Bread Recipes

Ember making bread!

Ember is having such a great time making bread!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

I need this I need this can we use thisone this one yeah it’s really messyI have him I bet lush feel patient Ihaven’t got this up don’t waitOh be careful I’m all done the boughsthe mousewhat are you making here we can breadmovie ah dis song yo you like this nothank youI haven’t dis book okay so it got alittle bit going up my back mate I knowthat you’ve got real fun okay hey Mei Ineed one what do you need I just gonnayes you’re not hanging okay that’s meI’m watching you have their mind how Ialready did it’s very softyeah yeah messy no I don’t want to bemessy already washed my handsI always like my yes nope not yet

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