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How to Make a Simple Toasted Bread Sandwich – Quick & Easy Recipe😋 – ZEELICIOUS QUICK-FIX (EP.1)

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Video Transcription

hey guys I’m going to show you how toput together a mouth-watering sandwichrecipe that takes all of 10 minutes tocreate you want to begin by toasting thebread if you are Tim feed fun breeze apan with some olive oil then place aslice of wheat bread in the pan just onone side for about 2 minutes or untilbrowned then flip to the other side andtoast againif you are not Tim feed firm you canbutter up some white bread be sure tocoat both sides generously then transferto a pan and repeat the toasting processyou’ll be needing to bread slices tomake a sandwich after toasting add someolive oil into the pan and allowed toheat up slightly then add some slicedonions and chopped tomatoes step fry forabout a minute next add some canned eggpins followed by some chopped sausagesseasoned with some ground pepper andsalt stir to combine cover the pot andallow to cook for 45 minutes add somechopped green bell peppers or any othervegetables of your choice stare a gateand take off the heat immediately toassemble the sandwich place the big thinsauce on one slice of the toast breadtop with some slices of hardboard eggsand then cover with the other toastbread slicecut in half and enjoy guys this is oneof the easiest recipes you can make forbreakfast and it’s totally kids friendlyas well have fun we created this I loveyou allI[Music]

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