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Katerino Attempts to Bake Cookies.


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Katerino Attempts to Bake Cookies.

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Video Transcription

yeah what the Freak is up dude it’s meKatechef Kate areno and I’m here it’s timeto bake some cookies you’ve been waitingyou deserve this moment this is yourmoment capture it it’s yours it’s foryouthis is we’ve been you’ve been waitingfor like three hours or something Idon’t know I honestly don’t have ajacket I could have been three dayscould have been two minutes I don’t knowbut we’re here now and that’s all thatmattersI promised a bacon stream and now it’shappening I went to the store ended upspending a lot of money on groceriesbecause I just grocery shop does it hotI have not been grocery shopping inmonths that was over seven months I’mnot even kiddingis that not insane what the heck I’m notI live how is your body no but it iswhat it is it is like this and then oneyear high offline chatter Stoppers hichat sorry hellookay so I’m wearing my shoes they’re newthey’re white I used to be a white vansonly kind of bitch and then I didn’t fora while I went through so many whitevans in middle school I think likeprobably five I would just ruin themthey would be like they would look likehomeless shoes actual homeless shoeslike just disgusting awful awful awfulpairs of shoes and then I switched oneday I started wearing different shoesand now I’m back you can never stray toofar from the white vans once your whiteman’s you never go backwill you do and then you then you goback againso that’s how it works hiare you here I don’t know if any of youare here yet but that’s okaywe’re all here oh did the ship go offyetno your oh you’re here no you’re herenow wait did you hear anything I justsaid I was was I just talking to myselffor like a long time you’re here waitokay let’s test out the delay when youhear this type for let me see wanna seethe force oh my god that’s microscopicdelay boys that word I’m not stupidyes both are yes both yes wait so youdidn’t hear anything I did you hearright what I said about the light Vanceyou didn’t hear thatour song is over so long oh my god okayhi I have to look up the recipe hi Chadhow are you did you miss me what did youI’m looking at my my chat on my phonewhat did you guys do I was gone what ifyou do oh I’m gone I was gone make me abirthday cake I can’t I was actuallygonna um on my birthday which is onSaturday my birthday’s on Saturday umwhen I I was gonna bake a cake formyself on my birthday but my birthdayparties at night so I probably myfriends are probably gonna be occupyingthe kitchen so I don’t think I can dothat but as money it’s whatever it iswhatever okay hiall right chat who the Frick is readywe’re baking what what are we bakingJeff tell me what we’re baking chocolatechip cookies we’re making chocolate chipcookies if you didn’t know um yeah bitchcookies that’s goddamn right youare god damn right we’relistening to honormusic is the volume okay how is it doyou hear the unintel music over myshouting what’s it like we’re not makingsex in a pan because we need to coolthat for a few hours and that’sstupid we don’t do that that’s not inour house I heard no music Tess I mean Iheard it but it didn’t show up in myactivity feed so thank you Oh Jonahwanna sub twitch Prime thank you so muchJonah anyway the donations are reallyloud I let some I again bTW I don’t knowbut I can hear yousince quad gifted a sub thank you somuch a Johnny 20 lights up that’s yourone thing guys so much okay I’ll turn itdown[Music]time to run with noise no listen okayare you don’t be evil okay all of youguys are being freakin evilthis is so damn loud you’re actuallydoing the baking stream I honestlythought I was lying too turns out Iwasn’t it turns out he wasn’t lying Iwasn’t I I was telling the truth thewhole time which is insane um but how iseverything now put all the freakingscissors is everything good now um thankyou galaxy for the tier 1 sub thank youdear over the 200 bits thank you Eliezerfor the tier 1 um hi I’ll try thinkingmac and cheese you were beggingdecades love the stream want to streamtogether sometime I’ve no idea who youareI cannot see who donate stuff thank youprobably notRoger do you repeat Oh father I can’thear right now I don’t know what thatsaid okay is the volume ok now is itfine can I start baking can I be chef OhWally[Music]so the air horn[Music]now someone’s birthday present probablyall right our banking instructor that’sour baking assistant okay he’s aninstructor but didn’t mean it I’m my ownminstrelthat was awful that was terrifyingokay are you guys ready to start bakingthis is what we’re making chocolate chipcookies the ingredients 1 cup buttersoftened 1 cup white sugar which is inmy pantry 1 cup brown sugarI don’t want packed means but just brownsugar so ever 2 eggs 2 teaspoons vanillaextract 2 T’s 1 teaspoon baking soda 2teaspoons hot water I don’t know yet andthen I get 1/2 teaspoon salt slap 3 cupsall-purpose flour right here 2 cupssomebody talk truck 2 cups 2 cups semiseat do cup semi-sweet driveoh my tubes 2 cups semi-sweetchocolate chips 1 cup chopped walnutsI’m not putting long as mychocolate chip cookies noise a little onthe small side but the shape is overallpretty symmetrical and your balls havejust the right amount of hair thecouncil rates at 7/10donal at all Anthony did you turn downlike the dough no sound cuz I literallycannot hear it like a barely a whispercan you turn it back up anyway why areyou dying oh my god are you just it’sway too loud on the