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How To Bake: HEALTHY BANANA BREAD (vegan) 🍌🍞 With Oats / No Sugar / No Flour

Almost EVERYONE is baking Banana Bread right now. And those who don’t have it yet, should do it with THIS RECIPE! 🍌😍
Quickly made, healthy, delicious, vegan (with option to a vegetarian version), just good!

Luckily, Banana Bread has become a “trend pastry”, especially during the Corona quarantine period – because it also put me in the mood to bake a Banana Bread myself.
But since I mainly eat vegan, without sugar and without white flour, it is not easy to find a suitable healthy recipe.
Therefore I had to become creative with an own recipe, and it was SUCCESSFUL!

Fell free to try it out and show me a picture of your Banana Bread. I would love to receive your feedback to the recipe.
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– 300 gr. flour (e.g. grinded oats)
– 60 gr. Nuts (e.g. chopped brazil nuts & walnuts)
– 40 gr. coconut oil
– 3 tbsp cocoa powder
– 1/2 cup milk = 125 ml milk (e.g. oat milk or almond milk)
– 3 pinches of salt
– 3 or 4 bananas
– 2 to 3 tsp baking powder
– 1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar or lemon juice
– The nice thing: You can improve this basic Banana Bread recipe with cherries, vanilla, cocoa, chocolate, coconut, apples etc. to pimp it up to your own taste 🙂
– 180 degrees (circulating air) baking for 35 – 45 min

I wish you lots of fun baking & enjoy!


