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How to cook 7 chick chewy bread / 7匹のモチモチひよこパン ~ Japanese food ~

This time, we will introduce 7 chick bread.
A very chewy bread was made.
Please try it.


Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[音楽]うーむうーむうーん[音楽][音楽]ブーフーウー doウーファ本ブーフ家ううっうぅうう duneううううううんいいのミュウミュウんうざいmeムードん[音楽]ムートン[音楽]ウズううっうぅうう duneme[音楽]ううっうぅううドゥーブのinfo んブーフ[音楽]ヒュームん[音楽][拍手][音楽]bl

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