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We all know that bread is hard to find or you can’t get to the store to get it but there is nothing that lifts the soul like the smell of fresh bread baking. If you can, grab some flour or hunt in the cupboards and have a go. Great to do with the kids as well!

In these times when it’s difficult to get some products never fear as Jamie has your back! His new Channel 4 show in the UK features many handy hints and tips and swaps so you can #KeepCookingandCarryOn

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Video Transcription

I’m gonna show you how to make homemade bread.There’s thousands of bread recipes out
there with different flours, some have fresh yeastsome have dried yeast, some have no
yeast and there’s so much choice. But Iwant to give you the most basic one,
because there’s so many of you that havenever made bread before. So first of all
get yourself 650 millilitresof tepid water. That means
kind of like warmish and we’re gonna putthat into a large bowl and I’m gonna add
one sachet of dried yeast.Give it a nice little mix up with a fork, if you want to put a little pinch of sugar in there orlittle honey you can do that as well. It
just helps to wake the yeast up and ifyou leave it for a couple of minutes
you’ll see the bubbles starting.Now those bubbles are carbon dioxide okay,
and that carbon dioxide will become thelittle bubbles in your spongy bread and
listen if you haven’t got yeast pleasedon’t worry about it, you can make flat
bread; fantastic. So we’ve got 1 kilo ofstrong flour that we’re going to add
into this water, so I’ll add most of thatkilo holding just a little bit back and
I’m simply gonna mix it up with a fork.So I’m using a fork at the moment cuz it
keeps your hands clean, I’m gonna give ita nice pinch of salt and then you can
use your hands. Now look, whether it’sadults or kids this is a brilliant thing
to do. So you can see it’s getting stickyso if you get sticky hands just take
some of that flour and dust your handsdown, move it around and we can pretty
much clean the side of the bowl. So looklet’s get that bowl out, give it a little
dusting with my hand, I can get rid of this board.So there’s no right or wrong
way to knead, just kind of move it sort of move it apartit apart like this, stretch it and you
can move it around like that, you canpick it up and throw it down. All the
different flavours you can do, the shapesthe sizes, in a tin, on a tray, in a
Cheesecake mould, little ones, big ones.Do you flavour it? Do you take leftovers and put
it inside a bread? Do you do pizzetta, focaccia?Calzone, there’s so many different things you can do and I think now more than everit’s quite nice to do this.Actually I can already feel the yeast working; why?
Because it’s warm. Now I think it’s had agood knead, I’ll give it a little dusting
from a height, I’ll use my two hands justto go underneath it like this. A little
bit of flour on top, just put your handsunderneath it like that to create a
little ball and then my friendsthere’s your dough, that’s gonna double
in size like that, it’s gonna be amazing.Let me show you, so I’ll put this in a
bowl like that and we’ll cover it withlike a damp cloth and in about an hour,
hour and a half this will happenand have a little look same quantity same
recipe look at that, very cool.Look at the comparison. So what
we want to do is now knock it back okay.So we’ll do that by punching it like
that and you’ll see it just likeBoof! Collapse.Once you’ve knocked it back, you
know, you can just take that out or giveit another little short knead just for a
second. You can see all the littlebubbles see, look at that, so we’ll knock that out.
Now this kilo batch of dough is enoughto make 2 large loafs so let’s turn
half of this dough into a sort of rusticloaf okay. So I’ll just slice this in
half like that, look at the bubbles guyslook at the bubbles! This smells amazing
already, so I’ll get a regular tray giveit a little dust, I’ll just give it one
little knead like this.So as you knock that air out, if you
wanted to you could shape this intoanything you want. You could make it into
a nice round loaf, I quite personallylike making it into a sort of rustic
slipper. Just give it a little tap likethat and just stretch it. Now we’re gonna
let that prove again for about half anhour to an hour, and that will double in
size right so just have a look at it now.You want it to be at least twice as big
at least and just put it in a draft free placea bit of flour on the top
like that. I quite like doing itrustic like that because it kind of
breaks and puffs up and it just looksreally really rustic, so that I’m gonna
leave for an hour.Okay so the room smells absolutely incredibleI proved those two breads until doubled in size, then whacked him in the oven at 180 degrees Celsiusfor about 35 minutes and here goes.This is our lovely rustic loaf, lovely look at that.Spongy, simple, nice, thin crust and you know if you
haven’t got any bread available inthe supermarkets then, have a go.

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