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Making Corn Bread (Cooking In The Kitchen With Carter)

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Video Transcription

welcome to movie make into a cartoonZimbabwewe’re not actually in Zimbabwe we’re inmy kitchen what’s not my kitchen mymother’s kitchen but there’s a flag soit’s basically it’s a bad way I need itcameraman thank youokay so we’re gonna need this much ofthis stuff and we’re gonna put this muchof it was I thought it was a rock dothis[Music]haha I used to go get a knife and I usedto use the knifeI’m a chefI don’t know if I need this but okay addthen I don’t know what he was saying hetaught me something because he’s smarterthan me and I’m just your chef don’tworry I have a degree in baking and putthis one with this dress apparentlythat’s where I put it and then I thinkwe’re done with the melee meal now we’regoing to put it over herecould you placeplease put our oh yes generally come tothe time of the show where we’re goingto take the stuff in the ball and put itin the ball I’m going to put it in thereand then we’re gonna cook it for 45minutes and we’re basically gonna leavethe camera rolling for 45 minutes andyou’re gonna sit here and watch me talkabout my life just actually not going todo thatcause you know that’s not entertainingI hope this tastes good because I madeit and if it doesn’t taste good that youhave my backwho always missed the Pandait’s yellowalmost drop my board obviously he doesnot have a degree if you did his as goodas my baking skills which is clearlyit’s time romantic skills cannot evencomplete my paintings I am by far thebest Baker in town because I wear awhite shirt when I bake thank you guysso much for watching an exclusiveepisode of cooking in the kitchen withCarter here in Zimbabwe goodbye

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