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Video Transcription

[Music]okay today’s recipe y’all caused withsome real ugly bananas today I’m aboutto try to bake some banana breadnow disclaimer this is not a baker shenot she’s really not I mean not in ourYouTube and Google dish they said I didit three ugly bananas which I hadbecause I didn’t want to throw out mybananas so they said this is what youcan use to make banana bread these uglybananas 1 egg sugar flour baking sodasalt melted butter a loaf pan seems realeasyseems real easy let’s get into itnow let me set my oven to 350 okay yougot a pre feet going on we move it along[Music][Music]alright y’all so now it’s time to geteverything all mixed up and together wego see we go see what happens[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]okay y’all so far so goodeverything is just coming together sonow at this point I’m nervous cuz whenyou start and those like dry ingredientsthat flower with that baking soda thatsaw it see this is when things can get alittle screwysee I don’t bake nothing from scratchokay I don’t so this is veryintimidating but I must say I must saythis recipe was way easier than what Iexpected it to be it was really reallyreally simple[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]okay so at this point I’m like why is mybatter so light skinned so somethinglike something got to be missing so Itook it upon myself to add in somevanilla flavor and also a few sprinklesof brown sugar now and I did not know ifthis was gonna the recipe off cuz youknow bacon is a science you know onefalse move and you got some flat brainso I was like let me just step out on alimb cuz it just seemed like somethingwas missing like I don’t know like itshould have been darker I’m like this isnot what everybody’s bread batter lookedlike on the Internet[Music][Music]so as y’all could see the color redreally didn’t change so we just gonna gowith it and we’re gonna throw it in ourloaf pan and we’re gonna get it up[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]okay off so the bread is done now I wantyou guys so see me this is my first timebaking banana bread so here gonna breadit looks pretty goodnow I’m about to see if they come out ofthis pan smoothly so if they don’t grabout the tension all the bloopers okayhere we go[Music]that came out really good it’s stillpretty worn outthank you mom pretty good so now I wantto cut into it here is the moment oftruthyeah I gotta go view okay let’s cut intoitLaura headwear[Music]this license see the box back you gottasit uppress that down about tonight moist okayI’m a baker hold upcan y’all see that that came out reallythat is really moist okay that was areally easy recipe spice this upi’ma have me a slice of this tonightwith some tea we gonna be Gomi Gomilisten y’all I’m talking because I donot bake well II either over bacon or under vaping thiscame out really good I’m so proud ofmyself so there you have it if I coulddo it anybody could do it easy as 1-2-3banana bread[Music]look at the inside again very good okayguys thank you so much for watching andI’ll see you guys in the next video[Music]

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