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David Baker – Series 3 Programme 1 – How to bake bread

Baking bread.

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Video Transcription

hello it’s David Scott talent DavidBaker here we go with bread brilliant toshow you my brotherthere you go more bread well this is howyou make a rights premium white rightspremium white bread mix and basicallywhat you do is you put 325 ml of watercold water mix it with this knead itinto like a dough and loaf shape you putit in tins loaf tins stick it in theoven smoked in the oven gas mark eightthirty minutes brilliant and you justturn it out just turning this one outnow and that’s it stopdavid akers back brillianthi David Baker just be making bread withrights premium white bread mix what Ibasically do to get yourself a set ofglasses so you can read the instructionsand you place the bread mix into a bowlor food mixer add water 325 mil and youneed it all together for five minutesto form like some sort of dough and thenyou put it I used to just put it onthere like you know cutting board andwith flour on the top then you just needit all together basically you do thisbusiness with the dough and it sort ofcreates a sort of loaf shape the bestthing to do stuff your loaf tins readyhave some sort of local teens and greaseproof paper that grease proof paper inthe low fittings and then what you do isquite tricky really with the dough itall sticks to fingers everything but thebest thing to do is use the flour don’tput too much water by the way three tofive mil and knead into a shape put itin 30 minutes gas monkey and this is theresult these two have just been a biteight minutesthis is it coming out of the ovenDavid baker’s bucking style – thealternative enough now that’s absolutelyfantastic so what you do is then youjust put it out on a tray for it to cooldown make sure you’ve got the greaseproof paper in then you can you can takeit out that way and then you just youpop them on I’ll take a photo you justpop them on the on the rack to cool downnext to the other one Tiffany wellhere’s the final result of the breadonce it’s just been turned out onto therack just show you that three loaves onetwo three looking pretty good

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