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Video Transcription

today we are going to bake a healthyversion of a banana bread since thecorona quarantine time it’s more or lessa trench pastry I recognize so everybodywas posting it on Instagram that theywere baking banana bread and I was sohired to do it too but I didn’t find anyrecipes without sugar or without plainflour and I wanted to do a healthyrecipe all around so without anyunhealthy stuff in it so I created myown recipe and I will bake it with youtoday and I would be more than happy ifyou would join me baking a healthybanana bread and if you take pictures ofyou already made banana bread thenplease take me on your creations I wouldbe so happy to see your creations ofthis recipe so I will link my Instagramaccount down below in the informationbox and now let’s dig right into it andstart to make this banana bread becauseI can’t wait to finally eat it becauseyou can eat it in the morning andevening in the afternoon as a snack it’sjust yummy and healthy and full ofgoodness so let’s do these[Music]we need 300 grams of flour and total andtoday I will create my own oat flour soI have 200 grams of oats in this bowland I will chop this in my littlekitchen processor here that we haveself-made our flour it’s easy as thatand then I have hundred grams of bananaflower but you can use whatever flouryou have at home like whole grain flouror spelt flour or even pack wheat flouror just use 300 grams of oats but Ithought it was funny that it is bananaflower and yeah I will try that out thenI have 60 grams of nuts and I havewalnuts here and basil nuts in aone-to-one ratio then I’ll have 40 gramsof coconut oil I will put that in themicrowave so it is easier to use becauseit is getting cold here in Australia soit is not liquid at the moment then Ihave cocoa powder because I would liketo make cocoa banana bread so maybe 1/2and 1/2 so 1/2 this without coca and theother half is men a chocolate version ofthis banana right then we need 1/2 a cupof any milk you have at home I use openup because this is a vegan version of abanana but you could also add some eggslike 2 or 3 eggs when you’re not veganand you want to have a vegetarianversion then I have a pinch of salt and3 to 4 and ask that we will smash and ofcourse baking powder and apple cidervinegarand these got all the ingredients atleast will be also a bit kitchen oh youhave cute little baking tenon let’s seewhich size we will use and now I canstart with creating the out flour so forcreating my own old flourI fill the oats into my actual processorwhich puts that for kitchen processorand then I will grind that as long as itneeds to look like flour you go just adda little bit firstbecause you don’t want to overfill it[Music]the first portion is ready now I need abig bowl and then I will fill it in yesof course you can add some oats justplain without grinding them to add alittle bit more texture but I like itwhen it’s just all like a flowerytexture so I don’t want to have bigchunks in there because we still havethe nuts and everything else so I thinkit’s nicer when it’s just grinded andthen I will do the same with the nuts soI add them to the kitchen processor andthen I will grant them that they are alittle bit smaller so we don’t havethese big chance at all banana cake[Music]I will at that well flower and then ofcourse a banana flower whoo oh yeah Iwill put the coconut oil in themicrowave so it’s liquid and easier tostir around while the coconut is in themicrowave we can add all the otheringredients 1 to 2 teaspoons of bakingpowder 1/2 a cup of the milk now thecoconut oil is liquid and I will addthat to beldo 2 and then I’m adding 1tablespoon of apple cider vinegar sothat the baking powder grows a littlebit better because this is an acid andbaking powder needs a little bit of acidto grow better you can also use lemonjuice or something like that threepinches of salt oh yeah and I still needto preheat the oven I don’t go higherthan 180 so all the nutrients stay insites all the vitamins and stuff becauseotherwise they just disappear becauseit’s too hot now I will smash thebananas well yeah they are very rightalready as you can see I just like touse a fork to smash the bananas okay weneed to add cinnamon or bread of courseif you like cinnamon of course I’m upcinnamon low salt I add a ton yeah andthen I keep doing my smashing job here[Music]okay first load can go in the pot no andthird one that’s enough the fourthbanana comes on the top as a decorationon the banana right in the end so wedon’t smash this one then I start tostir it all that it is evenly combinedall the ingredients and then we can seeif we need to add some more milk or somemore flour so you don’t want that to betoo liquid but still clean you can alsoadd chia seeds flax seed for more nutsor whatever you want to have in there sothere is much space for your owncreativity yeah that looks great and itsmells even better ha I think I need toadd a little more cinnamon can neverit’s too much Sinha okay that looksgreat now I need to grab some bakingpaper so the dough doesn’t stick in thehay and now I add half of the doughbecause to the other half I will addsome cocoa powder to make it a littlebit more like a desert version baby sojust add one half and the benefit ofthis old flour dough is that it is notas sticky as a dough with plain flourfirst it’s healthier and secondly it’sjust easier to handle doesn’t stick atall so this is the rest of the dough andI will add some cocoa powder to it tomake it a little bit more chocolateyyeah just about that much oops you couldalso add chocolate chips or whatever youlike to eat mmmwhen it’s not sweet enough for you youcan always add some honey maple syrup ordates or whatever it makes it sweeteryou couldat another banana it’s a naturalsweetener – all right this is now mychocolate dough and I will add that tothe other half of our cake[Music]would be so much in here with the spoon[Music]we will save every crumbdon’t waste income let’s eaten that out[Music]okay now I created a mess in the kitchenbut I also created a yummy banana breadand this is going to bake in the ovenfor about 30 minutes okay and whilebanana bread is baking 30 minutes and Iwill clean this mess up[Music]since this is the basic version ofbanana bread you can always addpistachios peanut butter or almondbutter or whatever you like to happenthe dough so like chocolate chips and ofcourse I forgot about the vanillaextract you can always add vanilla andeverything to make this bread look morefancy and tastes even betterso like apples and yeah you couldn’tcreate an apple banana bread or likeKiba branch do you know Kiba it’s likecherry and banana maybe you call itdifferently in English but in Germanit’s Kiba so with some cherries in itthat could be m2 oh yeah next time Iwill create a Kiba brush so that wouldbe nice too so if you want to seedifferent versions of a banana breadjust text me I would love to createdifferent versions of a banana bread andthen taste them also like a little bitof a contest each banana bread is thebest source all I would love to do thatso if we would like to see you this kindof a video just tell me and then I willdo that and now yeah yeah do the dishesand wait until the bread is ready yeahI’ll just[Music]to the top it’s ready the banana breadwas already now and it smells amazingyeah Kira so I’m a little bit sad thatcameras do not transfer the smell ofsomething because this was so great Irecommend trying this out if you likebananas this will now cool down a littlebit and then I will try it out because Icannot wait to do the taste test it’s sopretty[Music]so now I have two slices the chocolateburn and the nonprofit version of thebanana bread and I cannot wait to do thetaste test because I haven’t put cocoapowder in it before that’s the firsttime I created a chocolate version ofthis banana bread but let’s find out[Music]this one is so delicious chocolateversion I think it might be good withpeanut butter or with melted chocolatealso that would be nice but it’s alsogood plain it’s justwell delicious and now I will try outthe regular version crunchy on the edgesno you like it too even the docs like itI dropped a piece and then they run intothe kitchen and tried it out you like itKira do you like it looky mmm-hmmso the taste test is passed it is asuper delicious healthy banana bread youdo not need sugar at all and it’s alsopossible to do creative fluffy breadwithout any eggs without any regularflour so you can always have a deliciousand healthy version of a banana breadand that is something that makes mesuper happy so if you try this recipeyou just take a picture and take me onInstagram I would love to see yourcreations of this yummy and healthybanana bread yeah that was it for thisvideo if you liked this video just feelfree to give me a thumbs up and maybeyou write a nice comment and somefeedback in the comment section I wouldlove to read your comments and yourfeedback now I hope to see you in mynext video so make sure that you hit thesubscribe button and see you thenenjoy your banana bread mmm[Music]

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