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Don’t throw away those hotdog buns … make bread pudding

I never use a measuring cup and I never really follow a recipe when it comes to baking it can sometimes get me into trouble that’s why am more of a cook but after having leftover hotdog buns and talking to my mother she told me I should be making bread pudding.
So this is a video of me attempting to make bread putting

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

oh my god when’s the last time but myindividual now the chip it’s in herejust gonna pour all over whoopsdisperse the chips if you’re stupid asme and okay now this is going in theovenbah bread puddin just done oh my god huhokayoh my is that not the most beautifulbread pudding you’ve ever seen yes yeahI have my bread pudding my peanut butterlove pretty good hoodie natural remindsme when I was a kid my mother alwaysused to make bread pudding and she putcaramel sauce all over itso why not put some corona fightingLysol glazeyeah I’m only kidding honestly it’s foringesting

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