street okay well Ican’t hear it at all oh they don’t knowthey’re so loud I think you seeme delivering the prime sub things aregoing to be chicken in the cookies aswell here wanna thank you very muchthank you NC Diggins for the two monthsmaking microchips you tektite titan TVfor the two months brian thank you somuch I think you Tanner for the primeset that you see meet along the primeprime Sun you right here for the gearone Thank You Nora to start with on yourbids thank you guys very muchcan you read them no I can’t seedonations on my phone at all so I can’tread them anyway we have to preheat thefreakin oven so let’s start let’sthere’s no better thing to do besidesstart I’m going to move our littlebaking assistant here and we’re gonnapreheat the oven it says 350 you knowwhat we are sheeps we listen directionsin this kitchen okaythis kitchen is about followingdirections and not experimenting youknow whatwhen I cook oh thank you for the twohundred bits donation to have a lot of when I cook my when I cookI barely follow recipes they often addand get rid of things baking is not solenient baking doesn’t want you to doyour own thingthat’s what baking kind of sucks bakingis like cooking but the what the productisn’t as good becausebetter than sweet and you don’t get theexperiments so basically what I’mtelling you is baking suckshowever baking is fun to make becauseit’s really shareable and so you canjust like bake something and then put itout and like people get cookies likeit’s greatwhatever so baking definitely is a placein my hearthowever the place in my heart for bakingis like a little tiny crack and theplace in my heart for cooking is a lotbigger because baking us blink is boringbut it’s cool it’s like why what youwant to just like play by the freakingrules but then if you don’t play by therules your turns outdisgusting Kuchiki I mean it cook thechicken I could do that thank youwarlock the brine stuff thank you verymuch Thank You Casey mr. terrific thinkyou catalytic batteries 200 thank youguys very much um you’re terrible atexplaining yourself that’s cuz I’mstupid so the chicken what is wrongwith you or there dude nighttime viewerswhat’s going oncomrade communist what is going on hereguys guys I think a nighttime chat mightbe like what is I don’t know whatI’m reading right now all of you guysare like oh my god that’s why Carson’schat is so show arm this you wantup okay we we need a freaking big thissong is powering me up it’s time we needto bake some goddamn cookies theoven is preheating now it uses the verbcream cream together the butter whitesugar and brown sugar until smoothI don’t know what the creamingmeans but you know what we’re just gonnaput theand mix it because I don’t know whatelse to do and I don’t have any othertools that can cream something and Idon’t copy this it’s not like I can justI’m gonna make your pop coming in thebowl but I’m not gonna do that becausethat’s weird[Music]wait are you guys donating oh they got a$2.00 huge blankcan you guys hear the donations reallywell thinking Colbert’s after thedollars they’re gonna be achieved in thecookies yes yes definitelyokay anyway we need to cream some thingstogethernow it says white sugar brown sugar andbutter so what I’m gonna do them in heis when I cook and bake I like to use aslittle tools as possible so that cleanupdoesn’t take hours and becauseI’m lazy so I’m gonna try to useeverything a measuring in this cup andnot use a second measuring cup why okayI’m like you know what work smarter notharderokay I’m not lazy I’m just workingsmartercuz I’m a genius okay anyway sugar whatif I could go to this freakin sugarthing in our pants in there I meanhilariouswhat cup of sugar[Music]okay no we need a little less okay thatwas pretty fine fellas mine we’redumping it in um well things like 250during a bit I have a boner crush forpeachI need Daisy like I wish I have a manacrush for peach too and I wish thatDaisy didn’t exist I wish only peachexisted I wish Daisy was deadI hate Daisy I think she’s stupid I didnot on the floor oh man what theFreak is going on dude bum bum bum okaywe need one cup packed brown sugarwhat does packed brown sugar mean Idon’t I don’t know guys you know I’m notwearing heels I’m wearing forgettingwhite van bro go just press it into thecup push it in good I’ll useI’m sorry um okay what does it say a cupprobably I’m not gonna check why I amthat check one cup okay so we just needto make sure that brown sugars in theregood house dough come out of this that’sweird isn’t it science is crazy alrightso now that we got some raffle Ohbrown sugar is so weird dude what theFrank we’re gonna press some bitches inthe air we’re gonna press it down we’regonna press it into that Cupoh yeah pack it in there one 800 packthat sugar pack that sugar all youladies pack that sugar like this shakeyour body don’t poop don’t piss I’mgoing to that so stupid just like mealright we are packing it down boys likea backpack except not a backpack at allit’s not laying backpack even a littlebit I don’t even know why I said I haveto do it with this because the otherthing is too big too wide too widekind of like Jimmy neutrons headdo you know new jailokay it’s packed and now we have likeabout 1/4 of cup not even so that’sawesome um you are using a liquidmeasuring cup for a solid what’s wrongwith that it says a cup it says a cupwhat’s wrong with that what is wrongwith that it says a cup I’m putting a cup in there is I don’tunderstandVince please don’t you on me okay newstrategy fill it up to like above a cupfirst and then pack it like I think it’salmost as if I’m an idiotbut not quite move the camera