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How To Make Traditional French Baguettes At Home

These sourdough baguettes are some of the best that you can bake at home. They take a lot of patience, but once you hear that crunch, and taste they’re incredible flavor then you shouldn’t have a problem with that. Now Technically these are slightly shorter than a typical baguette, also known as demi baguettes. That’s just so they can fit in your darn oven.

Guides you might need to watch first:
My Sourdough Starter Guide:
My Oven Steaming Method:

Baguette Equipment Used:
My Fermentation Station:
My Lame (for scoring):
The Couche That I have:
Another Couche Option:
My Bench Scraper:
My MIll(they only have the red banded on in stock):
Another Mill option:

Music – Saib:
Huge thank you to Maurizio for his baguette method Utilized in this recipe:
Ingredients you’ll need:
24g Mature liquid Starter
20g Bread flour
28g whole wheat flour
24g water @ room temp

30% whole grain Bread Dough(with fresh milled flour):
732g bread flour
273g fresh milled einkorn wheat
40g whole wheat
20g fine sea salt
778g water@ 90F +100g water in a seperate bowl

Bread Dough (without fresh milled flour):
732g bread flour
313g whole wheat flour
20g fine sea salt
778g water@ 90F +100g water in a seperate bowl

Sample Schedule:
10am – make levain
1:30pm – Autolyse dough place in warm spot @80F
3pm – Mix dough with levain and perform slap and fold
3:05pm – cover and place back at 80F
3:20 pm – slap and fold one more time
3:23 pm – bulk ferment for two hours
3:53 pm – Fold #1, cover and place back
4:23 pm – Fold #2, cover and place back
4:53 pm – Fold #2, cover and place back and let rest remainder of bulk
5:23pm – Cover (make airtight)and place in fridge overnight 12-20 hours (14-18 is optimal)

10:00am(17 hours of bulk ferment): remove dough from fridge and preshape
11:10am: shape baguettes and proof in their couche
12:15pm: preheat oven for one hour
1:15pm: bake your first set of 3, then once removed, put your steaming stuff rocks back, not including the towels and reheat for 15-20 mins at 500, and repeat same steaming method for second set of 3.

Original of the video here

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