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How to bake a White Bread Loaf – Beginner to Seasoned Bread Baker ✪ MyGerman.Recipes

Baking a White Bread (or Wheat Bread) is easy with these instructions. You can’t fail with this recipe and step by step explanation. This is a German bread recipe.

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Video Transcription

baking your own bread has become quitepopular these days and it makes perfectsense because if you stay home youcannot catch the virus and you cannotspread the virus so whether you’re abeginner in bread baking or a veteran itdoesn’t matter you should be able tofollow this recipe and I want to go anextra step today I’m not using mykitchen a because I’m very well awarethat some people don’t have this kind ofequipment and I will show you how tomake your bread with your own handsstart to not really finish because Istill have to use the oven but until itgoes into the ovenbother with bread that I’m baking todayyou will need 500 grams of flour and I’musing an all-purpose flour here youcould as well use some bread flour orspelt flour any kind of light flour willwork also I’m using 250 milliliters oflukewarm water I’m using 10 grams ofsalt you can reduce the salt to 8 gramsif you want then I’m having here 10grams of sugar the original recipe wasasking for 40 grams of sugar that’s waytoo much for my taste but if you want tohave a sweet bread you could of courseuse 40 grams of sugar I’m using 10 gramsthen I need 11 grams of yeast and I knowthat in some areas yeast is very hard toget at these days so I’ve made a videoabout how to make your own yeast it’s aheat yeast water and the video is hereyou could use this yeast water here itis and substitute it for the for 200milliliters of this water use insteadyou use 200 milliliters of the yeastwater and then just add 50 millilitersof the lukewarm water so that’s how itworks instead of the yeast but I stillhave yeast so I’m using it and you alsoneed 40 grams of soft butter I willstart with putting the flour into alarger bowl and if you don’t have alarge bowl you could also use a largepot if we’re also we’re putting it onthere on a board like this one here andwork through it with your hands it’s alittle more difficult but it works tooso I’m making a little bit of anintention here and I am adding some ofthe lukewarm water and I’m adding C yeahthat’s the sugar I’m adding the sugarand also the yeast I’m mixing this alittle bit heresome of the flower just a bit like thisand then I let it stand for a couple ofminutes to activate the yeast it’s notreally necessary to do that butsometimes if you have a yeast lettuce inyour pantry or fridge for a longer timeit might not work that well anymore andthis way you can be sure that your yeastis still okay if not you can stillswitch it out and if you mix thisimmediately with the entire flower andthen later turn turns out that the yeastis not working because the dough is notrising then would be way more difficultto fix that problem so that’s why I veryoften first make sure that my yeast isstill okay it’s only been a couple ofminutes and you can already see thatthis is rising and bubbling very nicelywhich tells me that my yeast is veryactive and very well on the way to workfor me so now I will add the sword and Iput it to the rim because salt and yeastare not best friends except a few use acertain technique but I’m not going intothat thing right now what I want to dois I also want to add the butterand your putter should really be softotherwise it’s difficult to knead itinto the dough nopeall right okay and the remaining waterI’ll leave a little bit of the water inmy jar here just to make sure that mydough has the right consistency and Idon’t have to add any flour which wouldkind of change the proportions of myrecipe so I always you know leave somewater at first and when I see that Ineed more water I can still add it okayso of course I have washed my hands whodoesn’t these days and I just start toroughly mix this a little bit and Iknead it with my fingers and it’s veryinteresting if you make bread with yourown hands instead of with a machinebecause you can really feel how thedough is changing while you are kneadingit and while you’re working on it andthis gives you way better experience orhow can I say that way better feelingabout how your dough is supposed to bewhen it’s when it’s finished so even ifyou have a KitchenAid at home I reallychallenge you to to take the time andreally needed by hand just to to get afeeling for your dough and you can seeit’s coming together already quitenicelythere’s still a little bit of dryingredients here I will add a tinylittle drop of water just to catch thatpart but other than that I have afeeling that I have enough of the waterin my dough and I’m switching to kneadit on my board if you don’t have a boarddon’t worry you can use your kitchentable or other table or your kitchencountertop whatever you have when you’reworking on and now I’m starting to kneadthis with my hands and this will take awhile like I would say at least 10minutes I will have to feel how my doughis feeling and I will go to the nextscene from here when I feel that mydough is changing I try to explain toyou how my dough is feeling right now soI will continue to knead and you’ll seeme in the next scene yeah I’ve beenneeding now for about four minutes and Ican already notice some changes in thedoor so at the beginning it was likefeeling a little bit like crumbly in thedough it has become a lot softer I stillfeel some kind of lumps in there but alot less than at the beginning and thedough becomes a lot softer overall I’mstanding here in some kind of launchposition and when I need I put my handin the dough and I use my body weight topress the dough down like this so thisis the easiest way to do it and I wantto show you now if I use this dough andI stretch it like this you can see thatit’s still ripping apart which shows methat my dough is not finished solater I will show you how it’s supposedto look so that you can see if I putsome tension on the dough it is stillripping here and comes very uneven so Ihave to continue to knead as expectedand I will show you when the dough haschanged again now it’s been 8 minutessince I started kneading let’s check outof the dough again so I put some tensionin here and it looks a lot better thanlast time I did but I still see heresome ripping parts on the sides it’s notcompletely smooth yet you can also seesome dents here and some hips kind of soI’ll continue to knead for another twominutesthis still now started to feel likeplay-doh it’s very soft very nice totouch I really like that feeling and yousee that this is very smooth all thehives are gone and yeah let’s see if wecan put some tension into the dough it’sstill ripping here a little bit but notbecause of the dough it’s because of howI needed it and put it together butcontinue to just put some tension inhere and you see this is very smooth andvery nice and this is the way I want itnow I’ll put this back into this bowlwhere I started and I’m adding a lid youcan also add a wet towel kitchen toweland now it has to rise for about 50 to60 minutes depending a little bit on thetemperature in your house it should beat a warm place I have an oven that hasa proof function so I’ll put it intothat other oven to let it proof andsometimes in some minutes variable whoand just put it outside my my patio herein Texas which works perfectly – soafter an hour you know should looksomewhat like thisand you can see this has definitelyincreased in size a lot and I will nowtake this out of the bowl and I willknow fold the dole that means that Ishape it in a somewhat a rectangular orsquare shape and I fold it from