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This is for the people who asked me the recipe of Lotus Biscoff Bread Pudding !

Milk 1 litre
Vanila essence 1 teaspoon
Bread 6 to 8 slices
Lotus Biscoff spread ( lotus spread)
Milkmaid 1 tin
Fresh cream 1 packet
Almond slices to layer on top
Egg 1
Brown sugar 3 tablespoon
Sugar 2 tablespoon
Gelatine 2 tablespoon

In a bowl add 5 tablespoon of water and add gelatine to it. Keep aside . In another bowl add fresh cream , vanila essence , milkmaid to taste and little milk. Whisk it well.
In Another bowl add the rest of the milk, milkmaid, and sugar and whisk well together. Meanwhile double boil the gelatine and add the egg to it and mix well . Add them little by little to the milk mixture. Spread the biscoff on one side of the bread. (If you want you can remove the sides of the bread- I have used it cause I didn want to waste it). Layer the bread on the pudding tray soaking in cream mix , then pour milk mixture on it again and layer the bread slices and repeat it according to the number of layers you want. Garnish with almond flakes . Keep it in the fridge for two hours before serving it. (You can even add another layer of almonds in between the bread cream and milk mixture as you please !

Thank you for watching 😅

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