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Banana Bread… Mistakes Were Made– Home-cooking On The Road

This week on Home-cooking On The Road, I bake a pan of delicious Banana Bread, show you something new I tried, and give you a sneak-peek at the next Home-cooking video!

This Video’s Recipe:
*2-3 bananas (over ripe)
*2 1/2 cups of all-purpose flour
*1 cup sugar
*4 tsp. baking powder
*1 tsp salt
*3 Tbsp veg oil
*3/4 cup milk
*1 egg
*1 cup pecans (can sub for favorite nut)
**Bake at 350 for 1-1/2 hr**

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi everybody and welcome to another homecooking on the road my name is Stephanieand today’s video is really specialbecause this week I not only got to trysomething new but I also got to make oneof my favorite things to bake and thatis banana nut bread every time I makebanana nut bread I’m like why do I notmake this more often it’s so deliciousbefore we get to the clip I want to showyou guys what the new thing I tried wasokay are you all ready I have it righthereit’s a starter it looks incredibly grossbut it’s super awesome let me see if Ican do you all see that it’s goingstrong unfortunately it is not ready tobe in this week’s video but it will bein the next home cooking on the road andI’m really excited about it with thatsaid let’s get to the banana bread ohyeah here we are we are making banananut bread today so I am so excited aboutthis recipe because it is actually avintage recipe that I got out of a BettyCrocker cookbook and I don’t have thecookbook with me because it’s actuallystill in storage that David and I haveto pick up long story but I’m so gladthat I wrote this recipe and many othersdown before we put it in storage anddrove all the way to Texas and all thatother stuff so that way I had them withme so with all that said let’s getstarted okay so to start we have threeoverripe bananas that we are going tomash up I went ahead and just gonna bepeeled and preparation for this videoso thankfully overripe bananas are likeincredibly easy to just mash up andcream up you’re just gonna get it niceand creamedI’ll need oh man that aroma oh mygoodness there you go so that is ourcreme de banana so we’re gonna add eggto it and get the egg will blend in soin celebration of using this vintagerecipe I’m using my vintage bowls thesebowls are Pyrex bowls from the 60s andthey are still in incredible condition Iactually got these at a swap meet Davidbought them for me because I fell inlove with themso he’s such a sweet guy so now we wantto set this aside and get the dryingredients going so I need to bringthis bowl back and let’s get flour goingso this is just all-purpose flour and alot of people what they’ll tell you todo when you have when you’re doing flouris to scoop it into the scoop buthonestly I do it my own way and youprobably do too this is what I do tolevel it off I just shake it it kind offluffs the flour a little bit and itevens it out and that’s that’s what I doI’ve never actually had a problem withthe recipe turning and turning out badbecause I do it that way but if you wantto do it your own wayby all means so this would be two and ahalf cups of flour and just what youguys know I will for sure be puttingthis recipe in the description okay soI’ve already made a mistakecan you guess what mistake I made thisis not Dora the Explorer okay so Iforgot to sift it it’s really a lotbetter if you sift it let me grab a bowlreally quick this one should be justfine so it’s just another little PyrexBowl so I’m going to put the flour inhere alright so we have our sifted flourand we are going to start getting allthe dry ingredients in here so this isone of those old-fashioned recipesthat’s like dry ingredients wetingredients so that’s what we’re gonnadoI like those recipes because they’resuper simple okay so we are going to adda cup of sugar I’m using 1/3 of a cup soI’ll need three of thesehere we go pop of sugar and then we needa teaspoon of salt which I forgot to putover here okay so we’ve got our saltthere we go all right now we’re gonna gofor some baking powder we’re going to dofour teaspoons of baking powderokay so now we have all of the dryingredients in here so I want to mixthem all together really wellnow that we’re done mixing that I’mgonna swap these out set this one overherenow we already have our egg in herewe’re just going to add the rest of thewet ingredients so we’re gonna do fourtablespoons of oilkind of mix that in a little bit andwe’re going to add our milk so this was3/4 of a cup and like I said I will beposting this on Instagram I’ll beposting this in the description below sothat way you can try it out for yourselfso now that we have the dry ingredientswhat ingredients we’re going to go aheadand mix them together when we’re mixingthis we want to make sure that it’s allincorporated if this was pancakesI’d be like don’t mix don’t mix you knowbecause over mixing is bad but for thisone it’s imperative that we make sureit’s all blended very well this is thekind of consistency we want to seealmost like a thick real thick pancakebatter that’s pretty perfect now we’regoing to take our loaf pan now I greasedthis with avocado oil and it seems to doreally good for high temperature bakingwhich this wasn’t really considered thathigh of a temperature at 350 but I liketo use avocado oil when I bake somepeople will do the old-fashioned thingwhere you butter the pan and put alittle flour in it but I don’t know Ikind of want to keep it it’s prettynonstick so I don’t really need butterbut I’m gonna be using butter when Islice it I’ll put it that way so here wegookay now this is going to be anincredibly high loaf which is somethingthat David and I enjoy we love to have abig big slice of this banana breadso okayalright I’m gonna get this scraped outand finished putting it into the bowland we are ready for the ovenguys I just realized I forgot to put thepecans and the loaf normally people putwalnuts in here but David and I areTexans and true to Texas we are allabout pecans so I failed you guys Ifailed him no I forgot to put the pecansin so these will make for a good snackhmm I guess I could just put him in as ablog stigma in the freezer and they’llbe ready for the next loaf I don’t knowall right[Music][Music]all right so we have our loaf out of theovenit looks amazing I’m so excitedso here is what our loaf looks like ityou know it’s kind of strange to mebecause the top the top didn’t get asbrown as it normally does now this isthe first time I’m using this oven soit’s gonna take a little bit of gettingused to but I really don’t want to underbake or over bake this loaf but from theway it looks when I just tap the top itkind of bounces back and that’s whatyou’re really looking for to see if it’sdoneto see how done it is really and Ireally don’t want it to get any moredone than it is so the top isn’t asbrown but it does have that real lovelycrack that you see there I love it whenbanana bread does that I’m gonna let itcool for a little while probably about10 minutes or so and then I’ll come backto it and we’ll let it finish cooling onthe rack so you guys then okay so we’reback and we have our beautiful loafright here I let it cool for about 20minutes and now we’re gonna get it outof the pan to finish coolingOh beautiful not very much left on thebottom oh my goodness that lookswonderful all right so I’m just gonnause my hands it’s definitely done noworries there it’s pretty sticky on thesides that’s from the amount of bananasthat I used honestly I really love usingthree bananas instead of two because ofthat extra banana flavor we really wantto come out in the loaf so there youhave it there’s a beautiful banana nutbread without the nuts[Music]I cannot believe I left out the nuts isthat not crazy uh those pecans wouldhave been really good in the bananabread I would have scraped it out andput the pecans in and all that but Ididn’t really think of it at the timeand honestly I just was like I’m gonnabe completely organic and just go withitso that’s what I did so my question foryou is are you gonna make this recipe ifyou are I want to see pictures let mesee what you’re making and send me morerecipes you know the banana bread andthe starter were both suggestions by youguys so thank you Heather and thank youso much Christine for the suggestionskeep them coming guys that’s the video Ihave for you today I hope you guysenjoyed because I enjoyed making it somake sure you like subscribe hit thatnotification bell because you want to benotified when we post a new video thanksso much for watching bye guys[Music]but the other thing that I have is clean

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