backscreaming you’re falling okay stopcrying ghosts live in my houseactually never pack it we mean why use adry measuring cup I didn’t even knowthere were differences in wet and drymeasuring cups what’s wrong what’s wrongwith that what’s the difference what isthe difference who carestoo much sugar what I am you’re allmaking me so nervous and sad all rightwe need some more you’re doing thisexactly right I think I’m doing thisright – yeah the recipe says pack youshould quit you bad guy what areyou baking and baking cookieswhat dry ones are small cups what makeswhat makes the differencebetween they’re small cups who careswhat’s the difference why would a drycup there’s a small cup help me isn’tthis the measurement the same anywaywhat the what the help would it bejust that you guys would stopyelling is that it youalso I’m using the spoon because it getsmy hands sticky oh the sizes aredifferent oh it’s fine yeah a cup is acup that’s a lot of sugar listen bitch Iam following the recipe oh my God lookat this it looks so neat and comeactually I do want to here I’ll show youthis look at this oh my godI want to kill it I want to crush it Iwant to punch it okay no do I need Ineed what it what it what is creamy justlike putting it all together how muchbutter do we need 1 cup wait so I had toput there and the elk you clean ThankYou max rub for the frying socksome notable questions oh it has nomarking Thank You Yahoo I have a me nothank you so much for the two monthscrying sub Thank You Man thank you angryleave for the price up thank you masterfor the twitch right now you protectperpetual exertion for the prime sothank you very muchThank You Davis first with a pen so howdo I know how much as a cup can’t justtell me how much is it oh eighttablespoon there’s a half a cup oh god Ineed two sticks of butter no that’s allmy butter every potholy am i baking for a armyhow many goddamn cookies doesn’t makethis is soft enough this butter issoftened it’s been out for a while so itfeels pretty soft to me it’s not that’sfineI don’t know apparently we’re baking fora football team whatever that’sfine just get this go go go go go go gogo go gocome on come on be this oh yeah see itwas not that more I’m really mad oh mygod I got so much in the grocerystore I like was like okay planning outall my meals I’m gonna use this butterfor the grilled cheese for the book andpops up or whatever I’m gonna use thisbutter for a watch it and no I don’thave any butter are you kiddingwhatever I’m mad Oh how can arecipe call for this much butter I feellike it’s gonna be up guys Idon’t think baking is my calling I don’tthink I like baking it makes me feelweirdit makes me feel like I’m taking toomany directions from the man you know Imean okay now I just put this alltogether maybe this isn’t soften enoughwhatever oh ho maybe it’s not saltenough oh look at this oh and now youwon’t get up wait what happens if imicrowave this whole bowl what happensit has sugar in it does that matter if Ijust like put it in for like a fewfreaking seconds what does it taste like weird don’t do it why notwhat would why for 10 seconds would thatreally like be the worst thing in theworld why notsuddenly twitch as a bunch of chefsall right sugar will harmonize holyhow do you make caramel the sugar[Music]alright well this is a disasterthe butter is not soft enough and soit’s just like I don’t even know what todo anymore honestly like this recipe isruined alreadyand I’ve no other butter I have nothingto do I don’t know what to do like thiscan I not I don’t know like your mixeruse my hands okay I’m going in yeah waitthe butter will softened it the sugarwill melt put in three secondsokay I’m putting it in for like threeseconds I’m gonna get him for threesecondshe’s Lois talking to me saying no Ithink this is fun I think my internetjust went out though I thinkand after you perform seconds okay let’ssee okay it’s not soft yet broshould I try four more secondsI’m trying for two more seconds allright cut the butter are you ready areyou soft buddy are you feeling nopeyou’re not soft do you’re making me mad okay is it really hand timeI think I’m like oh I want to use myhands more I feel like we should justput it in the microwave[Music]I’m not too torn up about it like it iswhat it is I’m gonna get it for 10seconds it’s ambitious oh my godis everything okay it’s fineit’s not even soft did you guysoverestimate the power of microwaves whyare you fogging what’s happening can Imiss something important okay the butteris definitely softening up to the ideaof being soft like you just mix it untilthe butter and the sugar all become thisone big little thing I don’t get it youlook warm for Q um thank you XR theycould Davis Brooke for the primesomething you playing bird to the primeThank You person somebody go two thumbsup thank you poppy pop I live for monthsI hope you drinkbut I think you came here for the primeso thank you so much thank you eat treatthe prime sub okay okayall right we’re watching her againI’m gonna use the fork then if the forkdoesn’t work it’s Han time okay honestlyI believe I should just put it in themicrowave a little longerwhat do you think what do you thinkwhat’s the worst that could happen awishI like a plastic whisk but not much elsewhat’s better a fork or a whiskthe Bulls even hot you guys tenmore seconds it’s fun I promise you guysaren’t here okay you don’t know it’sfineit really is see it’s really soft nowit’s doing it I think we’re actuallydoing it okay okay okaynow you’re telling me to use a forkyou’ve all spammed to use a wishlike three seconds ago we use chopsticksokay just put it back in the