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Homemade crusty multi-grain sourdough bread- healthy baking (Danish bread Rugbrød)

Majkl bakes for us in this video a whole grain rye bread, a bread that is popular in Northern Germany and the Scandinavian countries.
2 ingredients make this bread special. The rye Whole grains, the sunflower seeds, the flax seeds or your favorite seeds that are added to this bread. The second ingredient that is special is the sourdough starter that makes this bread sour.
These breads are chewy, fragrant and deliciously dark.
Of course, what is important to mention is the fact that rye bread contains more fiber and less gluten than wheat.

Ingredients for 3 kg of bread (Majkl uses a silicone form that hold a loaf of 1 kg, so the ingredients are good for 3 such loaves of bread):
600g of sourdough starter
800ml of warm water (40°C)
150g of whole grain rye, or zou can use cracked whole grains
150g of sunflower seeds
150g of flax seeds
*option: you can add your preferred seeds to this bread
400g rye flour
400g wheat flour
3 tablespoons of dark brown syrup (sugar syrup, carob syrup, or date syrup are good for this recipe)
2 tablespoons of salt
*Majkl recommends using 1/4 teaspoon of fresh store-bought yeast as a booster to make the rye dough rise easily

For the recipe, please follow instructions in the video. Most important detail is to make sure the final dough should be thick (not runny), and that will ensure that baking will be done in 1,5 hours to 2 hours, at 180°C.
@Vařte S Majklem

Original of the video here

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