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You can bake bread in that?!

Better late than never! After looking through the internet, found out that you can use this to bake! Crazy how things work?

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Video Transcription

Snickers creamer flash of whipped vodkafresh cream cup tea to top it offgo ahead make it a mess all right let’sget startedwhy hello internet and welcome back comeback I know it’s been a whilemy bad but my defense being an essentialworker mainly I just work at a grocerystore it’s been fairly difficult to tryto keep up on other things such as myhouse but that has changed so haha but Ido want to give a shout out with madprops lots of love and so muchappreciation for those who are in themedical field who are on the front linesof this really really shitty and Emmettso shout out to you guys I love you andI hope you guys are safe this reallysucksand you guys have to be able the bruntof it all that being said there arepeople who are still at homedue to a stay at home order or sadly youknow they lost their job and that reallysucks I’m sorry for you guys and ifyou’re like Idaho our stay at home ordergot pushed to the end of peopleand I know it’s difficult for some forsome people it’s super boring yeahsucks but you know thank you for stayinghome if you are I mean people reallyneed to stay at home stay away fromothers and just do their best andeventually it will get through this andget out thoughyou don’t see you guys therebut but people stay home – I meanthey’re able to spend time with theirfamily they’re able to work on theircurrent hobbies did not make you obviousand that’s pretty neatwho knows who knows when you are goingto get this time again so one of thethings I’ve noticed about the hobbiesthat are on the rise is baking doesbaking’s awesome so he’ll yeah and thatis what we are doing today we are bakingagain before you ask no I have notgotten the replacements for my stovetopthis is been nearly two months hurts butI have found an alternative to anotherbaking thing and if you remember myprevious videomicrowave baking is a damn lie and it’simmoralnever again so I found something elseafter doing some research this onehonestly surprised tween the microwave Igot but this one is just like um okaylet’s try ittada we’re baking with a crock pot we’regonna give it a shotso I had gotten this recipe throughtastyI’ll technically the internet whichlikely to tasty as far as the recipegoes post the link down below that wayyou guys can try it because why not giveit a shotits Bryton and as the breast fairy myFrench call me back because I make bomba spread I wonder if the fairy part cutsbecause I’m gaythem bastards I’m on to youbut before we get started make sure youhit that like button down below becausenow things are nowadays late are the newones for now but most importantly drinkresponsibly don’t drink and drivejust be smart if you do choose to drinkas well as everybody else who loves youand care about you anyway let’s go forit okay not that we’re getting startedthe first thing you’re gonna need isthree and a half cups of bread flour whybread flour versus all-purpose flour I’mnot a hundred percent sure but because Iam making bread bread flour seems to bethe best way to go plus that’s what therecipe says so[Music]the next thing you need is two and aquarter teaspoons of yeast have it oneand a half teaspoons of saltwell how my coffee has evolved here’s myself all right now you’re gonna want oneand a half cups of water right hereanother thing you might do once you pourin your flour salt and yeast you want towhisk it together mix it decently wellso we’re going to do that and you’realso going to want to pour in the warmwater slowly and mix with the woodenspoongood it’s it’s certain forward I’mreally enjoying this so once you get itpretty well mixed I mean it’s not goingto be like Joey Joey but it’s gonna bedoing enough and then you want to coverthis the spoon so once you have it allmixed up pretty well you want to form itinto a nice ball shape honestly yourconsistency should look like that andthey cover it with fern Browns what thehell so now you need to let this sitonce you have it wrapped for 8 to 18hours we’re just gonna let this sitovernight we will deal with this boyI’ll set a timer to wake me up in 18hours and we’ll go from thereand it is wrapped it is covered thismofos gonna sit on the counter for thenext 18 hours actually because I triedto prepare the best if I can in thisendeavorI had pre made a batch because I don’twanna wait that long a stupid uh-huh andit has risen pretty well on a side notethoughif this one might have been sittinglonger than 18 hours I lost track after16 so we’re still gonna give it a shotthough but the next steps you want tolightly flour a surface that you’regoing to roll this up and you’re gonnalook at this and be like that is notlightly floured I’m also going tolightly flour my hands because I gottaget this dough out of a meadow it almostsmells like beer from what I saw in theinstructions you want to roll it out andfold over itself into like a nine inchcircle a lot of you’re probably watchingme do this and be like you’re doing itwrong that’s okay there is my dough soI’m gonna have some regrets now don’tfollow me you want parchment paper Idon’t have parchment paper like Ithought I did instead I have oil I don’tknow how this is gonna go I’m gonna tryit anyway so typically you’re going towant to make sure that your parchmentpaper fits in it nicely and stuff againI’m using foil because I don’t haveparchment paper so there’s that nextyou’re going to want to put it high Idon’t want to bake this for two hoursand then for better measures you don’twant your bread to like get thatcondensation from the lid you’re gonnawant to cover like a light towel orsomething over the top put that in thereand that should catch a lot of themoisture from the conversation you aredefinitely not gonna want to leave thisunattended so like don’t bake this andthen back I’m gonna go to this door dothat stuff so yeah now we just have towait for two hours and I’m just gonnakeep tabs on it because I don’t want toruin this which I probably will soall right see you in two hours hey guysalright so I did pull the bread out awhile ago the bread had not changed muchthough after it had baked for about twohours that’s what came out I mean itwasn’t bad on the foil if I thought itwas gonna be don’t think it was supposedto see that flat but I mean it bakeslike bread so the final test to this isto cut it it’s fairly dense to beprepared to write that I’m used to butthis can be very much debunked I don’tknow the word I’m thinking of right nowbut I’m pretty sure it might have a lotto do with the fact that it’s sat outmuch longer than the 18 hours[Music]mm-hmm so yeah I’m gonna say no to thisright now thankfully we have our backupbread and probably seven or eight ish inthe morning is when we’re gonna try thisone and hope for the best[Music]hello so we’re going to give this a shottomorrow look tomorrow morning should bebetterno bean it’s better because now I’mfeeling sad oh I guess I’m gonna see youguys tomorrowmorning guys it’s a little later than Iwanted it to be but I just gotta openthe housewould be too loud and I said as long asit was at seven eight be finethe bride looks nice I used to do[Music]so pretty so I’m just going to repeatwhat we did yesterday lightly flouredsurface roll the bread out like a 9 inchdisc and then fold it in on itself andthen pop it in the drop step of thatworking paper[Music][Music]why give you a 9 inch disc I can’tremember the recipe did you didn’t needto eat it they don’t know[Music]get Warcraft notthe bread[Music]I will see you in two hoursall right so within two hours now andthe Bret’s I pulled it out of thecrock-pot and it looks a lot better thanit did yesterday at least the other oneso but it looks beautiful so now we justgot to cut it I hope it tastes better Imean it still feels it’s fresher so itshould be bettercut the lot smoother and it doesn’t feelas dense that’s already an improvementfor being fresh air versus you knowwaiting with the previous dough that wasprobably three or four days[Music]interface much better so I will say it’sa success I’m gonna say that this was abig success and I’m very happy but ifyou liked this video make sure you hitthat like button down below because asof now and for a while likes are the newhugs uh-huh but also make sure you hitthe subscribe button wherever it decidesto be I don’t know yet and also leave acomment down below if there’s somethingelse you want me to try I’m hoping thatI have an oven to use soonI’m really hoping if I would love tohave a normal baking video so anywaysthat’s all for now besides that it tooktwo days but that’s my faultI’m tiny yes you guys have a good oneand I’ll see you next time[Music]

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