microwaveheat youI might honestly okay now we have allthis in the whisk you guys and nowyou’re like oh my god you stupid idiotlike how I didn’t use a fork in thefirst place for ki oh dude I’m trying mybestI am a stupid idiot I don’t know what todo when it comes to this kind of thingokay I am NOT a baker I am NOT a baker Iam not faker I am NOT a magic generatorI don’t know what that means but I’mclean oh okay let’s just dry ithere we go oh my god I think this isworkingholy said oh my god oh my god holydudeit’s working see it’s becoming ahomogeneous mixture holy man thisis amazing I never knew this wouldhappenokaygoddamn baking in a workout rowhow he’s a knife how mixed does thishave to be I’d be very precise aboutthis part whisk is better clearly nahdude can yearly not clearly the fork isthe way to go here okay that looks goodum Thank You Towson for the 4 into 20bit thank youlocos that attack for the prime so Ithink you lose through the burbs withthe heat treat for the bribes huh youguys very much use scissors okay now webeat the eggs in one of the time beat inthe eggs what does that mean what isbeating in the eggs mean do we have topre beat the eggs or do we beat the eggswhere do we what we do I don’t have apeg freaking feeder i before that’s itbeat them in the bowlwith them wait do I beat the eggs no nowshould I crack the eggs directly intothe balland then whisk them okay sure fine allexcept this already egg cracking yourabbit okay okay and now we have ourwaste is waste timeokay it’s amazingByam always being champion okay creamtogether the butter white sugar andbrown sugar until smooth beat in theeggs one of the time poops oopsies thenstir in the vanilla I didn’t beat themin one at a time but like whateverhow much know what I mean um twoteaspoonsis that good enoughis it mixed enough before I put in thevanilla I think so it’s coming togetheryou were going to trouble it bother youbrojust seems like sugar what do I do nowoh right what did it say two teaspoons Iknow they’re always fated is this ateaspoon is this a teaspoon it’s allfaded or I think this is a table what isthis this is 1/4 I think this is 1/4tablespoon this one which one is afreaking teaspoon bromaybe none of them awfullythe smallest one is a teaspoon are yousure it’s not like a house the smallestone could be a half a teaspoonokay okay so go we have to dissolve abaking soda and hot water okay we haveto dissolve our baking zone an hourthe big one isn’t okayone teaspoon baking soda okay okay waithow much hot water chicky spoons okay sothe really small one is a teaspoon righthow do I mean what do I do to make thewater hot as you microwave itI’m just gonna microwave it but what ami Micra it just like a little Bowl Idon’t knowthis thingoh my god is the smallest everwhat the Easter nipple theoven is preheated already the oven ispreheatedthe oven is already preheatedthese are cookies to celebrate 140kfollowers you have a stove you ever thattake forever you the stove believe inone bro yeah it do be hot ok now we needwhat did I say baking powder or bakingsoda we need both whoops whoops umbaking soda when do we add baking powderwait we don’t need baking throw it justsays soda I’m so confusedokay walk by open this stupid use equalamounts of both and I just not use justsoda hi slipper is yeah we’re bakingcookies never use a recipe with only oneof soda or powder oh so I should use 1/2teaspoon soda 1/2 a teaspoon bakingpowder as though you’re sayingmy holy jesus Oh open herehuhhelp me mr. Knight thank youwell buck okay all right I’m gonna useI’m gonna try these Apple TSP bakingsoda and 1/2 teaspoon baking powderbecause that’s what you guys don’t needto do so whatever the recipe okaythis is what the recipe says the recipecalls for 1 teaspoon baking soda and okmaybe it just goes for oh it just goesfor baking soda I thought just thebaking soda and baking powder it onlycalls for baking soda so actually don’teven make me better at all so it getsjust a little more this that goldenuse both know I’m gonna get follow the recipe bro hijack for you goodenough good enough good enough goodenough good enough going off put it offgood enough okay well we have put in thevanilla we need up into the vanillaright okay this called for what twoteaspoons to taste brains Oh vanillaextract let’s do it over this one thisis like powerful from the godsthis is like the god of vanilla madethis this is like enough to blow up asmall villagethat shit’s powerful okaynever doubt the power of vanilla extractthat is so powerfuldon’t overuse the vanilla now I just usetwo teaspoons this was called forokay okay no he’s bad salt saltshould we be whisking it it’s juststirring so should I be using thisinstead or does it not matter doesn’tmatter how much salt do we need half ateaspoonwhat if this was a hat are you sure thisis is this a half teaspoon is this ateaspoonthey don’t say if this is I’m going touse my number like whateverdoesn’t say red bell pepper jack mmm nowwe have the teaspoon so I’m just gonnado this over this that’s we’re gonna dountil we have what we think it’s likethis is the worst method okay okay okayyou guys can definitely make fun of mefor this one that’s okayput that in yeah maybe immediatelyunless probably do myself what matterinto the matter in this house we likesalty to huge striving using the littlespatula thing instead of the whisk cuzit says stir should I be using thespatulalet’s bail peps hand out Carson to getyou so stupidwe said whisk I think I should be I meanI can’t like whisk in the chocolatechips so I’m gonna start using the otherthing now go in go inoh wait I’ll put it on this thing herewe go Oh