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How to make slime with PVA glue, bread soda, and contact lens solution

Welcome to my channel, Slime is Fun. This video shows you how to make an easy and fun slime using PVA glue, bread soda and contact lens solution. I hope you enjoy it! Music:

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music][Music]already you can make you can foodcoloring as well but today we’re notgoing to do this and so first we’regonna put into two tablespoons of PDA atfirst this recipe might be it this timemight be a little sticky you’ll justhave to keep messing around with it–andhave it eventually get nice and soft youdon’t have to use when you like chatcontact lenses but it has to have hishat it should have boric acid andboorish and sodium Boris those are thethree main things you need in itjust flip this second PV a teaspoon ofPVA in and then get your TSP and yourred shoulder and it is and then justpour it in starts all I’m damnedtogether and I probably put too muchbread and just keep mixing it and startof to form a blog and make sure just toscoop it down and yeah and then they’releaving you we’re gonna use the eye techcontact lenses you can measure it outteaspoon will be enough or you can justsquirt it in now I’ve measured it outand I’m gonna mix it in with that andjust it will be sticky at first and keepmessing with us we’ll eventually getnice and like this sample that I showedyou earlier in the video and if you justkeep moving you the ill eventually getnice and yeah and when you’ve done – umyeah so that’s how you make slime anddon’t forget to subscribe and bye

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