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Hello everyone! I thought it would be fun to show you how I make my own sourdough bread. Check out Bon Appetite’s video here for better instructions:

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Video Transcription

so hello everyone welcome to my channelmy name is Vanessa and today I thoughtI’d show you how I make some dough solike many many other people in thequarantine I thought it would be fun tolearn how to make bread and one thatI’ve heard about that is not difficultbut take some time to do is sourdough soI went on a journey to do that and theway to mix our dough is you need tostart off with the starter which isbasically natural yeast that you find onflowers that ferments and grows and youcan use that as a leavening agent inbread and because it ferments kind oflike alcohol does it gives it a sourflavor which is why it’s calledsourdough so a couple weeks into thequarantine I decided that I wanted to dothis and I made my own sourdough and itdidn’t work out very well um I don’tknow what it was going on but it wassupposed to rise and it never rose and Iwas just having a really hard time withit I have some old footage so I will putit in now so you can kind of see what’sgoing on I’m trying to make sourdoughbread and you need to make a starter sothat takes like any word from a week toa month to do so I’ve started making thesourdough starter his name is Fred andhe lives in the microwave and I’ll showyou them right now so there is bread Idon’t know how long he’s doing to behonest with you he’s supposed to be likebubbling and rising this is the levelthat he was at when I mix them thismorning and that’s the doublingI thought he should be at and he saidlike be really bubbly and he just has afew bubbles so I don’t know what to dowith your friend I’m gonna keep tryingand see if I can revive him or fix himbut I don’t know maybe sourdough isn’ther me and I should try something elsebut right now I have an active starterand his name is Francis let me show youso this is Francis um you can see that’shis name on there and I have someinstructions you’re supposed to weighamount and stuffs I have somemeasurements on here for him but that ismy sourdough starterso basically Francis lives in the fridgeand I feed him about once a week andfeeding him includes giving him amixture of flour and water so the yeastlike to feed off of the flour and thewater is there to help keep it hydratedso it’s really nice because I can justtake what I need from the sourdoughstarter to make bread so for the recipeI only need 2 tablespoons of starterwhich is not very much and I make what’scalled a leaven and that is what I’mgoing to use to make my sourdough breadokay so this is on top of myrefrigerator the reason it’s there isbecause it’s a nice warm place for theyeast to grow and basically all I didwas I just took those two tablespoons ofFrancis and the sourdough starter and Iput it in the star with flour and waterso as you can see this line right hereis about where it started and it’salmost doubled in size by the time I amfinished making the sourdough recipe itshould be doubled in size the recipethat I’m using comes from Bon AppetitI will link the video to them makingthis bread below so if you want to goand check it out you can I’ve alsowritten up the instructions so I mightleavein the description below as I think I’mjust gonna do a voice over for the restof this video so the first step inmaking sourdough bread is I’m gonna makethe anoles and I’m just gonna becombining the flour and water for thisrecipe together about 30 minutes beforebread so as you saw there I have breadflour and whole wheat flour and I’mgoing to mix them in that big tub thereand weigh it outso first things I’m going to weigh outthe wheat flour I have those littlescoops that I got from Amazon so if youwant to get your own Iligan below butI’m gonna do 250 grams of whole wheatflour and then I’m gonna go to breadflour right there I’m sifting it becauseit was a little clumpy but I’m going todo 750 grams of that bread flour therelook at me smile cute and then I’m gonnaadd water this is about lukewarm waterand 750 grams of that so now I’m gonnamix the flour and the water togetheruntil it just hydrates the dough and itlooks kind of sharing you like that andthen I’m going to cover it and let itrest at temperature from 30 minutes to 2hours whatever you want so after 30minutes you have your auto lease thatlooks like this and you want to prep therest of the ingredients so I have myleaven there I have a scale to measurehow much love in some extra water andsome salt so you can tell if your lemonsready if it passes the float test isjust if you put a little in water and itfloats so I’m going to measure 200 gramsof the lemon and I’m going to put thatinto the auto listo just like that andthen I am going to pinch it in to theauto listo just like I’m doing rightthere until it’s pretty muchincorporatedthen I’m going to add the salt and thewater so the salt is 20 grams or 2percent by weight the water is 50 gramswhen you’re all done mixing it youshould have a go that looks like thatand I’m gonna take it so we can eat itokay so you don’t actually have to kneadsourdough bread like you would otherbread the technique I’m using here it’scalled the slapping fold so I’m justpopping it down on the countertop andletting it fold on to itself and you dothis for about five minutes or so oruntil the dough is able to keep itsshape a little bit better which helpsfor shaping it later I don’t think I’mvery good at gauging when it’s ready butmy guess is with more practice I getbetter I also don’t like it because itgets all over the place like you can seeit’s so sticky and it gets all over yourcounter in your kitchen and your clothesbut that’s okay it’s all in the name ofsourdough bread so you can kind of seethe dough there but what I’m doing istaking that big container that I wasusing and rubbing it generously with oiland the next step is I’m going to takeall that dough and I’m going to put itin that container that you see I’m usinga bench scraper and just kind of puttingit all in that big container I’ve alsoset my oven to the proof setting whichkeeps it around 85 degrees Fahrenheitwhich is perfect for proofing if youdon’t have an oven with a proof settingyou can leave it in a warm area of yourkitchen so after you put the dough inthe oiled container you are going tocover it tightly with plastic wrap andput it into the proofer after 30 minutestake your dough out and you’ll startdoing