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Episode 2: Mr Wesbonk Wants to Bake Some Bread!

He’s going to rise to the challenge.

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Video Transcription

Oh mr. west bunk I think it’s time forlunchyou’re right Maggie I just want tofinish this article I’ll have a sandwichfridge how are you my good ok want tohear a jokeOh a joke sure what’s a life of breadsfavorite singer I don’t knowbread Sheeran pritch it’s good well sirwhat about this one oh ok I’m trying totell you what does breed miss mostduring the lockdown seeing their graindad and grain ma ok ok alrightthey don’t do now I’m just gonna getsome lunch oh man this bread is staleyep definitely stale what I really wanta sandwich but I don’t want to have togo to the supermarket all thathand-washing and mask and distancing nono no I know I want to bake some breadmr. Westberg wants tomr. West bun wants tohi guys I’m still mr. West Bank whichmeans my name is still heaps weirderthan yours well unless your last name isRamsbottom in that case I like youwelcome to my world thank you forjoining me today I hope you enjoyed lastweek’s lesson and you were pleased withhow your cartoon faces turned out I meanI was super pleased with seeing some ofthe results that were shared with mein fact Maggie you haven’t seen thoseshould we check out a couple nowoh yes please good job Tommy now I knowthat’s not your real name oh is that apig I have some feminine touch that’swhat we neededoh that is lovely fruit a Suzuki youwouldn’t get much sleep with thatloudmouth I liked that one what thatwould make me want to hold on you guysare getting so good I thought I’d bettertry and remain ahead of you so you knowI’ve added a couple of details too muggyover here do you like his mustache we’vegot that in common now and you saw Imade a couple of changes to fridge buttoday my main priority is to bake somebread I’ve got this itching curiosity tofind out how bread is madethat’s the itching curiosity let’ssatisfy it now okay so I know that breadcomes from flour but where does theflour come from does it fall out of thesky like dandruff no of course notit comes from the same place that thissort of flour comes from from a seedthat’s right I have a seed in my handcome a little bit closer the wheat seedis sometimes called the wheat berry sothen you would take the wheat berryyou’d plant it in some soil cover thatup add some water make sure it’s gettingenough sunlight and then you would waita couple of months for it to grow Wowwell that didn’t take long then onlytook a couple of seconds must be aspecial type of seed am i touching it AmI tap this so then you would remove allthe grassy dry flaky part of the plantand you’re left with just the seeds ortheberries so we’re basically back tosquare one except now we haven’t justgot one seed we’ve got heaps of them andenough to make some flour so the crushedup seeds look like this flour I’m usingwholemeal flour which means they leavethe outside of the seed in the flour anda lot of the healthy stuff is in theoutside so how do I get this flour tobecome bread because yeah certainlydoesn’t taste like bread yet we’re gonnaneed the help of some tiny littlefriends and when I say tiny I meanreally really really really tiny we’retalking about micro organisms now micromeans small and organisms means livingthings so we’re talking about tinyliving things there are three main typesof them and they’re all around us sothere are fungi bacteria and viruses nowwe’ve all heard far too much aboutviruses lately and they’re of no use tous in making bread so let’s get rid ofthe viruses did it did it go or is it asat that aside anywaythe fungi and the bacteria can staybecause they’re very useful in makingbread now there are different types ofbacteria and fungi and they’re not alluseful some are you know kind of nastythey cause diseases and sicknesses andstuff and we do wash our hands not justto get rid of viruses but some types ofbacteria and fungi as well but there aresome good guys and they are very usefulfor helping to make all sorts ofdelicious food including bread andhelping keep us healthy now you can getsome fungi into your bread by buying itfrom the shop in a bottle that’s labeledyeast yeast is a type of fungi but I’mnot going to do that today I’m going toinvite some of the fungi and bacteriathat are already in this house all rightso to encourage the friendly bacteriaand fungi to come and visit I’m gonnaprepare a delicious little meal thatthey sing to life which is a cup of theflour I’m going to be using for thebriefand a cup of water to make it all goopyand then I mix that around see that it’skind of like a gloopy paste okay so nowI’ve just got to wait until thosefriendly bacteria and fungicome and eat up it can take like atleast a day in a night sohi um all right yes we have ourselves astarter all right so I can’t see thebacteria and fungi but I can see thatthey have been in there they’ve been inthere partying it up eating up whateverfungi and bacteria do I don’t know but Ican see that they’ve been in therebecause they’ve created this big stirthere’s all these bubbles now if I havea smell of that yeah it smells a lotlike ginger beer that kind of fermentedsort of salary smellif you’ve smelled ginger beer before ordeer I say ityour dad’s beer so now I’m gonna pourthat salary slop into the flour and it’sliterally gonna give more life to thebreadI’m pouring in some water you’ve heardof water eh I don’t need to explain itokay so I’m mixing that around into adough getting some exercise here makingit look like some sort of rock monsternow it’s time to knead the dough tomassage it to show it that I love it sothat it loves me back and becomes tastyit’s pretty sticky work so I got to keepit away from my clothes but I’m justglad I haven’t got any on my face nowI’m giving it a bit more shape making aspherical or round okay so I’ve got tobe patient again I’ve got to give moretime to the bacteria and fungi to youknow party it up as they do to createthose bubbles inside the dough to makeit lighter and fluffier and a little bitbigger I’m gonna wait for two hours[Music]okay that’s two hours up now it’s timeto knead the dough again so after I’veneeded it some more I put it into likethis little baby basket where it can getall cozy now guess what I have to waitanother two hours man I’m getting hungry[Music]finally two hours is upokay it’s time to get this into the ovenokay I’ve had the bread baking for 45minutes now so it’s time to get it outyay I can’t really clap with oven mittsokay not bad a little bit overcooked onthe top but anything I like in bakingskills I can make up for with cartooningskills[Music]alright time to chop it up I made sureto take that face off first I don’twanna be slicing through a face wellthanks to that bacteria and fungi intomy kneading it’s nice and soft in themiddle okay after all that I decided notto have a sandwich but to toast thebread and to put some scrambled eggs onitdo you like scrambled eggs well I know Ido do you mind if I just go off and eatthis for a moment because it’s not aprop so yeah just wait okay he’s sorryabout that is there anything on my teethno good well I have done what I wantedto do today is there anything you wantto do now like me you might want toexperiment with making some foods thatuse helpful bacteria or fungi it doesn’thave to be buried it could be bread orit could be yogurt it could be gingerbeerit could be something pickled so thatcould be fun and very tasty you mightlike to find out a bit more aboutmicroorganisms this heaps more to knowlike what do they look like under amicroscope who discovered them what arethey actually doing in the bread thatcauses all that bubbling up that wouldbe fun to find out and you could createa presentation on it um you might likejust you might want to try differenttypes of bread different types of grainsexperiment with different types oftoppings I am always looking fordifferent things to put on my bread soI’d love to see that as well if you wantto practice your drawing techniques fromlast week you could press pause on thesecharacters and try them out anything youdo yes please share I would love to seeit and I am looking forward to seeingyou next nightcan I finish with a joke well well we’rejust wrapping up now what’s fungusfavorite song okay go ahead go aheadyesterday all my troubles seemed so faraway at least guys when you create acharacter just be careful what sort ofcharacter you design[Music]

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