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Getting ready for Lockdown, Making bread and Quarantine Takeaway

Hello! This video was filmed before lockdown and the days after it was put into place in England. I went home a final time to see my mum, we walked the dog lots and ate a lot of snacks. I came home and made my own bread.

I know a lot has changed since filming this but I wanted to share it anyway x

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Video Transcription

[Music]it’s day two of being back homeand I had the worst night sleep lastnight I don’t know if it’s because Ifinally was able to sleep properly ohshe’s horribleI had like constant nightmares all nightI had like dreams of an apocalypsewished really freaked now I changed thatI’ve got locked inside where I work it’sbeen like I just couldn’t get out ohit’s really horribleum but hop one still asleepthis Mother’s Day so I’m gonna lie in Iwas gonna make breakfast but I want towake her up because you want God youknow there enjoy this time but yeah justthat anything away with the celebritytoday there’s such big weapon I know Icare for a walk to my other dog becausewe started after him even though we’reall meant to be inside but he’s stillgotta look after the dog he is reallyreally nice weather todayyou know I just got to decide what typeof breakfast party so yesterday it wasso much pyramid so I might havehey there ho good morning good morningbetter how did you sleephmm you see well do to get waking me atlast night you did look let’s have acoffee stand I’m gonna knock that one ofmy Disney mugs out Stanley theAristocats[Applause]just few hours later now have a showeron the house and now you can hear thatbeast the downstairs along with us andshow you where we’re going it’s niceit’s a nice day to get out but yeahwe’re gonna take him out right now youready to go it’s less area as well whenit’s nice and sunny outside yeah wenever walk him in the winter like ahsorry[Applause]he saw oh yeah splashing around done ohgood boysorry yoga yeah hey good boy still looksnice[Music]today I put some in a little bitdifferent I’m gonna try an attempt tomake my own bread but basically becauseeveryone was panic buying and well theshops don’t see they have no ingredientsto make bread but then I saw this placeon Instagram last night and it literallyis just big that was like any flour andsugar it’s not try it doesn’t match onthe end of the world but it works I werereally happy because I’ve been willingto try it since I’ve seen all the videosand stuff on the internet recently onhow to make your own bread but I wasgonna make this video really like editedand pretty me making bread I was gonnaget in prepared all my ingredients andeverything and I’ve literally justdropped the flour everywhere likestraight out of the carpet so yeah agreat start luckily I’m just cutting theservices I can just scoop it off and useit yeah this is the oven that I’m usingwhich is so old and so rubbish I don’tknow how well it’s gonna go because Iwork like at Christmas so I just use itput it in the bread yeah I’ve also gotthis cupboard full of alcohol which isbeing gave me through so maybe I canfind a different alcohol to make breadwith so yeah I’m going to use this I’vegot my flour all over the surface andthen I’m gonna get baking tin and makeit I’ve just got my kitchen it’s allnice and clean and tidy which is niceme and my boyfriend actually look tidyand clean all the time we just say niceI’ve got my baking stuff done here soI’m gonna get the whisk I measure outand then this person hopefully it’sgonna be big enough to make the bread in[Music]so just pop that into the preheated ovenand I’m gonna set a timer for bake seehow it looks it’s not very much but yeahsee how it goes because I had like everyburning consistency and when I broke mythread before it’s quite thick this isnot cake butterso don’t really know how it’s gonna workout another thing that I’ve been lovingto the moment is whipped coffee andbasically this recipe again on Instagramplease people are doing it it’s just twotablespoons of coffee two tablespoons ofsugar and then and there XD pleasethat’s them right delicious as wellbasically just spending my time inquarantine baking or trying to makesomething good just like bags okay pizzaand been on a bread don’t actually likeI can’t wait to make those and I’m justsaving them for another week last week Imade a Victoria sponge cake and ice youknow make bread and make somethingdifferent[Music][Applause]yeah come on little baking covered thereI’ve got loads of food but this is whatwe have anyway I like to keep startupunder stuff okay we only go shoppingonce a month as I said on my channelbefore but it’s basically under filelike pastures and surf and because we’reboth obviously at home I’ve got loads ofthese packet artists have for lunchesand then put fiveand then cans like kidney beans andcurry jars and stuff like that behindthat gravy and then got like an entirekit and pasta sauce and stuff say lookslike a lot of food but this is the onlycupboard we have in the house yeah a lotto keep us going so the finished productif the bread looks amazing this guy’sweird thing sticking out of itthis whole done it’s got like a reallynice crust to it it’s quite light andfluffy inside it tastes a little bitlike beer but it’s I could just look atthe texture I’m see yeah I see I woulddefinitely recommend trying this recipebecause it’s really delicious and itworked um there’s a way if you run outbread like you could use this just get aquick life and that takes nice andsandwiches I’ve just had one yeah it’spretty nice definitely gonna make youagain I might try out different beer andsee how that effects the taste of it orif it changes the texture or anythingit’s something to play around withwell we oh I’m not down this smellsdelicious some naan breads bag of greenstuff whatever that isOh such bright color quarantine takeaway got man sanitized for as wellto get rid of all the germs from the bagit’s no pumpkin doughnut one mm-hmmsmells amazingthis is the most vibrant thing I’ve everseenso yep we’ve got different Perry’sspecial ride rice soberly onion bhajisand then I got a king prawn dish[Music]you[Music][Music]

3 Replies to “Getting ready for Lockdown, Making bread and Quarantine Takeaway

  1. Olivia great to hear from you. I think everyone is having crazy dreams. Thanks for the video

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  4. Hi Olivia, hope you are all doing ok and doing under Lockdown. That beer bread looked yum. A chef in NZ put a recipe on Instagram that went viral. She added grated cheese, bacon bits, (if u eat meat), Rosemary, chopped up red onion etc onto the top. It looked yum.

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