the topto the center I turn it from the top tothe center and so on and I repeat thisfor for round so overall 16 timesyeah and this creates some tension inthe dough and I can even increase it bypulling it on this board a little bitand the seams I try to close them asgood as possible like this so now Icould put this into a baking pan like aloaf pan there would be one possibilityanother option would be to bake thisbread in Dutch oven I have done thatI’ve ruined one of my dutch ovens withthat so now I have to I want for bakingbread and one for regular cooking but myfavorite way to bake a bread is just toput it on a baking sheet and just bakeit the way it is without any shapegiving or enclosed environment this wayin my opinion the crust turns out justperfect for me I like it very crisp andif you like it that way too maybe you dothe same thing but it’s okay if you wantto rather put it into a baking pan so mybread will go onto a baking sheet rightnow and I want it to be a little lengthwhat you can make a round bread whatevershape you prefer so for me I like itwhen the loaf is in a oval shape and aloaf shape and this way I can cut it alittle easier with my cutting machinelet me show you this thing here sothat’s perfect for bread okaynow this has to rest again for anotherhour but you will be surprised how largethis lobe is going to be within thishourone hour later it looks like this and Ithink this looks fantastic it’s verylight and fluffy I have preheated theoven like 20 minutes ago to a 390degrees Fahrenheit which is 200 degreesCelsius now before I put this into theoven I want to score it a little bitwhich means that I’m going to cut intothis into this loaf and you can use avery sharp knife for this or a razorblade like this this is a lame which isespecially made for bread scoring andwhen you score you cut it lengthwiseideally so that the bread can expand inthe oven also you don’t cut it straightyou have a little bit of an angle whenyou do that okay so this is the onething that I’m doing right before I putit into the oven I personally have foundout that it’s easier to score a bread ifyou put a little bit of flour on top ofthe bread and that’s what I’m going todo nowokay let’s see and you cut about aquarter of an inch deep and I could justleave it like this and go a littledeeper here if you want to have it alittle more decorative if you can make afew more cuts like thissomething like that okay you can also goaround like this I think that’s enoughI’ll put it now into the oven and I willspray in the oven walls with some waterif you don’t have a spray you can alsojust put some little jar of water intothe oven so that creates some humidityin the oven and this the steam thatthat’s in there will make the the crustof your bread very nice and very verycrusty so and after 10 minutes in theoven I will open the oven door for alittle bit so that the steam can get outof the oven and then I continue to bakeit and the overall baking time dependsof course a little bit on the size andthis the shape of your bread with mybread it usually takes about 30 to 35minutes[Music]so while my bread is in the oven I wouldlike to take a moment to explain thedifferent techniques of making breadtoday I showed you how to make a breadwith yeast yeast as a fungus and it isone way to make a bread rise another wayto do it it’s with sourdough so asourdough starter is not a fungus itcontains a little bit of he’s though butit is basically made from bacterias andit’s a different kind of rising yourbread it’s mostly used for rye bread butyou can use with any bread dough thedifference between making a bread withyeast or making it with sourdough isthat with yeast you let it rise twicefor an hour and then you can bake itwhile with sourdough you first need asourdough starter you do this you makethat once and then you can use it andreuse it again and again but you needthat first and then you make a sourdoughwith the starter and the sourdough hasto ferment for about 18 minutesdepending on the recipe and then you usethe sourdough for your bread dough whereyou add another amount of water andflour and these things so it takes a lotlonger than making a yeast bread the thereason why many people prefer to make asourdough bread is for example that thesourdough bread stays fresh longer thana yeast bread yeast bread will beperfectly and wonderful the first daymaybe even the second day but after thenit you know starts to taste a littlestale and dry and it’s not as deliciousas it was at the beginning other thanthat is faster but the sourdough breadwill increase in its taste for the nextdays after it was baked and it will befresh much longer so a sourdough breadusually is good for almost a week to usethen there are the no need breadsand these no need breads as the namesuggests you don’t need your bread youlet this process happen canin the bread but that takes time soinstead of needing it for 10 minutes youput this aside for 18 to 24 hours andthen the process that happens during thekneading happens all by itself just inthe dough without any kneading so yeahyour hands stay clean and that’sprobably an upside I personally don’tsee the point in that because it takesso long I sometimes just want to have mybread right now so but you it depends onyour personal preference what you wantto do then there are also breads thatare made with baking powder over sodaand buttermilk I don’t have a recipe forthat right now but the Irish soda breadis an example for that very deliciousyeah so these are the differenttechniques to make a bread and you finda sourdough bread on my blog actually amore than one also if you want to startyour own sourdough starter which issuper easy you will find how to do thatin this video and there’s also blog postabout that with even more informationabout it I hope that helps you a littlebit and I will have to wait another 15minutes until my bread is hopefullyready and then I will show it to you thebread was now in the oven for 35 minutesand I got it out of the oven and youmight wonder how do I know if my breadis ready to be out getting out of theoven and it’s a very easy trick and justturn it around and you knock on it andif it sounds hollow that tells you thatyour bread is ready to be taken out ofthe oven so this is what it looks likenow and that turned out very nice it’ssuper hot you see that the scoring hasdecorated and opened here little itlooks beautiful I will let this breadnow cool completely and then I will cutit open and this is another tip for youif you bake a bread I know it’s verytempting to eat it while it’s still warmbut always let it cool completelybecause this keeps the moisture in thebread you don’t want to have a dry breadlike an hour so wait until it’s reallycompletely cooled and then you cut itopen the bread has cooled now and I willgive it a cut I will use my knife forthis and then for the additional slicesI will use my cutting machine so let’ssee what it looks like from the insideyeah this has a very very nice texturevery small which I like and it smellsfantastic it’s a very soft bread let mebring this in here and cut just oneslice for you so yes so there you haveit it’s a very nice bread now I hope youliked this video and I hope you try thisif you just followed my steps and bakedyour first bread ever congratulation youjust achieved a new life skill and foreveryone else who is a veteran breadbaker I hope you like this as much as Ido it’s one of my favorite breads alsoin the entire family and if you haven’tsubscribed yet please do it now and alsohit this little valve button so you geta notification every time I upload a newvideo thank you for watching and staytuned there will be a next video justafter the picture[Music][Applause][Music]you

