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Healthy bread recipe. How to bake healthy and tasty sourdough bread at home

How to bake healthy and tasty sourdough bread with spelt at home
Show notes/Timestamps:
0:00 – Intro
0:35 – Equipment and ingredients for baking sourdough bread at home
0:40 – Where to get sourdough bread starter
1:11 – Preparing sourdough bread mix from spelt flour
2:33 – Preparing a dough for a sourdough homemade bread
4:20 – How to mix the dough for healthy recipe from organic flour
6:10 – Baking stages for healthy sourdough homemade bread
8:30 – Why you need to cool the sourdough homemade bread for 1 hour


Our family bakes bread at home with this recipe for 2 years. This sourdough bread is tasty and healthy and it contains much less gluten than usual yeast based bread. Also it includes sugar only from honey and very little salt. The main benefit of home made bread is that you can control ingredients and add as much sugar and salt as you want. It is great for body weight management, lowering blood pressure, managing insulin resistance for pre-diabetic situations. Our ancestors baked sourdough bread from spelt and hence it is fundamentally better than yeast based bread as it helps to manage chronic inflammation.This bread is easier for digestion. Ingredients: sourdough bread starter, organic wheat flower, spelt flour, poppy seeds, honey, salt, water.

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