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Emmy’s home baked luxurious restaurant bread

This video was filmed in my own kitchen – the recipe is shown below.
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Bread Recipe
3dl | 1,27 Cups Sour Milk
2dl | 0,85 Cups Dark Syrup
2dl | 0,85 Cups Wheat Flour
4dl | 1,69 Cups Rye Sieve
4 Teaspoons Bicarbonate
0,5 Teaspoons Salt
A handful of walnuts

Start with turning on your stove to 175C | 347F
Take out the bread pan and butter it on the inside so the bread won’t stick.
Mix the wheat and the rye sieve in to a bowl, then add the sour milk, dark syrup, chopped walnuts, salt and lastly bicarbonate in to the bowl and mix in to a sticky batter.
Then pour the batter in to the bread pan and stick it in the middle of the oven for a bout 35-40 minutes depending on your oven. Check regularly so the bread won’t burn.
It will be dark brown on the outside and golden yellow on the inside when you cut the bread.
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