number one I wash my handsundertale was epic can I just get waterand my batter oh lookbaking is like so specific it’s soannoying baking is like he’s like thegods will be mad at you if you get itwrong I mean like you have to be soexact with everything he’s kind ofcringe okay right now cream baby birdselling us access to eat yeah stir inthe flour chocolate chips and nutsalright the nuts bro we’re notgetting nutty tonight three cups flourthat’s a lot of flour three cups offlowers okay yeahokay flour is messy let’s let’s justpour it into nothing’s ready Chad waitit’s a to three cups flour two cupschocolate chips will do chocolate chipsfirst in the chicken onion and chickenwe’ll do the chocolate chips and thenall righttwo cups oh those are way too small whatthe oh these are really small[Music][Music]buenookay I guess we don’t have an ounce ofchocolate chips whatever whatever it inoh well it looks like a lotoh my god oh my god I can feel Godlaughing at me right nowthat is like you stupid puny mortals youhave so much chocolate chip inyour chocolate chip cookies you stupidstupid foolish mortalsI got a flower okayoh this is very scarythat’s one cup kind of really three cupsbut oh my god there’s flour everywherethere’s like chunks thoughflowers so messy bro who allowed thisdude no no that’s that’s more thanenough we’re gonna get rid of some we’regonna here into sunflower okay this isflower is terrifyingbaking with flour makes me feel like I’mgonna die okaymore out just scoop it out with an icecream scooper if you’re using too muchneed an ice cream scoop we’re gettingthe freak out that’s all I have to sayto you just ice cream scoop thatout okay and then if you need more youknow what you do you know you’re doingany more the ice cream scoop thatback in that’s what you do it’s thatsimple okay awesomeperfect just okay oh my god would mycookies are about to be ruined do youreally use that much flouroh I don’t understand how to bake Idon’t understand why people bakeI guess so that they can have cookiescan you can be like look at me but youknow screams you know what them this isawfulI can’t even stir thiswait what did I do wrong oh my I’venever made cookies no never is this toomuch flour whisk I don’t think I shoulduse the whisk I think I’m making myhands here honestly I think I might goover the hand method or maybe I’ll justmix until something happenswhy are you screaming over there I missmy hands Oh fun now I know why peoplebake now I know why cuz it’s so fun freeoh yeahwait it’s fine actually I don’t have toomuch flour now I have main control yeahoh how am I gonna get off meoh God oh don’t think about the futurethink about the now and I didn’t add toomuch flour I did not we’re gonna be finewe’re gonna be fine running it throughthis together huh oh oh my god it’sdisgusting yeah yeahI feel like I feel like I’m making breadI feel like Paul like hmm very nice butvery doughy texture you know like atmaking pizza dough but I’m not at allit’s very different actually you knowthe flour from the side always you knowso should it be this one and a moduluslittle thing cuz it’s coming togetherquite nicely honestly it’s comingtogether it’s pretty sticky but like ina cool wayI’d be like a baker oh well okay listenchef I know you’re all trying to give mebaking instructionsoh god my shoulders that you I knowyou’re all trying to get me bakinginstructions but it’s fine I’m fine Ineed your help I’m good bro at thispoint it’s like just see what happenshope for the best you know okay we’regoing back in with the spatula now getit off my freaking hands yeah oh my godoh we’re going back in with a spatula ohmy god oh holy oh my god I shoulderso itchyno try to eat it oh not good did notwell actually don’t pay but isn’t ittrue that once you put flour in ithasn’t tasted any more sunflowers tastedisgustingdoes it definitely taste like flour thatis definitely what tastes like I’m goneokay whoo oh my god okay I think it’sreadybut like flour from the bowl keepsgetting in it should I do I need to getlike all the flour off the sides andthen to the cookie dough she will gonnasquish her boobs thank you add morewater I think it’s goodwhy are you guys all hating on it what’swrong with itI think it’s fine I think it’s fine Ireally do lookokay imagine if nuts were in this thingto dothat’d be disgusting yeah it looks finein I think it looks wrong imagine nutsbro all right okay we’re gonna make some wait oh can I use foil like tinfoil on my baking sheet I want to usetin foil spend my baking sheet don’t belike what you know is that okay no okaydon’t do thatapparently I shouldn’t do that I don’tknow whyparchment paper I don’t have parchmentpaper yeah I don’t have parchment papercan I just put it come on clean thisthing is call it a day call it a teacherwhy can’t I use tinfoil I don’t get itwhatever I want to use tinfoil bro thenwhat hmm then freakin what you can’tstop me you can’t stop me I’m like athunder bolt of lightning[Music]Galileo let’s start put bitch shut upokay okay tree no I don’t know how muchtelephone hmm I don’t know how it shouldbe like shape it come here a littlelittle thingOh God how was that I’m gonna try tookay Zack good hello mm-hmis that fine do i me like squish it downdo I need to squeeze it down ORS andfine it spends on grease it says drop bylarge spoonfuls onto on grease pansungreased I’m gonna shape it poopy toesfor I it’s not too dry it’s actuallypretty mushy cooldon’t shape it oh my whole JesusChrist you guys are no I’m not listeningto any of you guys anymore you guys arejust gonna back see the whole time I’mjust gonna do itno the recipe says large food a showholes