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BANANA BREAD, BAKING THERAPY (cos i was sad ok) – Simran Kaur

BANANA BREAD, BAKING THERAPY with just 8 ingredients (and some choc if you like)
HEY FRIENDS! I made a quick video on vegan banana bread, was so easy and quick. ALSO, I decided to bake because I was genuinely just feeling sad and super low and hey this helped, also super yummmmmy!

The recipe I followed was this:

Highly recommend her video as well, was super easy to follow.

I did have some therapy talk throughout the video too, cleared my mind and guess updated you as well hehe. If anyone is going through anything, you’re not alone and we shall get through this as well. I shared a little sob story which teared me up but IT WAS SO NEEDED! Thank you to whoever it was, you made believe in myself again ♥️

I hope you enjoy this video, make sure. to like and subscribeeeeee (if u want obv)


Original of the video here

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