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How to Make Bread with Crazy Old People

Crazy Old People’s Kev shows us how to make bread. It’s easier than you might think! Let Kev show you how!

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Video Transcription

how is it going out there today I’m
gonna show you how to make bread dough
and you could make it into loaves
whatever you want but we’re going to be
making buns the cake you thought it was
hard to make bread when you when you’re
done watching this you will know it is
not very difficult at all first thing
I’m gonna tell you is don’t worry about
the flour don’t measure it just scoop it
in and you’ll see what I mean later the
thing you need to measure is the water
so first thing I’m going to use two cups
that’s enough for about two dozen buns
two small loaves of bread medium-size
loafs so let’s get some lukewarm water
let’s make it easy let’s just use a
tablespoon we’re gonna start with a
sugar put a tablespoon of that in one
tablespoon of yeast this is the stuff
against the business she goes so we’re
going to use 1 teaspoon of salt finally
we’re going to use 1/3 of a cup of oil I
use canola oil you can use what you want
any kind of oil works but I use canola I
Drive by the canola fields all the time
they’re pretty cool alright every
recipes got a secret here’s my secret
for making bread if you use 2 cups of
water you start with 2 cups of flour so
that’s what we’re gonna do is it exact
no do I look like an exact kind of guy
there’s one
there’s two now for some fun get your
bread hook about this fast right here
okay I mixed it for a while I’m going to
let it sit just let it sit give it ten
minutes or so let’s make sure the yeast
works and we don’t like that just a bit
now roll it around
I’ll get it cornered with oil on all
sides that way it won’t dry out while
it’s rising we’ll let that sit might be
half an hour might be an hour it depends
how warm your house is I’m going to get
a cloth and cover it over and leave it
on the counter okay it’s been about an
hour and our dough has doubled in size
so it’s ready to put it down oh sorry
about that I’m just gonna fold it in on
itself it turn it back into a dough ball
there we go now we’re ready to make buns
we just have to oil it the pants you can
spray these baking dishes with spray oil
or I just use this stuff
pour it on a paper towel wipe it around
the pans
um keV oh yeah you got a problem here
what ray forgot the most important thing
I make my buns about 50 grams each for
our American friends that’s about 2
ounces turn that into a bun if you weigh
them they’ll bake at the same speed
they’ll all be the same size they look
just great and I’ll just keep making
buns until the doors all gone and I’ll
see you in a few minutes we make a
perfect set and we’re left with 25 grams
so then half size bun okay now we’ve got
the buzz we’ve got twenty nine and a
half buns and we’re going to let them
right these might be 20 minutes and then
we’re ready to bake well they’re ready
for the oven
took about 25 minutes to rise to this
time so once they hit the heat it will
rise a bit more and probably bake in
about half an hour here we go
we put the man at 365 for about half an
hour time to pull them out of the oven
you know what would go perfect with
these what that’s Saskatoon jam we made
who are you uh-huh
let’s do it

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