okay you are not my recipe did yougrease it now the recipe says not togrease it sorry my titties really in the camera I don’t know how to getthem out honestlyit’s this large spoonful so it’s fineand that that that’s finethis is our first try okay we have a lotof itto put it do it up he says like 10minutes whateverinside like 10 minutes what time is it7:33 so at 10:43 high at 10:43 we’regonna check on it but for now you guyswanna make do you guys wanna make uswrestle stuff Mike brokethat betterhmmyah-tchi I’ve seen annoyingwhatever okay anyway let’s move overhere to our espresso machine yayso his breast with diamonds hey I’mgonna make decafoh guys I don’t feel like okay whyare you sad she hates us I love you guysokaywait why did you guys up are yousad that you were mean to me beforeget the free co-opokay we’re gonna use do duck thingsdecaf beans we’re no longer worthy ofour position you guys in thisstream is so stuffedoh my god I’m using pre ground decafbeans two dollars it’s because Icouldn’t find it’s like the worst beansyou get out pretty much um and it’sbecause I couldn’t find any I couldn’tfind any decaf I couldn’t find any notpre-ground decaf beans at Target so Ijust went for the cheapest beans and funbecause I figured you know what it’salready gonna be awful let’s just makeit as bad as possible you know let’sjust make it the worst it can be mightas well it’s so bad like you can’t eventap it pretty much I think had to movesome outalso I saw a message in chat that waslike law I went to middle school withher and honestly I believe himI believe that guy that I went to middleschool with him I probably did but Ihope that this isn’t like his first timeseeing my stream because this streamprobably makes me look like adifferent streamer that I actually am ifyou know what I mean um which kind ofsucks because like it feels like I can’twear stuff that I want to wear or elseI’ll be judged for it which is weirdright like I just be able to wearwhatever I want to wear like it sucksthat I cover up on purpose instead ofwearing whatever I want to wear okaythat sucks you you girl here’s your make me harder blue okaywhat are they doing they are big they’rebig boys I like that I’m not worriedabout them I think they’re gonna begreat and give so much cookiedough but you just pop them in the ovenwhenever the Freak I want okay we arejust gonna pour some milk in usuallyright measure it but lately I haven’tdone espresso stuff lately but myespresso machines like will keep brokenum and my espresso machine is likelow-key broken and my steamer islike you’ll hear it it sounds awfulbut it’s fine like good enough you knowa little less milk I guess I’m measuringthis do you want like eight ounces rightso that’s like more than eight ouncesfor sure but I think we want a littlemore than a NASA’s anyway um also I whatI do is I usuallyI pour my my flavor and syrup right intothe milk and I skim it in therethis is sugar-free I don’t know winesugar-free building driver it’s pumpkinpie so I don’t know I mean we’re gonnatry it see what happensmaybe I should put like something nutmeg and in there dudeyou want to know how cooking tip I mightsmells good I might not be very good atbaking but I’m actually pretty good atcooking like I’m not bad at all and Ireally really really thoroughly suggestif you like Italian cooking if you likemaking pasta and pasta sauces try somenutmeg in your sauces it really reallylightens up the flavor it’s so good Ireally really really like nutmeg mypasta sauces especially cream saucesthey’re good as oh no I’m nevercooking tips you Rojo 3 1 2 try thecookies and onion amber chillin oh waitone of those be 10 30 something oh weknow it’s 10 poisoning okay well they’rejust chilling they definitely don’t wantthem so I think did a big portion sowe’re just gonna leave them for a littlebit see what happensum now I I’m gonna steam this milk youmight hear it mice just the morning myespresso machine is broken so the milkfrothing will probably sound demonic itwon’t sound goodum but we’re just gonna do it okay wellAppetitBon Appetit am i right ah check out myyoutube channel dude I’m gonnastart uploading so much on that ohI’m gonna upload someone to my channelshould I do like a draw my life rememberthat I come on do one I mean I’mlike four years old certainly lifeprobably wouldn’t be that interestingactually nothing on italright ready here we goI told you when you found ithold on I like it’s enough whirling ohsorry is happening out thereokay we wanted after 140hey we’re almost thereokayokay the milk is steamed and now we’regonna pull the shot now like I said it’sbroken so oh okay tamp it right but thepressure work this time that’s a goodsignoh oh I did I did it perfectlyOh what the hell look at that grandmalook good wait look at thisdude mmm that’s pretty nice sighs whoowhoo whoo I’m a little espresso star nocookies oh they’re fine just a leavingme okay Wow wait the milk looks greatwhat the no I like I like pouringin this picture better okay like a lattewomb okay let’s do it here I’ll try tomake you guys see my before doesn’t solong okayyeah I can’t do a lot to here but itlooks niceyay how’s it first time in a long timeit actually looks pretty nicehell yeahokay epic sighs I did itthat’s pretty damn good actuallyyummyWow I have an unreal own toy that wasgoodholy clock I love espressodrinks man okay are you holyyou might have to feel like a differenttest because those cookies are somethingI don’t know those cookies arehugemaybe yeah I think finewait is it normal for like the dough notto be that good once you put in theflour that’s normal rightI’m pretty sure that’s