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Let’s bake a banana bread!

Mrs. Tallon invites you into her kitchen to learn how to make/bake yummy chocolate chip banana bread. Be sure, 3rd graders, that you get help from an adult at home should you bake as well. I hope you enjoy our first baking class!

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Video Transcription

hi third-graders hope having a great dayum I thought I would come on here sothat maybe we could have a baking daywith mrs. Talan and I was thinking maybewe could make banana bread together so Iactually um I don’t know if you knowthis but to make the best banana breadyou should really use your overripebananas they probably have it sometimesat home like when the banana start goingbad as they look on the outside butreally on the inside they’re still goodthey’re still good to you so I actuallyhave some pretty brown bananas and Ithought this is a great time to come onand we could have a little bit of bakingtime together and make some banana breadso I started by standing up and then Irealized since I’m not the greatest withthe whole camera where to put it that ifI had it up high you’re not gonna beable to see what I’m doing so I pulled akitchen chair and I thought I’ll sitdown here that way you can see what I’mworking on and keep it at level and thatway I’m not having to move the cameratoo much so let’s get started for thisrecipe you’re going to need at leastthree super ripe bananas and I’ve usedit before where I have used even onemore banana so go ahead and I got thatand I didn’t do this on camera but I didwash my hands first just like you shouldtoo before any time that you bake orcook and I did put my hair back that wayit’s not get into the food so I have mysecond banana you can see that thebanana still looks looks good it mightbe a little too soft just to eat it likeyou would maybe a snack time over atschool but we can definitely like I saidbake with it so that’s a good thingall righty so we have our three bananasand you’re gonna go ahead if there’s anylike darker brown spots kind of likethis I do like to just scoop those offI’m I’m sure you can eat it and it’sfine but I don’t know I just decide thatI’d rather or not so now you go aheadand you start mashing them so I’m justtaking a forkand I’m just mashing the bananas justkind of a fun part it’s all mushy andactually you’ll notice if you startdoing this to the smell mmm of thebananas being that they’re so right butnow that you’re smashing them it smellreally good I guess it’s a good thing Ididn’t have a fourth banana look at howfull this plate is getting this is gonnamake the the bread really soft reallyyummy here’s another little dark spotgonna get rid of that all right so Ihave the bananas pretty well mashed youit’s okay if you have a little bit ofbigger chunks in it but you don’t wantthem too big all right so there’s mymashed bananas mmm all right gonna setthat off to the side and next we needsome sugar and we’re going to need 1 cup1 cup so I have my measuring cup we’regonna use 1 cup of sugar you want tomake sure that it’s level a little bitmore all right and we’re going to takethis I’m gonna get my bowl all right andI’m gonna put my 1 cup of sugar right inthat bowl all right and I’ll keeptipping the bowl so you can see what’sgoing on in here too and then we’regoing to need a quarter cup of butterbut it needs to be melted so before Icame out here I did go ahead so that Ididn’t have to waste your time I didtake Anna quarter stick of butter ishalf of a butter stick and it had it wasfor a little section so I melted thebutter so I’m gonna pour the meltedbutter in with the sugar all right andthen we do need one egg so I’m going toher egg being careful not to get anyshells in it and add the egg end allright and then in this mixture we’regoing to keep these ingredients and nowwe’re going to add in the banana so I’mgonna scoop my banana right into thismixture of the sugar and the butter andthe one egg and get all the yummy bananaoff that plate and now I’m going to mixthis together get a really goodconsistency you want to break up thategg put all mixed upoh no this starts blending pretty welltogether and what I also like to add andthis is where you could measure it but Ilike to take vanilla come on and I liketo just put a little splash just alittle bit of vanilla right into thatmixture sometimes people even addcinnamon I’m missing a little bit ofvanilla toss it around a little bit makesure all that sugar is off the bottomall right and then this we’re gonna setoff to the side just for a secondbecause now we need to get our flour inour next Bowl and for flour we’re goingto need one cup and a half I’m gonnatake my measuring cup and this you wantto make sure that it’s pretty levelall right so I have my one cup I’m gonnapour it into my next Bowl which I’llpull over in just a minute and then itwas a half remember was one cup and ahalf so I had my half I’m gonna get somemore flour again it’s pretty level putit in my bowl all right and this is adifferent Bowlso we have our banana mixture in one andnow we have our flour in our next fulland we also need to add in somethingcalled baking soda and for the bakingsoda we’re going to use a teaspoon so weneed one teaspoon of baking soda andthen sprinkle that around now what weneed to do is we’re going to combine ourflour and our baking soda together justkind of push it around a little bit youjust want to blend in that baking sodaall right okay now we have that prettymuch blended now we’re going to combinethe two we’re gonna take our dryingredients here of our flour with someof our baking soda and we’re going toadd it into our wet mixture of ourbanana so I’m going to slowly put thisright in want to get all that and nowI’m gonna mix this now the key so thatyour banana bread will actually rise andhave a nice little bread top to it thiswould not mix it too too much you justwant to blend in the banana mixture tothe flour now you could just have thisbut I thought this time I thought youknow what I’m gonna add some chocolatechips and have chocolate chip bananabread so what I’m gonna dostep this little bit mixture again yousee I still have some flour we need topick some of that up from the sides justmix the batter around it’ll pick it upyou know get a mixer I’m just using aspoon all right now I still have somemore mixing but I want to use somechocolate chips so any type of chocolatechip will be fine I have milk chocolatechips I’m just gonna sprinkle somechocolate chips into the batter and thenI’m gonna spoon that around mix those ina little bitmake sure when you’re mixing around thatyou scrape the sides of your bowl tooyou want to get any of that flour okayremember we don’t mix too much all rightso then look at thatthere’s our batter right now so thenwhat we need to do is we’re going to putit in our bread loaf right into the panthat we’re gonna be cooking in that’sright here and what I did is I putsomething called parchment paper kind oflike just a pink reading and I actuallylined my milos pant with it becauseactually then for cleanup I don’t haveto worry about cleaning this per secause it’ll pop out right with it if youdon’t have parchment paper you canalways spray your um your pan with likea baby spring because you don’t want itto stick all right so we have that nowI’m going to pour the batteractually that’ll be kind of hard so I’mnot sure you’ll see I’m gonna pour thebatter right in there we goturn it right into the pan sure smellsgood I wish you could smell it right nowWowand then there’s still a lot in here soI like to take your spoon or give it aspatula and scoop it out and then plopit right in all right scoot it around alittle bit take a look at this got ourbatter in there I’m good just to be alittle fancy I’m gonna take somechocolate chips just in my hand I’mgonna put some right on top so that whenit comes out of the oven it’ll lookperfect oh no because I wanted topretend this was a baking show if you’veever seen any on TV they’ll have thatthey’ll put this in the oven they’ll sayoh and here it is it’s done so before Imade this video I went ahead and madeanother banana loaf so that I could showyou what the final product would bebecause you’ll be putting this in theoven at 325 degrees so I have a familymember turn the oven on to 325 and we’llhave to go in the oven for one hour andthen after an hour you’ll want to checkit take a toothpick put it into thebread and pull it out and if it’s notlike sticky or gummy then your bread isdone and if it’s still a little stickyjust give it another minute or so orkeep checking it and then it should bedone so let me grab the one that is done[Music]and here it islook at that beautiful Hana bread withsome chocolate chips mmm I wish you’rehere to enjoy it with me all right thirdgraders I hope you had fun with ourbaking and let me know send me um maybea remind text or send me a message andlet me know if you two were to make someof this yummy chocolate chip bananabread all right my friends I’ll talk toyou laterhave a good night

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