the next series of steps so firstyou’ll want to oil your hands in thiscase I’m using olive oil and you willgrab underneath the sides of the doughand gently lift it out of the containerbeing careful not to D gas the doughthen you’ll gently let the dough foldback onto itself the step is importantbecause it helps reefthe gluten strands and then you willturn the container 90 degrees and repeatthe folding so once you’ve done doingthisput the dough back into the proofer for30 minutes and after those 30 minutesyou will repeat this process ofstretching and folding five more timesover the course of two and a half hoursso from the time you put the dough intothe container and to the time you’redone doing the stretching it will beabout three and a half hours so makesure you start making the dough earlierin the day so you don’t have to stay uptill 3:00 a.m. like I did so now afterthe last stretch unfold I am going toprepare the baskets they don’t need tobe perfect they just need some sort ofairflow so put in a basket or a strawbasket like this or even a colanderwould work you just don’t want it toobig or too small I think this one ismaybe nine inches in diameter butanyways I lined the baskets with a toweland I am dusting the towel generouslywith floursourdough is a very wet dough and youdon’t want anything to stick and thenyou want to make sure to prepare twobaskets because this dough will producetwo loaves of bread so after the doughhas been proved for those three and ahalf long hours you are going to dump itout onto a nice clean surface I’m usingthis cutting board and we are going todo what’s called create shaping so afterit all gets dumped out we are going tosplit it in half I’m using my trustybench scraper doesn’t have to be perfectyou can weigh it out but I find justeyeball it is good enoughyou are going to reshape it so you’regonna get it kind of into a circle shapethe camera just moved and you just wantto kind of fold it under until you getthe nice shape you can use little oilthings are sticking too much and yeahyou want to do both lobes and then onceyou are done it’ll look something likethat and you want to cover it and let itrest for 10 minutes in the meantime youcan prepare your work area so we aregoing to be flipping the dough away fromus so we want to prepare that area withsome flowers so it doesn’t stick so I’mjust generally generously coating thecutting board there with flowers so thatit’s ready for when the dough is readyall right so it’s been 10 minutes so nowit’s time to shape our bread so I’mgoing to flip it over using my benchscraper you helped me a little bits ofit stuck so I’m just gonna finish movingit over and that’s fine and now I’mgonna take a little bit more flourbecause there’s some spots where it’snot sitting on any flour and I just wantyou to make sure that’s really importantfor transferring it later so now all I’mdoing is kind of pulling it out andmaking it kind of like a circle becausewe are going to be doing kind of likeso forth the envelope fold I am going tostart by taking the bottom and foldingthat up about 3/4 of the way up thedough then I’m going to take the sidesand fold them halfway in until they meettogether and this top part is kind ofhard to do one-handed but I am going totry to kind of pull the top out a littlebit and then I’m going to take that andfold it over all of the other scenesthat we’ve made I’m just going to turnit 90 degrees so it’s easier to close upand I’m just going to pinch the twosides of the dough together just toclose up all those seams so that itdoesn’t split apartso there you go we have our finishedloaf and now what I’m going to do isflip it over so that it is seam sidedown so those seamsokay I went ahead and folded but now itis time to put them in the baskets fortheir bulk fermentation so you want topick up the dough swiftly and place itin the basket see the sign up and thenyou want to take towels and just foldthat over top of the dough if it lookslike it needs more flour go ahead anddust some more on top to make sure thatnone of it sticks to that towel thereand then once you it’s all good andready you’re going to take it and put itin the fridge overnight for at least 15to 20 out alrighty so it is the next dayin this clip and the loaves have beensitting in the fridge for about 15 to 20hours and now is the time tomake them yay so I have a Dutch ovenright here and that needs to preheatinside of the oven so I am going tostick it in the oven and have it preheatto 500 degrees for about 1 hour I wantto make sure that it is nice and evenlyhot before you start to set your oven to500alright so the Dutch oven is almost donepreheating to 500 degrees and naps timeto prep the loaves so Iso I’m going tothe basket and I’m going to take it overso you should have something like thisand when you’re already given you cantake the Dutch oven out of the oven andput it on the same source I suggest yourstovebefore side of the parchment paper andgently slide your loaf into the Dutchoven cover it and stick it into the ovennow this is going to cook with the lidon for 15 minutes that helps themoisture stay in there and gives it acrunchy or crispy crust and then afterthose 15 minutes you want to take thelid off and let it finish cooking for meit only takes about 15 minutes for thebread to finish cooking in the oven butsometimes it can take 30 to 40 minutesdepending on your oven so once yourbread is fully cooked it will lookgolden brown and beautiful and it’s timeto take it out you want to take theDutch oven on your stove so that itdoesn’t burn anything in your house andyou want to get that bread out of thereI like to use this rubber spatula willuse anything metal with these dutchovens and carefully okayso now I have both of my lowest bakedand I cut into one this bread isabsolutely so delicious and if you havethe time in the patient’s I highlyrecommend making a sourdough starterbread I know it’s a little hard to findflour at this time but even still youCostco I think is still selling some andsome of those big supplier chains arestill selling those high quantities offlour and walked on but anyways if youliked this video make sure to give it athumbs up and subscribe if you want tosee more videos from me I post newvideos on Tuesday if you’re local andwantssourdough bread just let me know andI’ll be happy to break some or if youwant something my starter I’m happy togive you some start your own culture andI love you guys and I will see next weekbye bye[Music]

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