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Chicken Bread Bake /Cook n Flaunt

Chicken and vegetables in white sauce layered with bread and topped with egg and cheese !!!

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Video Transcription

hi everyone welcome to cookin flauntwith Samina today’s recipe is chickenbread baked hello everyone today we aregoing to be making a chicken and breadbaked it is a very easy be so easy inthe sense that you know you don’t reallyhave to bake it even if you don’t have aoven at home it’s fine you still canmake it at homeso let’s go on and make it let me showthe ingredients first so you need a fewvegetables for this and already you knowdiced some vegetables and cut this isone cup of carrot diced one cup ofpotato diced and this is one cup offresh mushrooms so that is there thenyou need an onion and I have few garlicgarlic here and green chilli if you likeit spicy you can add green chilli if youwant to avoid it you can if you want itmore spicy you can have more chilli aswell so yeah so I just our dice theonions[Music]then you meet few slices of bread whichI have here and then boiled eggs forthem around and then there is a shreddedchicken you know it is cooked in on saltand pepper and I see the stock as wellif you can see and the chicken hasstarted this is around 200 grams ofchicken and then you will need butterfresh cream this was around hundredgrams and some and pepperwe need pepper as well so let’s go onand start our game okayso I’ve kept a book on the stove formaking the vegetables and the whitesaucegetting createdshe’s putting a little bit of waterand then Johnny and sweet and the garden[Music]something’s amiss we don’t wanna do alittle thingand then add a vegetableit’s actor booty toochthe potatoes are going to take some timeto put so I’ve just a very little bit ofwater and then I’m just going to closeit and cook it for around five minutesnow the potatoes are almost done to thiswe are going to add the rest of thevegetables versus carrotstogetherI have a little bit of cauliflowercircus after marriage so I likecauliflower in my dates from having thatNetwork you only can avoid itokay everything together nice cutethis point you can add in thechicken as wellalong with the stock and stock exchangerather the chickens and the stuffnow I will not enjoyandokay the vegetables are nicely done tothis we are going to add the fresh creamthis is one where brands just boughteverything if you like it more cleanlyin any waynice mixblend everything where it looks reallynice and clean smells really goodat this point we’re going to add in themake I don’t know if I mentioned makewhen I talk about the ingredients but wehave to add me I don’t have ameasurement for me what I do is you knowI just pour a little until everythinghas amassed in the way that’s how I doit I just pour it like this and thenthis is how it looksthis much in such a way that all thevegetables and chicken and everythingwas immersed in the way and then youkeep it open and then cook cook againfor another two three minutesso this is what I said we are going todo the whites are also in the same potI’m not doing the whites are separatelywe would cook the vegetables and thechicken and on to that we’ve added creamand so now this is wildin now we have tothicken it for thickening it I just usethe normal wheat flour we need twotablespoons of wheat flour so this is aalmost boiling now so at this point weare going to add in the wheat and watermix this is two tablespoons of we dothis I’m going to add some water tothicken it so we have put the water pourthe water inside and I’m just mixing itnicely so that there are no lumps thisis for making the sauce I normally don’tuse all-purpose flour for making whitezones I normally use wheat only becauseI think it’s an anything abortion it’sso yeah so I’m just mixing it nicelyjust see there are no lumpsgive it a niceand then just spoil it another chickenand I in Phoenix keep stirring it tillit thickensokay so now the white sauce of vegetableand chicken mixes on almost done it istaken out thick and creamy so now I’lljust transfer it to a bowl and we startdoing the layering for the paperokay so now we are going to do the Larryfor that first we have to you know cutthe edges of the slices of bread I’vealready done it and kept here I’m justdoing me just but they’re just you alsoneed boy it is[Music][Music]respect important and higher up thevegetables and the white saucenot too much just so that it is badthen you readso this pie dish of mine iscut it for you know four slices andprivate looks great so four slices ofbread and to this and we were to add inmore of the white sauce and vegetablesnow we have talked in a generous amountof it nicelythe reason why we actually don’t have tobake this chicken vehicles because thereis bread you know bread will absorb thatexcess liquid in the white sauce and itwon’t be what we when you are eating itso general normally another come not abase like you know the white sauce hasto be you know has to become thick soyou need to bake it for a long time inthe oven but since there is bread hereyou really don’t need to make it for along time so that’s the reason why Isaid it’s an easy one it’s a no bakeyeahokay so makes me feel it you know thenext layer that again just pushthreatenedjustNonow the next year the workers in chickennicecovered a very nicely with the writerswe just want to[Music]just most they can’t open about thempolitics goes really well with this wayto take it is really yummy participatenow for the cheese I had was G sliceshere forever to do was you know about 10strips from ityou can see they do even before puttingit in the oven it starts melting becauseof the heat from the white sauce sothat’s why I said I’m not usingmozzarella cheeseyou could just you know anytime you makea bitokay now a chicken and bread bakersready now we’ll go on and put it in theoven for five minutesif you don’t have an oven just put thecling wrap over it and just keep it foraround ten to fifteen fifteen minutestill the cheese smells that’s itso this is how it looks I hope you likeit please go on and try my recipe andlet me know how you like ityou

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