normal in Britishover the longer is it no I’m a geniusboy there’s a tornado wentthrough this area my friends actuallycalled me a tornadoemptyguys alex is here it was a girl guystogether preheat the oven are youkidding me the cookies are in the oven imagine telling you topreheat the oven when the cookies are init the cookies are being cooked they’rein the oven be baked don’t forget tobring it you have it mananyway I do not believe you’ve wastedall our butter what reallygrinds my gears you know that makes meangry and I’ll say it so how are youdoing mr. cookie it’s smelling likecookies and interpreter I don’t knowthat looks like an impenetrable cookiethat looks like an unstoppable force ofcookie looks pretty insane I don’t knowabout that okayI don’t know hello oh I don’t put thisbaking soda in here all right nobody’sgonna am baking powder so like whateveryou know be a both Jack why use one whenyou can use those I guess for everythingokay now this flour is just like open Ihave no idea what to do with it sothat’ll probably and poorly eventually[Music]it’s my 9-month sub ons I’m 12 I should go through myactually forgotthese don’t have a stubs on them um ohokay you want a fridge tour what’s wrongwith you guys okayhello I’m gonna read off all of ourthank yous what the are max whydoes everyone freaking macton um worriedlow ZOTAC subprime we got that rightthen you Thompson for the 420 bisquebeat diabetes our hell yeah dude magicthey give it a two months sub Iappreciate it thank you the sky-birdpolice with a hundred bits need to upsoon for the counterfeits think you hadfrozen wherever that your host thank youthank you a grade boy for the two-monthprime sub Thank You DJ my yellow for the$2 slipper for the $2 did you rememberyou think you gotta live you better overthe Twitter pits they use then Barbieburn something you Barba’s for the $2either someone’s either gonna get thegreatest fifties over happy the lastthings every true YouTube 15 for theprime sub you typed up for the ninemonths uh but thank you so much theygive your neck for the price up ThankYou Kurt Cobain’s 110 thank you ye owndough meant for the horn bits thank youguys very much brought us with boredmy babies they are huge these cookiesare you see them they’reginormous oh I don’t know why I feellike I should be nervous I’m notbecause they realize I’m really tired Ijust wanna go upstairs play some videogames go to bedokay that’s a goal I’m the best whenyou’re up or everyeah I don’t know what to do with all I don’t want to do[Music]okaywhat okay okay we’re doing great we’redoing fantastictake these out ones already they don’toh wait well edges look like oh ohthey’re I don’t know yeah thisthese are not done these are not done atall so we’re just gonna keep it you wantto tour the fridge normally know what’sin here roommates but so TV them justclean out the fridge so pretty epic ifyou ask me oh okay so my fridge well oneof my friends through this was a cowpenis so I couldn’t show you the oldthing my friends drew this that’s prettycool my friend Darren um another one ofmy friends color this in is Billyum I think and then that’s Kyle Kyle umwhat else well here’s my milkand this is I don’t know someonechampagne from New Year’s is mypineapple juice this is mine as wellthere’s someone’s subway someone’scheese no no I think this is my like oldsauces that I made parmesan my eggs somechicky-chicky some stuff some leftoverleft or Nana this is my leftover ramenthis is some cream cheeseno more fridges in this crowded as youthink mostly cuz someone just clean itout it used to be really crowded this ismy chocolate simple syrup whipped creamjust some dude just smoosh it youjust kind of freak tennis didn’twhere the veggies oh I can show you theveggies I don’t have any personallybecause you know I’m stupid but there’smy garlic we’re not a veggie familywe’re not a veggie type of householdokay hate to disappoint but there youthis is like the chip can you guys arebroken Riesling here this is like thechillest cooking stream ever dude I donot feel like crazy or zany so we’rejust like chilling and chatting I’m I’myelling at you and you guys are likeannoying but still funokay how the did anyone ever putthis in here Wowwhat doesn’t know some undertale it’s itis it really hot me my best friend’sname chickenand I’ll Buki they’re not done yetthey’re getting therethey’re getting close that’s all thatmatters epic the chicken is hotme me thanks some they think youbought sharm the prime sub think yousuck at least 100 bits they can use thedonor for the two dollars thank youquantum cats live for the post think youwould listen for the 100 bits thank youat an honor meant for the corner bitsgood yeah yo cook the chicken youactually asked me to jumpingjacks you foolwho do you think I am bro you think I’mfoolish enough to do jumping jacks inthis economy you clearly don’t know mewe’re gonna leave the cookies no thecookies are not done row the computernot done well I’m tired didn’t I justhope it took used to be done so that Ican go to bed and play some games do mything you know drink espresso well Idon’t wake up this far drinking decafespressodecaf espresso it’s pretty good actuallyfather do you know any jokes ready knockdoc you go Chet you go interrupting cowwait this is a bat this is a hard joketo do when there’s no actual audiencehmm hmm a poor choice by me let’s seeit’s a bit jumpy ready a dog walked intoa bar can you just laugh at us funnything there’s like cookie dough on mywrist dude this is the most boringstream ever I’m just like sitting heretired wha what am I doing with my lifelet’s do gymnastics but punch a wallwhat my