the side so the next thing you’regoing to want to do is you’re going towatch you all right my dog you’re goingto pre-heat your oven to 350 so in youra large mixing bowl you’re going to willput your flour and you’re going to beable to find all the quantities with therecipe below and then you’re going towant to combine the flour your bakingsoda and your salt it come out you’rejust gonna wanna whisk this up[Music]okay and now you can just set this offto the side so in my stand mixer I’mgoing to clean together my brown sugarand my butter which I do have softened alittle bit okay and I’m just gonna creamthis togetherokay so after your mixture kinda lookslike this you’re gonna just use aspatula and scrape off whatever mixmixing utensil utensil you used spokesome and then you’re going to want totake your eggs and make sure they arebeat beaten already beat to beat me Idon’t know which sector context of thatis just add that it and then mix on alow speed okay so once you’re like withits kind of liquidy it’s going to beyou’re just gonna want to add in yourmashed bananas make sure it’s not just acertain amount of bananas make sure makesure it is two in one thirds cup okayand then you’re gonna stir in yourbananasuh so after your bananas are nicelymixed in then you are going to want totake your banana mixture and put it intothe flour one thing I forgot to mentionbefore is you ought to grease your panso I’m just using a little bit of thisPam cooking spraysince I’m using this mini bump pan Iwant to make sure to get in all thelittle crevices so I also forgot tomention this is what your banana breadmixture or your banana mixture shouldlook like and then you’re just gonnawant to add it in and I like to add itin slowly just put it down the middleand push it over I guess and just kindof fold that in until it forms a goodmixture okay so this is what yourmixture should look like um it’s prettythick if you think it’s too thick andyou maybe add a little water I don’treally know but we’re just gonna pourthis into our pan and you’re just alittle warning do not fill your pan allthe way up please because if you do itis going to be a nightmare for youplease only fill your pan up about 1/2way full and we have a lot about ourleft because I’m using a mini bundt cakepan if we had a larger one I probablywould use it but we don’t and yes therecipe does recommend using a loaf panbut I do not care okay so you want tofill it only like half way to 3/4 upto do this to a second animal okay soI’m going to take these two cake pansI’m going to pop them in our preheatedoven okay and then you’re going to whatto set the timer for about 45 minutesand I would check them and then leavethem in for as long as you can stick afork or a toothpick in them and pullthem out in there clean so then a littlebit of time since I last saw you guyswe’ve let these bake and set and they’reTim’s a little bit and this is what yourcake should look like whenever you putthe fork in to come out clean I meanthere can be a little crumbs on it butso yeah so we’re about ready to popthese bad boys out of the tins gonna domake sure you wear hinge popped out likethat and it’s like a little cake sothere’s that one and we’re gonna liketop be careful because they are reallyhotmaybethere we go okay I’m gonna let them sitfor a little bit and then we run cutinto them and try themokay so I let the banana bread Felipe’slook cool and I got a piece looks justlike this it’s really good kind of denseI don’t know how I’m gonna feel about itbut let’s try it it’s banana II I thinkit’s goodum it’s not too dry which it I was kindof scared about the plate crust is alittle bit drier than I thought but it’snot crumbly which is good and anotherthing I might add to it a little moresweetness or vanilla to it but I thinkit’s really really good in a really goodrecipe so I think you guys shoulddefinitely try it out thank you guys somuch for watching my video and make sureto give it a thumbs up and subscribedown below for more content so make sureto go check out the recipe below I’meating it right now but yeah and that’sall I got for you guys peaceokay so an enlarged my see where you’regonna want to put burr crap gonna wantto licks[Music]

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