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How to make bread sandwich in malayalam

Time for some evening bite

Original of the video here

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21 Replies to “How to make bread sandwich in malayalam

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  4. Great job for your first time making bread! My first time I mixed the sugar and salt up and ended up with some nasty tasty bread. I’ve gone to culinary school now though and bread is my favourite thing to cook! A couple tips that crossed my mind while watching… It’s better to add the salt with the flour after the yeast has been activated, the salt can inhibit yeast growth. You also forgot to let your loaves rise a second time before baking them, this will yield a lighter fluffy loaf instead of being denser. You should also make the little slices on top of the bread after the second rise and not before. And lastly you mentioned you weren’t sure if you’d be able to eat it all before it goes bad. Homemade bread freezes amazingly!! I like to pre slice mine and throw it in the freezer, then I can just grab a piece or 2 at a time and it stays fresh! Happy baking would love to see you do more

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  6. The first bread I ever tried to make was a cinnamon raisin one and it didn’t turn out the best

  7. What makes my knives cool is that they remarkably dull. So dull it couldnt cut a raisin. Now that I think about it…. I just have a drawer of spoons

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