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Homemade bread crumbs / Como hacer pan rallado

How to make bread crumbs

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]hey guys welcome to my kitchentoday I’m gonna show you a quick tip onhow to make bread crumb have you everneeded break from poor recipe and ranout well I’m gonna show you exactly howto make bread crumb all you need isbread white or wheat all you have to dois toast it or either bake it before wego any further hit the bell so you’ll benotified when I upload new videos so allyou have to do is just break the toastup into pieces and put it into the foodprocessorafter you blend it up in the foodprocessor it may be a little moist sothe quickest way to dry it up is put itin the oven for about maybe 10 minuteson at 300 degrees[Music]right here right well then all you do isjust put it in a baking dish or threeand that’s a sorta like what do theycall it panko breadcrumb and you canseason it up any way you want to seasonit out you know you can put a garlicpowder or anything inside if you want orsalt and pepper[Music]okay so now it’s ready know how you cantell you um bread crumb is ready it isthe sound it makesso that’s how you know when it’s all drydry it out alright so if it doesn’tsound crunchy like this then that meansyou have to put it back in the oven alittle bit longer and dry it out I havesome cheese dried grated cheese and Ihave some oregano some onion powder andgarlic and I also have some chickenbroth which I’m gonna add for flavoringso I’m just going to add start off withadding the garlic to this I don’t wantto put too much because I don’t havethem with your brake line so I’m justputting a sprinkle of everything sodissident powder and you can putwhatever you want to put in a parsleydry parsley basil whatever you want toplay some add some cheese and I’m gonnaadd a little bit of the chicken brothfor the saltinessand just taste it if you go to see ifyou need a little more this or a littlemore that okay so now I’m just gonna seewhat it tastes likeit’s perfect just enough of everythingin here and that’s basically how youmake break on and it’s you can storethis in a freezer for up to six monthsOh ladies and gentlemen that’s all to itthis is all you have to do to make breadcrumb I’d like to thank you for takingtime out to watch this video please likeshare and leave a comment on my video solet me know how you make bread crumb ifyou do make bread crumb until next timehave a good day god bless bye bye

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