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Gluten-free quick and easy persimmon bread recipe- holiday baking!

An amazing bread/cake made out of persimmons. One of the most popular winter fruits, persimmons are delicious and so is this bread. It fills your house with a delectable aroma. Gluten-free but tastes heavenly and is moist and stays so for even 3-4 days. This recipe is a keeper!
Dry ingredients:
gluten-free flour: 1 1/2 cups (I used PC gluten free flour mix)
rice flour:1/4 cup
almond flour: 1/4 cup
xanthan gum: 1 tspoon
salt: 1/4 tspoon
baking powder: 1 tspoon
Wet ingredients:
brown sugar: 1 cup
vanilla essence: 1 tspoon
Blend all wet ingredients and mix in the dry ingredients. Bake at 350 c for 50 min.
I hope you enjoy this recipe for a super moist and super delectable persimmon bread!

Original of the video here

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