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How Make Crunchy Bread & Fish Roll 😋😋

Created by M&N

Original of the video here

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16 Replies to “How Make Crunchy Bread & Fish Roll 😋😋

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  2. Your dad looks like he’s doing yoga or pilates in the lounge at the end. So funny (think he’s actually stroking Blaze)!!

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  4. So proud of you for getting to this stage of baking and eating your own cakes. Amazing ❤️❤️❤️

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  6. You’re so full of life and good energy! I feel like you are catching up on the joy of living to the full extend. So inspiring and contagious honestly. Also when you don’t bake a banana cake during quarantine, you are not properly in quarantine, haha! I am now thinking of combining the best of two worlds: a chocolate banana marble cake!

  7. The Alexa moment had me HOWLING!!! Reminded me of hatfilms – gopro stop recording! That’s so funny ❤️

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