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Bread Pudding Recipe | Easy kids cooking | By Lil Chef Drona

An easy bread pudding put together by Lil Chef Drona when he was all of 2.5 years old around Christmas time .
A quick snack idea , doubles for dessert and totally yum . Borrowed the recipe from his Nonna (grandma) and whipping it in style.

Ingredients :
10-15 Bread slices
2 eggs
50 gms butter
400 ml milk
Vanilla essence
4-6 tablespoons sugar (can add or reduce according to preference )

Method :
Mash them all together in a bowl. Make sure you get a semi thick consistency . Pour the milk in little by little to avoid making the batter to runny .
Grease a microwave dish with butter and pour in the mixture . Spin in the microwave oven for 7 minutes . Open and check the pudding by putting in a knife or tooth pick . If there’s no batter stuck on it , it’s done . Otherwise spin for 2-3 more minutes .

Topping suggestions : chocolate sauce , strawberry sauce , vanilla ice cream or dry fruits fried in ghee.

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Important note :
Adult supervision is mandatory .
Please be aware of allergies before using any ingredients.
These are simple home recipes and measurements are approximate or by experience and not accurate .
Do not allow kids to use sharp or heavy objects .
Do not allow usage of electric appliances on their own .
Do not allow kids to go near open flame or operate gas stove.
Keep all ingredients ready before beginning to cook or bake .
Most importantly , enjoy the experience with your little one.

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