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How to Make No-Knead Bread | Make Bread

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RECIPE: 430 g bread flour, 345 g water,1 g instant yeast, 11 g sea salt. Mix ingredients w. spatula. Cover and let sit at room temp. 12 to 18 hrs. After fermentation, scoop dough onto floured surface and fold it several times to create round. Place round on wooden board generously dusted w. wheat bran. Cover with linen cloth and proof for 2 hours. Preheat Dutch oven to 500F. Transfer round of dough into Dutch oven and close lid. Reduce temp. to 450F. Bake covered for 30 min. Remove lid and continue baking for 15 to 30 min. more until loaf is golden brown and sounds hollow when tapped.

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Video Transcription

[Music]okay so I’m going to show you how to mixand make a no need bread the first thingthat you need you need only fouringredients it’s really simple and ityields really beautiful results thefirst thing is you need water that’s atabout 72 degrees and we’re going toscale 345 grams of water into containeryou could also scale this into a bowlit’s your preference my preference is touse this container because then I cancover it with a lid 430 grams of breadflour then you’re going to use one gramof instant yeast and that’s such a smallamount to measure that I find theeasiest way to get 1 gram is just tomeasure a quarter teaspoon of Eastyou’re going to measure a quarterteaspoon of yeast and sprinkle it righton top and then you’re going to measureout eleven grams of salt and I like touse fine sea salt and sprinkle that onthe top and then you’re going to stir ityou could use a spatula or you can useyour hand and I think I’m going to justuse my hand you just want to stir it tocombine all of the ingredients you don’thave to worry about kneading it becausethe point of this recipe is to let timedo the work in terms of forming yourgluten so just stir it with your hand tohydrate everything and then once youhave a shaky mess I clean my fingers offand then you can either cover this withsome plastic wrap or I like to use a lidand the lid is fine too there’s stillenough air in the container that puttinga lid on this while it’s fermentingisn’t going to inhibit it in any way andthen you’re going to let this sit out atroom temperature for about 12 to 18hours and I really really think thatthis recipe benefits from a littlelonger fermentation so I like to try tolet it go for about 18 hours okay sothis is the no need bread and it hasbeen proofing for 18hours and ideally it should provebetween 12 and 18 hours and mypreference is to let it proof as long aspossible and to watch how its proofingand you’re watching how its proofingyou’re watching these gorgeous bubblesforming in the dough you can see themreally well in this container so what wedo after the dough has fermented for itsfull 18 hours is we’re going to dump thedough out onto a floured surface andthis is a really wet dough so use a lotof flour and you can use your hand tosort of scoop the dough very gently ontothe surface this dough really likes agentle touch and so you can see like avery very beautiful network of likefermented dough and what we’re gonna dowe’re gonna just get our board thatwe’re gonna proof the dough on to andwe’re going to spread really generousamount of wheat bran onto the board sothat the bread doesn’t stick on theboard when it proofs and we’re going tovery gently shape this dough and toshape this dough don’t think of it as atraditional shaping think of it as justa folding over so fold once fold twiceyou’re like you’re folding a package andthen that’s it and you take the dough uplike this and you put it on to the wheatbran covered surface like that and thenyou let it proof for about one to twohours my preference is about two hoursand so that the surface doesn’t getdried out we’re gonna cover it with atowel okay so our no need bread has beenproofing for one and a half hours and itlooks really ready to go into the ovento me and the reason why I say that isI’m gonna check the sides of it and soI’m gonna sort of stick my finger in ina bowl of flour and then I’m startedgonna push and if you can see thatindentation is sort of still in thebread it’s not like spring back rightaway and that’s a sign that the bread isproof and we can do that on the top ofthe loaf too and it see it does springback on the top of the loop although notnot as it springs back more quickly thanthe sides and that’s a big sign thatyour bread is proofed and it’s ready togo into the oven so we’re going to putthis no need breadinto a 450-degree preheated oven andwe’ve preheated the oven with the Dutchoven in it so that the Dutch oven is thesame temperature as the oven so thefirst thing I’m going to do is I’m goingto take the lid off the Dutch oven andthen this is going to require a littlebit of juggling and I’m going tosprinkle the top of the loaf with somewheat bran and this is so that itdoesn’t stick I’m going to take this allthe way over to my oven and it’s verygently going to use my hands and quicklytransfer it to the Dutch oven so I’mgoing to get under the bread with myhands and I’m going to sort of justgently drop it into the Dutch oven I’mgonna grab my hot pads and put the lidon the Dutch oven this lid is going tohelp the bread steam and you want thebread to steam for the first 20 minutesbecause that’s what helps the bread openup and have a more open chrome structureokay so my no need bread has been in theoven for 20 minutes and I’m going totake the lid off of the Dutch oven sothat the steam can continue to evaporateoff of the bread and so that a crust canform[Music]cool okay and so that will bake foranother 20 minutes and I’ll set my timerfor 20 minutes okay so our no need breadhas been in the oven for 40 minutes andwe’re gonna check on it okay so here wehave our bread it’s it’s lighter on thesurface but we’re gonna test it we’regonna tap on the bottom and that is abeautiful hollow sound that’s what wewant this bread is done and you can seeit’s just ever so slightly starting toscorch so it’s a perfect time to take itout of the oven and we’re gonna take itout of the oven and let it cool down andthat’s how you make no need bread[Music]

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