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How to Cook a LOBSTER ROLL (Step by Step, Steps)

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Video Transcription

Buddha life such a beautiful thing don’tyou think if you guys are drawing thiscontact if you like this content herealso click up a bell come on be a partof the notification alright here we goguystoday we are cooking some lobster rollso we have water steaming I got a poundmaybe a pound pound in a quarter pound Idon’t know a pound I’ll say a pound oflobster tail here all we’re gonna dostick this bad boy in Wowput the lid back on steam for 8 to 10minutes I my buns 1 cup warm water tothis 1 tablespoon of dry yeast let’s seethis beautiful Yi’s tapes with sugar youmix this thing very well let this exacttoday’s room you see all that beautifulhome there use activated I’m gonna go inwith cup of milk 1 crack egg and youfall win with 2 cups of flour teaspoonsalt all right nothing do it take thatbeautiful spatula mixes in all we’relooking for guys come on we know thisit’s a different dough today guys so I’mnot sure if you guys do you know thisbut it’s a nice sticky consistent thougha very sticky very very sticky hey don’twant not be two and a half cups of flourhealthy hey yeah we mix this inI bake by feel alrightso goes two and a half cups of flour doa cup of water a cup of milk 1 egg 1tablespoon yeast 1 tablespoon of sugarand a teaspoon of salt you know what Ilied so another half a cupalright feels better so three cups allday a floweralright after 10 minutes of juststirring it up this is the consistency Iwant okay low oil on the sides you’regonna cover this for one hour this readyokayleave the flops are be so it comes downthen we’ll just break through it alrighthow does dismantle a lobsterpick a nice pair of scissors you guyswant good pairs of scissorscheck out Wilson Wang as ethic oninstagram guys used to wipe another wayfor I keep saying it guys the NAG dealeryeah so he has really good scissors okayyou’re gonna take this beautiful napkin please be careful like so okaydon’t you finish crushing it just peelaway from youwe’re just gonna dress about tablespoonof mayonnaise I got a bit of clam mathilseasoning or seller seasoning some oldbay here I’m gonna do 1/4 teaspoon willjust – that fresh that’s it in thefridge when our in bread dough nice andwrinkly heywe play with the snow for a bit just atad yes I got a bread pan will beargenerously all I’m gonna do drop a halfof this portion in like so okaylike so I’m gonna let this proof foradditional 40 more minutes before Istart baking few minutes in brass niceand proof I’ve got some egg and melthere which I was gonna up lightlypaladin Oh No burst the bubbleI’ve a preheated at 375 toss it insecond wrap for 18 to 20 minutes allright here we goour beautiful bread so it’s been niceand cool all I’m gonna do lobster rollsit’s kind of victory so I’m just gonnado nice thick slices like so there’s onestill hot guys there’s two I don’t thinkwe even have that much lobsters for thishey I’m very happy on the outcomeaccompanying good that looks hell isthat cornbread hey does look at acornbreadit’s beautiful cornbread I’m let thiscool for a bit guys then we got a toastboth side with butter hey some girl thisgarlic spread again guys from Johnny’sall right down some yet like so we’regonna give this lobster Roe a nicebeautiful garlic butter cake best thingever guys if you guys have not triedthis fragra here I’m not even gonna befret but J guys this stuff is legit putit in anything put any noodles put in anyou can put it in butter I make the bestgarlic spread ever Louis that’s absoluteredhow’s that cornbreadlet’s goshall wethe garlic butter againcome throughone for meone for youyes- lobster rolls at your door freshhomemade breadgood old officer and some garlic bad huhcome through yet come through all rightlet’s do this guy’slocks are waving without the line firstguys bye-bye this quick time bestlobster roll you guys are popping themoff like promising ray my mom superpissedyou’ll callthat bread dough worked so well with thelobster roll I’m kiddingso spongy and soft on most amazing thisthing eversubjectedmmm-hmm that bread game oh I don’t knowhow I did it but I did it hey guys hopeyou guys enjoy don’t forget to subscribeyou have peace

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