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Easy Bread Popcorn Recipe : 달달한 식빵팝콘 만들기 [ASMR-PH]Cook with Jess

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▪︎In this video you I will show you How to Make a very easy yet delicious snacks Bread Popcorn Recipe #CookwithJess # #ASMRPH #BreadPopcorn

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▪︎ Bread | Sandwich | Tasty 3slice
▪︎ Sugar 6tbsp
▪︎ Water 6tbsp
▪︎ Milk 3tbsp
▪︎ Butter 30g


1. Sliced the bread into a cubes.

2. Toast the bread into a low fire toast it until it become slightly brown and then sieve then set a side.

3. In a clean pan pour the sugar and water set fire on medium low let it cook until the sugar syrup becomes thick.

4. dump in the butter and milk once it become slightly brown.

5. add in the toasted bread and make sure to coat them all with caramel.

6. move the caramelized bread into a pan and let it rest for 15 to 20 minutes until it harden.


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Video Transcription

like & share this video to your family and friendsand subscribe + click the notification bell to keep updated for more easy and delicious recipe.Slice bread into a cubesIn a clean pan, add the chopped bread and toast it for about 5 minutes on medium.Occasionally stir it so that the bread will be toasted evenly without burning it.Sieve the toasted breadNext, we will make some sweet sauce. In a pan, add 6 Tbsp of sugar.And then, add 6 Tbsp of water to the sugar. Don’t stir anything yetjust let it cook on medium-high. The sugar will start to melt and the water will start bubbling as a syrupThen, add the butter into the syrup and let it melt. You shouldn’t mix or stir either at this time.pour the milk on top. Now, you can stir to mix up everything.After 1 minutes, add the bread into the sauce. Coat the bread with the sauce by stirring them gently.move into a pan or cooling rock and let it rest for 15 minutes or until it become harden.then serve..

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