8 Replies to “How to bake a White Bread Loaf – Beginner to Seasoned Bread Baker ✪ MyGerman.Recipes

  1. Fantastic! I was hoping to find a simple bread recipe today and what are the odds that my favorite channel makes a video!? Thank you! What is the type of slicer you have?

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  3. I cover with plastic wrap and then a kitchen towel. Then, place on top of the refrigerator to rise for about an hour. The heat of the fridge’s motor makes it the warmest place in my kitchen.Mostly do this during winter months. Beautiful bread. Love the decoration on your bread. Greetings from NYC.❤️

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  6. Because I do not have a “proof” function for my oven, I simply place dough to be proofed in the oven with a container of warm water for humidity and heat, as well as turning and leaving on the oven light. For smaller amounts of dough to proof, I place it in the microwave oven with a glass/cup of very warm water in the corner. Btw, using these methods of proofing, I do not cover the dough, but do coat it with oil. Also, coating the bowl with oil or spraying with non-stick spray makes the dough easier to remove after proofed.

  7. I keep thinking that I should throw away my stand mixer because no one will publish a recipe that uses on out of fear that they will alienate those that do not have one…

  8. Your bread looks fantastic, slashing is a real art, grandma used to do a nice job of it. I want a slicer like you have, it is faster than my electric knife.!!!

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