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hey guys welcome back to my youtubechannelso today i’m going to be making adairy-freevegan loaf don’t know what a loaf isit’spretty much just bread so i’m gonna bemaking that todayand i’m gonna show you guys howi make bread and i think when you getthe hang of making breadit becomes very easy you can justsort of make it your ownso the recipe that i’m using i willleave a link in the description belowso let’s get into itokay so first you need to take yourbowl and you need some scalesi need to wait for my skills okay andthen you’re just going to put the ballon the scales and you’re going to turnthe units to zero when that is on zeroyou then get your strongred flower um and i am going tomeasure out a kilogramof this flower[Music]okay now i would recommend sieving thatbut i do not have a sieve becausemy mum burnt it i don’t know how i wasthere i was at my dad’s i have no ideahow she did itsomehow she melted it i’d recommendsieving through thatobviously you don’t have to it’s just arecommendationas well okay so once that you’ve gotyour strong bread flourin your bowlso a lot of flour you then need tosort of make abig holein the centerand then you need to gettwo tablespoons of caster sugarand you’re going to put that in the holeso tablespoon onetwo now that i’ve put the sugarin the well ithen need to get my yeast readyso i have 625 ml ofum lukewarm waterand i’m going to separate thisinto roughly halfso let’s see if i can do thisokay so they’re roughly halfyeah they’re roughly half and what i’mgoing to dois i am going toget my yeastyou need either three sachetsof uh dried yeastor if it’s fresh yeast it’s 30 gramsso i need three sashesand what i’m going to do is inthe one of the as one of the drug watersi’m going to put this yeast inokay and i’m going to set that aside i’mgoing to let that do its magicwork whatever i have then got the othertwo sachetsand the other two statues are just gonnago straightinto the wellokay so once that all the yeast isin the uh wellwell not all these but the two sachetsyou can then take your other warmwater and you[Music]okay so what you need to do with thisyou can eitherhave fine um grinded saltor if you’ve only got like flakes i’vegotflakes you can put them in i don’tactually know what this is called butyou can put them inone of these or you can get achopping board and something hard andcrush themi’m going to use this and it’s atablespoonwhich i think is a bit much butand you’re just gonna grind them[Music]wherever love goes there is also miseryit’s no mystery and you and i we gothistory[Music]okay and when it looks somewhat finethat’s when you know that youhave finished so i’m just going to scoopthis out and sort of put it around theedges where theof the wellso now that we’re finished with that wecan carryon gently adding the water inand it’s sort of stretchy and that’swhat you want it to bethis water that doesn’t have the yeastin[Music]i finished the water that doesn’t havethe yeast inso now i’m going to put half ofthis inright now andi’m just going to fold it inand then i’m just gonna pour the rest inand i’m going to repeat the process butthis time i’m going to make sure thatall the wallscome inand when it looks like it’s starting tocome togetherbut there is like flourstill not combinedthat’s when you need to start gettingyour hands in[Music]okay now i’m just taking the excess ofthe doughoff my fingers and justreally pushing them into the domeand when i feel like i’ve got a shapewhereit can growand expand and let all the air ini am then going to just addthis next bit there is a few options youcan either justleave it how it is um and let it riselike thisor you can put a bit of olive oilon the bottom of the bowlso it doesn’t stick okayso that’s what i am going to do so i’mjust going totake it outand i’m just going to put some olive oilon the bottom make sure that it’salmost even i’m then going to put itbackin the bowl put the lidback on and i am going to geta tea towelor cloth so i’ve got one of theseand i’m just gonna dump this withwater so it’s moistokay so this step you need toput it over andthis should go somewhere warmlike out in the sun um but it also needsto be moistso that’s why i have the tea towel overitit is damp but it’s not damp damnso i’m going to put this out in the sunout in the openfor an hour let it rise and thenwe’ll come back with the next step solet’s go do thatso it’s about an hour later but it’sexactly an hour laterand i am so pleased with how this hascome outit just looks so good and so gorgeousso i’m just gonna pull it away from theedgesand i’m just gonnalet all the air outand i’m just gonna take the pieces fromthe outsideand bring them into the middleand i’m just gonna keep repeating thisprocessuntil the olive oil on the bottomif you have the olive oil on the bottomhasgone into the bread okay sothe the next step you can do it two waysyou can either haveone big loaf or you cancan separate it into twopieces of little dough and leave it forananother hour and i think that’s what i’mgonna do but first i’m just gonnaknead it very very well[Music]so i am going to getsomething to cut this with and as youcan seeit’s really elasticatedokay so i’ve got my scissors and i’mjust gonnasnip roughly down the middleokay so once you’ve done thatagain just make the twopieces of the dough intosomewhat of ballsokay so i’m going to repeat the processof uhthe damp uh tablenot table um tea clothanyway um i’m gonna keep hold ofthis one the one that i used originallywhen i just had oneand i’m just gonna put that over one ofthemi’m gonna get another oneto put over the other one minutes beforeyou get your dough and you decide thatit’s ready that you want to put it inthe ovenpreheat the oven to gas mark 5 and thenyou need to cook the bread for 55minutes soi guess i’ll see you in a round anotherhouryou

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