landlord is a viewerwait look the center is so gooey bro isthat supposed to be like thatmaybe your article for the prime subthank you very muchdid you bake or no okay not not um okaywait no what’s a pirate’s favoriteletter it’s not our it’s P that’s hookpirate starts with them so so you’rewrong I’m sitting on the trash cananother trunk up sitting on the trashkept this is great that’s okay that’sokayBetty’s okay Betty’s okay that is okaywe can do whatever we want what do thesigns by the ovens say hey this one thisone says ninety three quarters likeplatform on burglarsthis one says the fourth be with youalways like Star Wars Star Wars alrightlet’s take a look at these little cookslet’s see if they’re not our NATO allycan ice hithey look like a nice golden-brown butthere definitely is it matter how softthey are in the middle I feel like Ishould leave them in longer they’re notlook hard yet earth is the bottom dirtno I think I should leave in the mallnot kidding I know you guys are likeyou’re insane but I’m here cook cookiescook it’s in the name dude the cookiesare meant to cookkatarina use charm it was somehoweffective let them cool and they willHarden wait reallyis that realokay I’ll take the mountain we how doyou know when they’re done well theylook they won’t pretty done right theylook like a good they look good so justlet them cool now oh my God look how ripped I am yeah no is wrong tothe big test okay I know in the middleis where I don’t know if the Middle’swrong let’s poke it allhe’s a knife hello waitno it looks pretty good honestly Iactually think it’s good wait whatshould it doit looks pretty good I got chocolatechips and some of them so some of themcame out like runny but I got no cookiedough it just went through I thinkthey’re good I think they’re done I’mgonna take them out yeah we did it wedid itokay I’m just gonna turn off I’m gonnaturn it offI’m gonna I’m gonna leave it okay we’regonna taste I’m gonna I don’t know howthe do I store this cookie doughcan I just put tinfoil over the doughand then like it’s mineis that good enough a strain wrapI have plastic wrap so tinfoil will haveto do there’s no option a freezer bagyou guys you freeze it a plastic bag doI’m not gonna do a taste test cuz eyeswater in the stream and they’re hotokay I’m not gonna taste it just gonnado some normal onion season tomorrowdoes are too hot I just want to go tobed okayI’m tired of it I’m grounded asharassment okaydon’t freeze it’ll dry outoh okay well I’m putting them in the bagcan I just put them what happens if Idon’t refrigerate or anything nice butyou know in the bag and like leave itsighs you’re okay with trying ittomorrow right because I don’t want totry them tonight because they’re not andI am tiredthis dream is a letdown a veto if wedon’t get taste testwell I’m used to mushrooms being letdown so that doesn’t really have anyokay off we can try itwait so where do I put this cookie doughshould I freeze it what do I do with itshould put the frigerator road fridgeokay okay I’ll let them cool for alittle longerand we’ll see how it does and I’m gonnaclean this[Music]okayoh my god give this poopy go out sorryI’m out there yeah well I’m out therelet me sing a song early to tell jokesso be ready when did you when did youbecome a batter though when did youstart doing baseball though is it goingup try I just try it oh my god whoa welleven cool a little longerwell I put this away I don’t knowhow I’m gonna do this by the way becauseI feel like there’s gonna be a disasterwith this flower this flower is like aticking time off let’s just putit right you know someone maybe someonewill know that this is a disasterwaiting to happenthey think whoa water I put it I don’teven walk flour my house it’s so messytimes put it back here okay see okayokayeverything about put away we are aboutcleaned up and that means it’s abouttime to try our cookies okay everyoneokay the bottom looks like a nice colorit’s crispy it’s a little it’s a littlepuffy it’s steamingall right hey they’re not that bad I’mpretty good you know they’re definitelytoo thick if they were like spread outthere like a standing crispy cookie -way better but it’s pretty good oh ohthanks bender and these go further intoit not the best and not the words I’mhappy with itno I was doing on a dollop of ourbearing but then I remembered I probablyshouldn’t hold this hold my cookieyou should sell them let’s be real theonly people who would buy these cookiesare people who have never taken those intheir lifepeople who are desperate okayI love now Chloe father ah very goodanyway shot ready are you readyit was time it’s time you made cookiesOh Junior I made cookies and they werereally good but now we have to come inthen it is time for me to go to bed Ilove you guys very much and I’ll see youall tomorrowif you enjoyed my stream feel free tofollow me on Instagram and TwitterInstagram and Twitter are both atcatering on TV I got all belts – um mydiscord is discord died TV slash Peteryou know where I explained discord ifyou want to come chat with us and my uhmy separate is are slash gadreel myyoutube is easy calm so scared oh pleasego check my YouTube page it’s gonna bepoppin I’ll be live tomorrow at 3 p.m.Eastern Time again so I’ll see you thentomorrow we’re gonna go shopping which Iyeah I love you guys very muchwe’re gonna read Mellon who is myroommate and the owner of this chicken Ilove you guysoh wait I believe slash Reagan hold onread chance middleoh sure do you have anything okay I’mjust gonna end it them okay I love youguys bye see you tomorrow to the missiontime

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