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How To Bake Bread Pudding | Jamrock Vegan

Recipe courtesy Jamrock. Vegan
Level Easy
Yield 8 Slices
Prep Time 10 mins

6 Cup stale bread
2 Cup milk i used so good soy milk
1 1/2 Cup sugar
2 Pinch salt
1/2 Tsp vanilla
1/3 Tsp almond essence
3 Tbsp egg replacer
1/8 Tsp nutmeg
3 Tbsp vegan butter
1/2 Tsp mixed spice
1/2 cinnamon powder
3 Tbsp soak fruits
BAKE @ 180° 30 -45 mins or until skewer is dry

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guys welcome back to my channelalright so I want to show you how tomake bread pudding I found these stealbread guys a video sitting alone andnobody is eating them so I’m gonna makesome bread pudding for you guys I meanyou can have spices in there I’m gonnause cinnamon nutmeg mixed spice you canuse nuts or you can use some fruits I’mgonna use some fruits that I’ve beensoaking for some time now and guyslisten this is another way you can useof what you have I’m not waste anythingright the kids are home everybody needssnack and epidemic eat on the place sowhy not use what you have and makesomething like a dessert that everybodycan enjoy if is it that you don’t wantto be get enough bread arm like a bakingtin you can always use those singleserving ramekin needle dish that you canput it in and just serve it after youknowall right so stay tuned let me show youhow I beat mine alright guys to makebread pudding it’s normally recommendedthat you use a day old bread or if is itthat they don’t have any be a old breadyou can always try out the bread in theoven right so the aim is to get them insome nice small size so what you see I’mdoing here is just to remove the edge ofthe bread you can always use it it’sjust a personal preference[Music]no guys remember you can use basicallyany bread that you have available to youEnglish bread dinner rolls any productyou have available to you for to notwaste them you can make bread pudding[Music][Music]and for like a typical bread puddingright they use condensed milk no we’renot gonna use any condensed milk so I’mgoing to show you the meal that I feelcomfortable using this is just somewhole-wheat bread that I find alrightguys so this is the middle that I’mgonna use I find that it’s um a bit morericher than the regular soy milk orcoconut milk if you have condensedcoconut milk you can use it as well Idon’t have that in Mandarin so I’m goingto use this one what I’m going to do isto warm it up and then come right backand show you the other steps first upwe’re going to dissolve the sugar what Idid was to use a cup and a half of sugaralright so I did not have enough sugarso that’s why I found some sugar in thefridge that I added cinnamon to when Iwas doing that cinnamon roll so that’swhat I’m going to use in this[Music]and our bottle[Music][Music]adding also or egg replacer[Music]or make spice[Music]and so this app engine stalls are topicture it[Music]not forgetting our vanilla and/or almondessenceall right so ribbons are at the liquidto the bread and yes you’ll hear thebread soaking up all that goodness thatis definitely what we want to hear andat this time you can go ahead and createyour oven guys all right guys what I didwas to use 3 tbsp of soaked fruits whatI did was to soak all of my fruits inone go red so you just add it to thebread pudding to your desired amountwhat we’re gonna do now is to just pourit all in the pan in your greased panright[Music]we’re going to bake this at 180 degrees30 to 45 minutes sorry I can’t start todisturb your regular viewing I just wantto tell you how grateful I am for all ofyou our channel at surpass a thousandsubscribers and it would not have beenpossible without the help and support ofyou guys that is so much for watchingour content thank you for all thefeedback and support guys now let’s getback to our video there you have itthere’s our bread pudding us holy bacommensalism ojos smells so nice noequipment appear cos when you’re bakingwhatever they put in or kick you want toensure that um you insert a skewer inthe middle of the cake that is thethicker part just to make sure come onjoy whenever it come out dry the cake orpudding is perfect gold also guys toprevent sticky enough cake to be a kingpan you want to make sure you grease thepan properly whatever it where it is Iuse butter and flour or cooking sprayyou want to make sure that all of thesurface is properly covered to preventsticking right and there are things alsoyou want to remember after baking pleasedo guys remember to remove the cakeafter 50 minutes from the pan if youdon’t the cake will continue to sweatunderneath and the cake will also stickto the pan when you remove it it’salright so that’s like to cook up aquick baking tip for you guys I hope youappreciate I’m so right on the noseslices I’ll show you guys it’s prettyhot here but as I wanna slice it becauseevery time I bake something for you guyshave never added or remember it wasslicing it on camera and also wheneveryou’re baking any form of puddingusually a sauce is required so what Idid was to reduce the milk the same mealthat I used to be hitI just reduced it with a littlecornstarch just to get a little saucebut I won’t be using it on the entirecake just for you guys alrightI have to take my time because it iswarm enough and I don’t want it to breakbut hopefully it don’t break and I’mtelling you oh my god it is so hot[Music]it is hot guys it is hot there you haveit guys our bread pudding if you givethis recipe a try guys please let meknow let me just put a little sauce onit so you guys can see and just a bitfancy a little confectioner sugar thereyou have it guys I hope you enjoyed thisvideo thank you so much for watchinguntil next time bye

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  1. Guessing you got your phone closer. Flute sounds full & clear. Will pass on the recipe to my wife – not sure how she’ll take to the ‘ Stir semi-furiously’ part, but we’ll see 🙂

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