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Hema’s 3 Quick & Easy Bread Toast Recipes | Masala Toast | Chilli Cheese Toast | French Toast

Hema’s 3 Quick & Easy Bread Toast Recipes | Masala Toast | Chilli Cheese Toast | French Toast

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]pressure cook the potatoesfor about 4 whistles on medium flame[Music]the potatoes are cooked beautifullyremove the skin and chop it roughlynext i’m going to make the aloo masalafor this take a kadai add 2 teaspoons ofoiladd half a teaspoon of cumin seeds1 tablespoon finely chopped ginger 1medium sized onion finely chopped2 green chillies finely choppedparty till the onions are transparentadd the boiled cut up potatoesmix the potatoes[Music]to this one add 1 teaspoon of pavajimasala 1 tspsalt[Music]1 teaspoon garam masala powder mix itwelli’m going to just mash the potatoes alittle[Music]turn off the stove because i’m going tosqueeze the juice of half lemonand add finely chopped coriander leavesgive it a quick mixnow that the potato filling is readynext i’m going to make thesandwich i’ve taken two slices ofwhite sandwich bread i’m going to applybutter on both the slices and i’ve takenunsalted butterthis is softened butter so make sure youleave it out at room temperature beforeyouapply the butter spread evenly on allsides of the bread[Music]apply the minced coriander chutney toboth the slices[Music]make sure you spread it out evenly soonce this is doneyou can add about two tablespoon of thepotato mixture[Music]make sure the filling is nice and thickwith this i’m going to add finelychopped capsicum now you can either chopthem orslice them nice and thin i’m just goingto add some chopped capsicum to give ita little crunchnext i’m going to place the onion ringsmixthe paneer slicesnext i’m going to sprinkle some chaatmasala powderlet’s place a slice of cheesenow i’m going to slightly toast thesandwich on a tavaheat the tava add a little butterplace the prepared sandwich onto thetawagently press the sandwich keep the flameon medium and toast the sandwichi’m going to apply a little butter onthe top slice[Music]once it’s toasted on one side gentlyflip it to the otherhold it and gently flip itmake sure the sandwich is toasted onboth sidesyou can see it’s got a lovely goldenbrown color once you’ve toasted thesandwichwood from the tawacut the sandwich and garnish with some[Music]save[Music]three tablespoons of softened butter i’musing unsalted buttertake three cloves of garlic chop themnice and finei’ve taken two green chillies de-seededand chopped them finemix everything together so you can seehow soft the butteris i’ve left it at room temperature soit’s best to soften the butter beforeyou make thegarlic butter mix the garlic and thegreen chilli into the butter[Music]take some garlic green chili butter andspread it generously over thebread slice[Music]for the toast i’m using processed pizzacheese grate the cheese over the breadsliceyou can use any cheese of your choicejust top it with a few chili flakesi’m also going to add a little oreganothis is optionalif you have you can use it otherwise youcan just add the chili flakesdry oregano just adding a little forextra flavor[Music]take a pan keep the flame on low placethe bread slice onto the panclose it and toast the slice till allthe cheese meltskeep the flame on low throughoutthe cheese is melted looks perfect[Music][Music][Music]for the french toast i’ve taken two eggsto this i’m going to add two tablespoonsof brown sugar if you don’t have brownsugar you can use regular white sugarwhisk the eggs along with the sugarto this i’m going to add half cup ofboiled and cooled milkquarter teaspoon cinnamon powder acinnamon powder adds a very nice flavorto french toasthalf teaspoon of vanilla essencemix everything togetherso now let’s start making the frenchtoastpour the milk in egg mixture onto theplateheat a pan add one teaspoon of butterdip the slice of bread make sure youcoat the egg mixture on both sides ofthe breadfor this recipe i’ve chosen briochebread oh this is a very nice rich andbuttery bread and it’s very light aswellplace the dipped bread gently onto thepanso i’ve toasted the bread on one sidefor just about a minute i’ve kept theflame on medium while doing itadd a little more butterflip it to the other side toast it foranother one minutethe classic french toast is ready to beservedyou can get a copy of our first editionof the home cookingbook on 21 frames

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